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my beloved child in the midst of your

busy days and time constraints I invite

you to pause and embrace the Assurance

embedded in these words a promise that

fills my heart with overwhelming Joy

because of you your spirit has reached

the deepest recesses of my being

persevering in the face of difficulties

and steadfast in faith I release an

abundance of blessings upon you and your

family members today keep moving forward

and deterred by fear reaching for the

vast expanse of the sky when weariness

burdens you take a moment to sit and

share your thoughts with me open your

heart lay be your plans and reveal the

desires within seek not only Earth flee

sustenance but but also the Divine and

pure nourishment my words provide for

your soul I provide nourishment that

nourishes calms and restores confidence

accept my peace offering into your heart

for I will always be at your side a

Beacon of Hope when you are feeling

doubtful and

hopeless look not to Mortals for their

affections May falter do not tether

Spirit to their judgments instead

embrace my eternal and unwavering love

the love that never fails steadfast and

secure keep your heart safe from those

who might turn their backs on you and

never forget that my love is always

there the calm you seek is just around

the corner so find Hope where it’s

needed most remember that your spiritual

parent is watching over you even in

times when connections on Earth

collapse believe in me as your loving

Creator and speak freely with me I

extend my hand as your steadfast friend

ready to listen conversing with me

brings Solace heals the spirit and

infuses your mind with

Serenity express your feelings your

voice ignites your fath faith and causes

miracles to happen you have the chance

to open up to me today tell me all

you’ve been holding inside and listen to

what I have to say to you in a quiet I

do not judge chasti nor recall your past

slips hear the soft Whisper of my spirit

reassuring you of my love I Everly await

each morning’s light for your eyes to

open for your thoughts to embrace me

with love and worship your heartfelt

praise is Ascend like Dawn reaching my

heavenly realm my presence blankets your

life with care embracing your family and

household do not forget the challenges

for I am here to Aid you with good gifts

in your faithfulness in the little

things I shall Grant much more your

gratitude in times of need will be

rewarded with more than you could ever

ask for I bring love and peace that

neither the world nor Humanity can match

I have gifted you strength courage and

fortitude to move mountains to conquer

every hurdle in every struble may you

Prevail trust serve and adore a God who

is real and mighty share your emotions

speak your thoughts and declare your

belief in me rise now Embrace Life with

xub Burns and let the wisdom of these

words guide your

way type amen if you



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