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God message today I will fear no evil

God says God message for you God message

for me my dear child hear my voice

gentle and steady amidst the noise of

the world as the Lord your Shepherd I

walk beside you through Green Pastures

guiding you towards Still

Waters fear holds no sway over you for I

am your steadfast protector in every

step and breath remember you are never


let me restore your soul guiding you

along paths of

righteousness this journey isn’t merely

about reaching your destination it’s

about walking in faith handin hand with

me trust in my love that envelops you

even in the Valley of the shadow of

death you need not fear for my rod and

staff they comfort you in your moments

of Doubt seek me in your hours of fear

call upon me I am always near ready to

offer peace that transcends

understanding surround yourself with

those who uplift and reflect my light

and turn away from The Whispers of

negativity Victory is not just a

possibility it is a promise for those

who live by faith and turn from Evil My

Desire is to fill your life with healing

forgiveness and boundless blessings

share these truths let them be a beacon

to your family guiding them as stars

guide the night every morning I am with

you feel my presence in the quiet Dawn

my words a whisper in your soul bringing

peace and the promise of a New Day

prayer is your connection to me a

spiritual exercise that strengthens your

spirit and anchors you in my grace look

forward to the blessings I have in store

for you unfolding like the Petals of a

blooming flower forgive yourself as I

have forgiven you and let go of past

mistakes they do not define you my love

does embrace self-love follow my

teachings and you shall bring joy not

only to yourself but to others around

you miracles await you my child the

manifestation of my grace mercy and love

is at hand know that I the king of glory

hold your family and your life within my

hands trust in me and I will direct your

paths illuminating your journey with the

light of my presence in the midst of

your challenges know that my love is a

shield around you you may encounter

storm s but together we will renew your

strength stand firm in your faith and

believe in my eternal love a fortress

against adversity life’s changes and

pains are inevitable but they are not

insurmountable you are equipped with the

power to overcome through faith and

belief in my Everlasting support lean on

me and I will give you the courage to

face each day

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