God Says➤ Devil Can’t Touch You If You Watch This

please tell me again my beloved child

that you love me with all your heart say

you believe in me and today you will see

how my love and power change your life

and the lives of your family my child I

love you and can’t wait to come into

your house and do a great miracle I

stand at your heart’s door and knock

softly are you ready to let me do

something amazing new and Powerful in

your life I know what you’re going

through and I will never let lack come

into your home and hurt your family I

will bless your home with lots of good

things for many years to come we have

seen your devotion thoughts tears and

loyalty and wish you the best you had

faith in me and I heard your cries get

your heart ready my love because a big

change is coming don’t hold on to the

past which is full of hurt and

worry accept the change I’m bringing

about in your life it is full of

knowledge strength and the ability to

make smart choices thank me and have

faith that I will change your life and

get you ready for the time when many

chances will come your

way for a long time you have planted

hope in your heart it has been clear to

me that you trust me even when things

are going badly people have seen how

hard things have been for you and your

unwavering faith has been your light now

is the time to get what you deserve for

your faith and hard work you have never

been interested in fame or money giving

for your family getting out of debt and

being a loving and helpful person for

those you care about has always been

your goal it is my will that I bless you

yes do not be scared I have your life in

the palm of my hand be not affected by

the bad news in the world and don’t let

comments and bad thoughts get into your

heart people who are against you may try

to make you afraid and doubtful but I’m

here to tell you that your gifts are

yours to take stand firm in my love and

my word when people in insult you talk

badly about you or try to smear your

name seek my company and find comfort in

the closeness between us even when bad

things happen you must keep your faith

and love for me strong I’m changing

everything around you taking away your

worries and pulling out the bad feelings

that have taken root in your heart you

are coming out as a new person born

again in spirit free from sadness

loneliness anger or jealousy your mind

and soul are now full of faith hope

strength and unbridled Joy even your

enemies will be shocked by how you’ve

changed and they’ll be annoyed as they

try to find ways to bother you and bring

you down but you my beloved have decided

to hold on to my love and my word

telling me you trust me more than their

mean words the trouble and pain that

used to make you feel down are gone as

are the worries that made your faith

weak today is a new day full of peace

and happiness even if you can’t see it

with your own eyes yet accept and

believe it still you can feel it right

deep down you know that you’re not the

same person you used to be my

Supernatural presence surrounds you and

wraps you in my love and care you’re

strong not weak you are not a loser you

are a winner you have not lost through

my divine power you have risen and are

now a winner tell me once more my dear

that you believe in me with all your

soul and if you receive my blessing

shout it with all your might I have come

to remind you that you are never alone

there were days when tears flowed freely

due to sudden challenges when

circumstances seemed Bleak and when

those you trusted most turned their

backs on you when you needed them most

in those moments of sorrow and hurt know

that your tears reach the heavens where

your destiny is woven where all illness

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