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my beloved child I have much to share with you this day there is an anointing of

increase wisdom and Excellence that I desire you to walk in as you draw near to me embracing the

relationship I offer you will find this anointing growing within

you I know the religious traps many fall into thinking they must work their way to me but true relationship is built on

my love and grace alone true freedom is found in knowing me intimately as both

Savior and Lord as Savior I came to rescue you from sin’s grip to break

every chain and set the captive Heart free I came to deliver you from Darkness

unveiling truth to guide your steps as Lord I desire to lead you gently as a

Shepherd guides his sheep as you yield your life fully to my lordship you will discover riches and

honor coming coming your way this does not mean worldly wealth and fame but the

true Riches of knowing me as your portion and inheritance people will honor you as

they see my nature formed in you but even greater you will become a person of

Honor living to glorify my name the way of honor is my way the pathway of the

upright and good as you choose to walk in integrity and righteousness you will allow my very

character to Blossom through your life and this fragrant fruit attracts Heavenly blessing for you see as you

honor me I will honor you I will cause increase and promotion to overtake your

life I will open doors of opportunity that no man can shut I will cause you to

walk in my perfect will fulfilling Your Divine Destiny with joy this is my

promise to those who seek my face I will rescue those who love me protecting them

under my Mighty Wings I will deliver you from every trap and watch over you

wherever you go as you make me your habitation no evil shall conquer you you

will tread upon the lion and Adder trampling every weapon formed against

you my angels shall bear you up in their hands lest you strike your foot against

a stone you shall call upon me and I will answer I will be with you in trouble delivering

you and rewarding you with a long life I will satisfy you and show you my

salvation this is my way of Escape that I have provided through relationship with me as you abide in me I abide in

you forming a shield of protection walking in communion daily my very

presence goes with you as a hedge of fire to keep Darkness at Bay the Corruptions of this Fallen World

need not taint your garments as you cling to Me Together We Will Walk Through This Life

Victorious for you have not just a savior but a Shepherd one who gave everything to secure your Eternal future

I know the plans I have for you beloved plans to prosper you and give you hope I hold Adventure purpose and blessing in

my hands to unfold throughout your life these plans cannot be stopped for I

Am Lord over all no matter what you have walked through through in the past I will

redeem the years the Locust has eaten and restore what was taken do not worry that time has slipped

away or opportunities lost with me it is never too late my mercies are new every

morning and my faithfulness endless AG is old take hold of my hand and watch

what I will do for the moments ahead as you walk with me will be greater than all those left

behind this is my promise for those who call me both Savior and Lord let me

share more of my heart for how this relationship shall grow as you seek my face our bond will

only strengthen through the years and you will reflect the glory of me to all around you it begins by receiving the

gift of righteousness I offer allowing my perfection to clothe your life through Grace I will teach you what this

means as we walk together Grace constructs a bridge over which the Holiness Within Me flows

freely into you I have made the way through My Sacrifice The Divide has been

conquered this Foundation of grace shall Empower all I have called you to as you

depend fully on me unearned favor will carry you into worldwide impact for my

delight is to use ordinary vessels to Showcase Supernatural Works your

weakness provides the stage upon which I display my strength this process of surrender lifts

the Eternal investment within you to Higher Ground the imprint of Eternity

upon your soul shall glow brighter and brighter as you mature through Earthly trials into Christlike virtue the

process is refining fire but the rewards outweigh the cost for as you walk with

me you shall lack no good thing as one after my own heart both the Earth and

Heavens will hasten to serve you well the angel angels hearken to my voice as I dispatch them in your days they shall

bear you up in their hands as we walk this adventure together the wind and

waves shall obey as I direct your steps for all of creation serves those who

serve the most high this too is part of your inheritance in me as your communion

deepens tap into the power of the spoken blessing declare my promises into the

atmosphere harnessing Kingdom authority to shape your world speak forth the truths in my word

into Stark reality holding Faith’s torch high for death and life dance to the

tongue’s decree this Authority belongs to All My Sons and Daughters through the blessing

you awaken angels to war on your behalf you clear the path ahead of all barriers

standing in the way of my best the atmosphere shifts in response to carry

upon itself the answer to every prayer offered in faith this is Kingdom power in action so

pray boldly and watch what unfolds through your days for I am faithful to

my word Heaven comes to fight for you as Divine promises are declared in the

Earth the victory was won long ago now you get to walk it out one day at a time

through relationship with me such privilege is yours to be seated in

Heaven’s courts while walking this planet as my child all of Heaven’s resources stand ready to serve my

beloved one so enter my courts with praise and walk this adventure in

Faith’s expectancy for your Eternal reward has already been secured your life is hidden

with me at the father’s side and all you will walk through in this age is but

light Affliction Paving the path to Glory Divine drink deep of of Living

Waters flowing fresh and clear from my word let Heavenly Mana nourish your soul

filling you with strength and allow my love to cast all fear far away making

the darkness as Noonday light around you together we shall walk as the apple

of my eye surrounded by Angels who War for us my glory shall be your rear guard

no weapon formed against you shall prosper and the enemies who rise to taunt will be forced to watch your

victory march through the land for I have spoken I am the Lord who heals

restores and provides the way of escape from corruption’s curse run to me beloved child not one

who takes refuge in me will ever be put to shame I will lead you in Triumph

heart overflowing with joy unspeakable for these promises are yours

in me my child let desire for you to come out of the corrupt ways of this world and

into my divine order and purpose for your life when you choose to follow me

wholeheartedly you become an heir to the Glorious inheritance I have prepared for you one that escapes the fruitlessness

and destruction that sin brings for I impart my very divine nature to those who believe I give you everything you

need pertaining to life and godliness granting you my precious and magnificent promises so that you can be partakers of

my glory but you must rise above the feal patterns of this age and be renewed in

your mind no longer being conformed to the ideals or enticements promoted by

the God of this world my plans for you are good to give

you prosperity in every area blessings that overtake you these are your inheritance as my beloved child but this

only comes through faith I am the Gateway the door which ushers you into

the abundance of all Heaven has to offer there is no other way contrary to what

the deceiver May whisper there are no secret doors or back ways to lay hold of

that which I have reserved for those who love me attempting to attain my blessings

apart from going through me will only lead to sorrow and loss perhaps you have been hurt or

disillusioned by religion maybe past pain has caused you to die doubt that surrendering fully to me would actually

bring freedom and joy but I assure you I came to heal restore and give life to

the utmost this way is the only way to experience the true fullness I have

envisioned for you just look to my servant Abraham by faith alone he

embraced the promise I gave him even though in the natural it seemed

impossible and because he put all his trust in me believing that that I could do the seemingly impossible he inherited

all that I had spoken to him this same blessed Victorious Life of

abundance I desire you to walk in the wonderful inheritance I destined

for Abraham and his descendants would come only by promise not through striving this forever settled Covenant

was fulfilled so that the blessing given to Abraham would come upon all who believe for those who have put their

faith in me are true children of Abraham and so every promise all the rich

blessings I swore to give him I now freely give to you but you must relinquish any attempts to attain this

by works self-effort or other paths it is only through faith that my divine

grace is released over your life this is why settling this issue of position and

identity is so important for you are my workmanship created a new to walk in the

Glorious Freedom purpose and abundance purchased for you you are not of this

corrupted World System but called out of it to represent My Kingdom of Light you

are my Ambassador an exemplification of my love and Brilliance to all those still trapped in darkness this is what

it means to be part of my royal priesthood my holy nation to radiate my

Splendor because Christ now lives in you your words actions priorities and

lifestyle testify that you belong Ong to another world just as one visiting a foreign

land stands out from the locals so too your life is marked by my kingdom which

transcends any Earthly Nation or culture the truths you believe words you speak

way you handle finances how you care for your body these all stem from Heavenly not

Earthly thinking and patterns for the old is passed away everything is new in

Christ you are not under the constraints and limitations of this Fallen realm sin

sickness lack and aimlessness need not define you any longer the corruption

propagated in the world holds no sway over you you are in this world but not

of it you are not subject to its destructive currents or tithes rather you have overcome them

because greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world allow this

Revelation to lift you higher positioning you firmly in the newness of life I have given you as my child for

all my promises are yes and amen my finished work unlocked every blessing i

destined for you before the foundation of the world so do not doubt or grow

weary in claiming this inheritance stand unwaveringly upon my word the unchanging

truth that cannot fail for I watch carefully to perform it on behalf of

those who dare to believe through faith and patience you will inherit all I have

spoken resist anything that attempts to pull you back into Old mindsets of limitation and lack instead set your

gaze fully on me the open door to every Heavenly blessing promised to those who call upon my name I am your only access

point to the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness I yearn to shower over you cling fervently to me for I am

the way the truth and the life fix the eyes of your heart solely on me as you

yield fully to me submitting to my lordship in every area all that belongs

to me becomes yours my resurrection power flows mightily on your behalf when

you give me my rightful place the enemy is aware that distancing

yourself from a life connected with divinity separates you from the blessings I’ve set aside for you that’s

why he constantly tries to divert Believers from a simple and pure dedic ation to my

teachings he knows that distracting you from focusing solely on the embodiment of my will closes off the flow of

heavenly blessings to you Satan will always seek to complicate or add to the finished work of the Cross

ever aiming to Cloud the centrality of the Gospel in which all promises find their yes but I admonish you do not be

moved away from the hope you have in me no matter what trial comes to test your faith hold fast to to me trusting

confidently in my completed work as you fully embrace the enlightened path basking in its

brightness old rigid beliefs Fade Away lifeless Traditions transform into a

living connection the ineffective results of your own efforts are replaced by the

beautiful outcomes of Grace in those who are fully committed for those who have

faith rest and peace are found as they cease striving and let these blessings

manifest naturally through them stay focused on this path looking closely at

its teachings in this Enlightenment you will discover a world of Endless

Possibilities as you commit fully to this way a powerful force is displayed in your life signs and wonders naturally

follow those who believe no longer doubting the validity of these promises

all promises find their fulfillment in this enlightened way my words will not fail as you keep your

trust even when things seem against you stand firm in this Truth for though the

physical world may change my promises remain unshakable to those who believe

so keep looking for signs of my presence in every situation expecting the Fulfillment of all I have declared have

confidence that I not only give you great promises but also the power to realize them I am actively working

within you for your success as you fully Embrace this inner Journey you will achieve Victory after

Victory no obstacle can thwart what I have planned for you from the beginning nothing can overcome the

advancing force of Enlightenment in the midst of Darkness you are more than Victorious through this triumphant

Journey my beloved this Victory ensures that no challenge can separate you from my love

and the great Destiny I have prepared for you continue moving forward from one

Triumph to the next as you keep your focus on the path of Enlightenment the source and goal of your

faith my vision for you goes far beyond anything you could ask for or imagine

dear one do not settle for less than the complete fulfillment of the promises I

have made the same energy that brings life and change continues to perform wonders and miracles propelling you into

the full potential of your destiny which was set even before time

began yes my faithful one the heavens are ready to bring transformation to the

Earth through those who align themselves completely with this path of light

refusing to be held back by unproductive ways that trap so many rise in the

authority given to you boldly claim every blessing that has been secured for

you move forward powerfully utilizing the the forces of the future that are

already available to those in tune with higher Realms now is the time for the glory to

be seen in you my child there is an inheritance I have set

aside just for you which contains every good thing you could ever hope for or

imagine you may wonder what is this inheritance you speak of Father what

exactly have you laid up for me your child well listen closely and I will explain

The Inheritance I have for you includes the blessings of the promised land a life of Freedom fruitfulness favor and

fulfillment in me it is a life where you lack no good thing a life of prosperity

in the truest sense not necessarily an overflow of material possessions but an

abundance of joy peace purpose and power to fulfill Your Divine calling it

includes Supernatural wisdom Revelation and access to the Heavenly Realm

it includes physical health emotional wholeness and relational richness every area of your life will

flourish as you walk with me in intimacy and obedience this inheritance also includes

the destiny I have written for you from before you were born the good works I have prepared in advance for you to

do unique callings assignments and victories I have appointed just for you

you will accomplish great things in my name and and share in the expansion of my eternal

Kingdom the gifts talents and supernatural abilities I have given you will be fully awakened you will walk in

authority creativity and boldness as my spirit leads you the dreams and desires

I have placed in your heart will be fulfilled mightily every detail of your life has been carefully planned by me so

you can leave a lasting Legacy for my glory I know the enemy has tried to

convince you that inheritance is only a fantasy that it could never be for someone like you but do not believe

those lies for my promises are yes and amen I do not change like shifting

Shadows my word is eternally unbreakable I have assured your inheritance through

the ultimate sacrifice made on your behalf this sacrifice redeemed you from bondage allowing you to receive all the

benefits of being my cherished one every Misfortune was taken on your behalf so

that blessings could freely Flow To You the hardships meant for you were born so

that you could inherit every spiritual blessing in the higher Realms everything that was lost has now been restored to

you as a rightful Heir In My Kingdom so do not doubt or fear my beloved this

inheritance has your name on it it is tailored specifically for you I will

hold nothing back from you as you walk with me in surrendered obedience and unwavering Faith the enemy wants to rob

you of of your rightful Portion by keeping you trapped in Old mindsets and cycles of defeat but I am breaking off

those chains of limitation and setting you free to receive the fullness I have prepared for you I am calling you out of

lack and into more than enough out of frustration and into fruitfulness out of

chaos and into order and flourishing I am restoring what was taken from you I am rejuvenating what

was drained out of you I am redeeming what seemed impossible yes there were many years

your inheritance lay dormant while you did not truly know me or understand these things but no longer for now you

can see the truth now you can take hold of all I have for you with boldness and confidence there is no need to strive or

struggle to attain it through human means it will not come from your works but through resting in what I have

already accomplished for you simply open your hand hands wide to receive the manifestation of what I have stored up

for you in the Heavenly Realms embrace the gift I have provided for you a gift

of Great Value step confidently into your complete rights and privileges as

my beloved child some aspects of this inheritance have already begun to unfold in your

life but there is so much more I have planned for your future do not despise

the day of Small Beginnings for all great things start small and grow with

time have I not said you would be like a well-watered garden like a spring whose

Waters never fail lean on my promises as you wait to see their

fulfillment remember my ways are not your ways I work on timelines and in

patterns you may not expect what matters is that you trust me wholeheartedly through it all there will

be challenges along the way as the kingdom of darkness tries to halt your breakthrough but keep your eyes on me and not your

circumstances I am greater than any opposition you will face I will shield you from harm and strengthen you to

persevere no weapon used against you will succeed because your Victory is guaranteed in my name only believe and

align yourself with my plans and in due season you will bear luscious fruit for my glory fruit that remains to nourish

future Generations I am delighted that you now understand more clearly the remarkable

spiritual inheritance I have arranged for you my beloved child exciting Adventures await as you grow in

understanding of who you are and what belongs to you in this journey of Enlightenment do not settle for less

than what I have promised you if I have offered you a land of promise and blessing why stay in a place of

scarcity Embrace with confidence all that is yours through my promise then watch in amazement as I

craft the Masterpiece of your life in vibrant colors stay close to me as you

delve deeper into the glory of your evolving inheritance I am always with you to

steady your path and I will surely bring to fruition the wonderful work I have

started in you delivering every delightful gift I have prepared in my

abundance my precious child I know there will be setbacks and delays as you wait

to receive the fullness of what I have promised you when Visions T and answers seem distant

impatience and confusion May set in you will be tempted to doubt my faithfulness

or give up altogether on what I have spoken but remember my timing is

Flawless even when it does not align with yours I remain at work behind the scenes

accomplishing my purposes even when you cannot perceive it there are intricacies being woven and

plans being laid that from your perspective seem inactive or ineffective but trust that all will unfold according

to my Divine strategy not yours what I have destined for you is

Rock Solid rooted in my immutable character and Covenant

Love I do not waver or falter in bringing my promises to fulfillment though fulfillment may look

differently than you imagined if certain hopes have not materialized

as you expected know that I see the full picture you cannot yet

see I am arranging a complex and beautiful process developing in a way

that can only be understood through a pure trusting [Music]

perspective so I’ll Cher every day for your love is with my

path and everywhere in The Tender Touch of your hand I find

the strength to rise and stand through every trial every tear we’ve

shed your love’s SP the shelter where I find my

day oh your love SP my aner life stormy

SE a Beacon of Hope I to be free so I’ll cherish every moment

every day for your love I spit my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I sing

this song for the love we share every steast

and I am creating a detailed work with intentional designs and vibrant elements

that will eventually display the full beauty of my handiwork for now you see only small disconnect connected Parts

without understanding how they fit together in My overall plan so when discouragement Creeps in my

child come boldly before my Throne where you will find Grace and reassurance to

refresh your weary Soul find shelter under my Mighty Wings where you will

regain perspective and Clarity while chaos swirls around you allow me to

realign your vision with my eternal blueprint as you wait and expect and

hope let my Living Word revive places of faded hope and mended Brokenness from

unmet expectations fill your sales with faith through worship and immersing yourself

in my glorious unchangeable presence for I am continually committed

to ushering you into the fullness of your spiritual inheritance regardless of what your current circumstances May

wrongly suggest I am for you not against you I am on your side championing your

advancement every step of the way soon beloved one the fog will lift and the

traction will gain momentum my orchestrated sequences will fall into place suddenly and take your breath away

you will dance and Shout with Euphoria over break through fulfilled promises long awaited your mourning will turn to

laughter your weeping to Joy and my glory will illuminate all I have

prepared for you in ways that leave no room for doubt or disbelief

enter into the Delights of all I have carefully planned and promised since before time

began receive now the full substance of what you previously saw only in seed

form or incomplete measure for the Masterpiece of your life will soon be unveiled in full Splendor

The Inheritance set apart for you from ancient times is now being delivered into your hands along with authority and

responsibility to Steward it with righteousness for my honor my beloved do not lose heart when

the journey becomes difficult I am with you through it all trust in my perfect

timing and my power to fulfill every promise in due season there is an aspect of your

purpose that transcends Earthly achievements it involves a humble yet meaningful role in contributing to a

larger positive change I have given you opportunities to make a difference in your community and

Society these are places where I hope to see values of Truth fairness and Justice

shared through dedicated individuals like you as a representative of these values you have the capacity to make a

positive impact and bring hope to others by living with integrity and

kindness you can influence


a [Music]



[Music] it’s the environment around you by sharing truth and showing

compassion you help others see new possibilities and find their own path to a better life this is the responsibility

of being a positive influence in the world the impact of even simple acts of

kindness and service driven by genuine care can have far-reaching effects Embrace this responsibility with

care let compassion and understanding guide your actions every day to make the most of the opportunities you

encounter and remember despite challenges your efforts in making a positive change are

important opposition may arise but your steadfast commitment to doing good will

prevail you’ll find that new ideas Solutions and collaborations will naturally emerge to support your efforts

stay open to new ideas and directions be ready to embrace challenges that may

initially seem daunting believe in your ab AB ility to grow and adapt as you

commit to personal growth and making a positive impact you will find yourself in increasingly influential roles for

the greater good fear not the past or the challenges ahead focus on the

present and the positive impact you can make concentrate on your journey of

making a difference witness how even small actions can lead to significant changes and open doors to new

opportunities that align with your purpose and aspiration ations

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