God message today : My Child I’m Proud Of You! Divine Dialogue tv Today ???? God’s Message.

[Music] my dear child today I encourage You Be Brave and Bold do not be afraid or waver

doors are opening for you opportunities from the Divine trust me completely and

I will bless you more than you can fathom I will bless you when you get up

guide you on your way and Lead You carefully so you arrive safely I will bless your work enhance

your intelligence put a Godly smile on your face and many opportunities will

appear for you my love for you is genuine Everlasting pure and heartfelt I want

the very best for you you might be hesitant now because you’ve been let down before which damaged your faith

made you feel unworthy and crushed your spirit but now tell me write down or

shout if you can who sacrificed their life for you who Whispers Comfort during

your trials who stands and battles on your behalf who gently kisses your forehead lifting

you up who fills your heart with the Deep Joy you feel today let me ask you

again Who Bore the cross and sacrificed their life for you say it loud It’s you

God I know you’re not embarrassed about me true many may pray and plead for you

but only I have the power to Grant you lasting happiness so don’t look for blessings in

the wrong places don’t give your heart to empty promises of Love don’t share

your deepest secrets with untrustworthy friends I love and bless you not because

you are perfect but because of my deep love for you my divine plan and my

steadfast commitment to you I’m really touched and impressed by how you pray

and thank me for everything what a joy and pleasure it is to have you my child

who prioritizes me and is proud to love me your bravery and attitude are worthy

of an everlasting reward but for now as you live on earth call out to me and

I’ll respond feel free to ask anything you desire for I’m eager to bless you

abundantly enabling you to wake up each day with Assurance knowing I’m with

you I’ve chosen and summoned You by my grace to achieve the purpose I set for

you before the world was made just like the sun ascends in its Grandeur so will

your future Ascend and you’ll realize your most cherished dreams believe in it for it’s truly

possible your age or Perfection isn’t what I’m looking for to bless you I’ve bestowed upon you my spirit of power and

love empowering You To Boldly share all I’ve accomplished in your life silence

is not an option for you as you spread this message expect my blessings I have

an endow owed you with a spirit of timidity but with one of power love and

self-control you are saved by me there’s no room for fear or hesitation don’t hide away overwhelmed

by thoughts of defeat by your adversaries stand up courageously confront your challenges and face

forthcoming obstacles with faith and resolve by embracing this Victor’s

mindset your conflicts will crumble those causing you distress will exit

your life and your financial circumstances will transform await with faith a new era of Freedom

plenty Divine provision and miraculous abundance it’s through Hearts like yours

that I reveal my might here’s a profound truth I only

request A Bit of Faith from you even if it’s as Tiny as a mustard seed don’t let

doubt and negativity invade your thoughts heart or actions and particularly avoid such

negativity in your home encourage your household to uplift one another not to

bring each other down with pessimistic words or defeatist talk that can erode their faith and

happiness each night I want you to pray Ponder and recall these words I’ve implanted in you feel the emotion engulf

you as you close your eyes Hearing in your heart this Genuine Voice addressing you with

affection when morning Dawns and your eyes open you’ll awaken with a zest for Life

brimming with excitement your spirit fortified and your whole self thankful

for the Marvels I’ll bring into your day I repeat do it tonight let your mind

Ponder every word you have heard and let your lips whisper beloved God I believe in you I

await your blessing cry do not hold back your tears for your heart overflows with so many

agitated emotions transformed into waves cry you and I both know

it there are so many storms in your mind and your soul is weary you do not have

to hide what you feel from me you can speak to me truthfully for I prefer

sincerity your tears touch me deeply washing over me as you call out stirring

My Heart You Weep from Deep anguish when words fail to cast capture the turmoil

inside you when life’s upheavals overwhelm you you cry at the brink of

your endurance confronting insurmountable barriers feeling defeated

unable to move forward you bow down burdened by a sense of failure yet this

isn’t the end it’s a moment to realize that only with my Aid can you

navigate the challenges that lie before you now is the time for your or

Liberation you no longer need to Bear such scorn or contempt if you hold in

your heart the belief that the king of Heaven endured immense suffering for you that I laid down my life on a cross so

you could truly experience life then embrace the courage I bestow upon you

now experience this healing and empowerment surge through You by my

strength today I grant you the fortitude and vigor to stand up and step away from

all that brings you pain and sorrow proceed with Assurance into your day I

fill you today with peace and strength no one can steal this Joy from you I will be here by your side if you wish to

talk to me to ask how you have fared or if you want to return to my arms and cry

come and cry I will receive you embrace you with all my

affection you requested a response and here it is I will bless you do not fear

face with faith whatever comes tell me you believe in me keep fighting until

the end for in my love and forgiveness you will always find comfort and

strength it is my will that you persevere it is my desire that you confront your adversaries do not remain

confined to your room weeping over your failures or recalling all the words and insults that have wounded you indeed

many many people with malicious intentions crossed your path they were instruments of pain and sorrow used

against you by the enemy you know I’ve chosen you for a reason you’re set apart having witnessed

Miracles firsthand and I’ve repeatedly assured you of my love hoping it resonates with you now it’s crucial for

you to understand that it’s no longer time to entertain falsehoods or endure

the attacks from adversaries believe in the truth of my words and the

Marvels I’ve enacted in your life which you’ve seen with your very eyes my assistance and deliverance thus

far are rooted in my deep love for you you are invaluable to me if others fail

to see your worth or significance lean on my promise and Trust wholeheartedly that you are precious in my eyes the

depth of your value and my love for you are immeasurable your heart will sense this truth

and tears May flow as you recognize the numerous times I’ve reached out to you

caring protecting and loving you my commitment to guide support and

cherish you remains steadfast trust me completely knowing that my love endures regardless of

circumstances anticipate days filled with blessings prayerful communion and the Harvest of

your faith and perseverance a time will come when Joy will replace your tears and laughter

will Echo your Delight but for now firmly believe in my promises you mustn’t waver when you encounter a

hurdle stand strong against it and as it collapses the heavens will part

showering you with copious blessings Time Marches On Life progresses every

Sunrise brings a new chance fresh joy and novel challenges to tackle with the

Vigor granted by the sacred scripture affirming my constant presence beside

you through dark nights and radiant days through tempests and gentle

drizzles a season of blessings is on the horizon because your sacred God

proclaims it to be blessed is to savor the happiness from on high to Relish in

the Heavenly sustenance that satiates and completes you being blessed means

confronting each trial with the conviction that you will prevail it’s about dedicating Your Existence to The

God Who delivered you sharing with those less fortunate enduring rebuff and

hostility for Christ’s sake blessing is Joy it is maintaining faith and peace

amid hardship and grief in deep sorrow it’s about raising your head and smiling

as though you gaze upon the Sovereign who oversees and steers your path being blessed is finding satisfaction in your

daily sustenance and placing your trust in your Celestial

Shepherd I will fulfill your heart’s desires and your family’s needs I will

bestow upon you the insight to fortify your spirit daily to be a devoted

follower in every aspect of my teachings be assured days filled with blessings

are nearing and they will surely arrive affirm your belief in me for you

are already aware that the firm promise of your omnipotent father will invar come to

pass pay attention to what’s in front of you it’s not a hurdle not a hardship not

a clash and it won’t beat you I’m infusing you with my extraordinary

strength stand up proceed and with the bravery and might I bestow upon you

you’ll overcome adversaries and scale barriers commit to me that you’ll do

this hear me again no Grim news will overpower you a doctor’s diagnosis won’t

bring you down any risk of riffs in your family won’t Rob your

joy you might feel overwhelmed thinking the challenges ahead will best you that

negative words from others will break you that you can’t bounce back and Happiness Is Out Of Reach yet I’ve LED

you here to hear my words assuring you that I’m looking out for you and

everything affecting you is significant to me I notice how many daunting situations

Loom over you as if they sense you’re on the verge of receiving a significant blessing it’s no accident they arise to

trouble and worry you just when you’re close to realizing your dreams if your foes think they’re

formidable don’t fear you’re mightier they aim to intimidate you but

you’ll stay composed they won’t anticipate the astounding turnaround you’re about to unveil

I’ve granted you the authority to make the forces of Darkness influencing those

aiming to harm you listen to you don’t feel isolated or unprotected it’s time

to refresh your thinking and feed your soul mind and spirit with my teachings

and directives I’ve repeatedly encouraged you to be brave and strong the adversary

is testing you with its onslaughts probing your resilience no challenge you

face regardless of its size can overpower you I am the mighty one beside you you

dwell in my refuge and under my care I’ve cleansed you with my blood and

endowed you with my Holy Spirit I’m your God immensely powerful

omnipotent and you are my child made in my image and likeness this is wonderful

news that should fill your being and your words with with praise tell me now will you trust in me

you’ve faced many hardships and the enemy tried to pull you down at every turn placing people in your path to

discourage you those who belittled mocked and doubted your faith but don’t

worry for no one and nothing can dominate you as I am your Shield your

Defender your healer and your source of power I will lay my powerful hand on

your life healing every hurt and sad m memory in your heart you stayed true even in tough

times the enemy tried to create conflict in your family at work and in your home

but you kept going stay strong I know these challenges are

complex and hard often leaving scars that upset your feelings weaken your

thoughts and diminish your energy to continue so today I am here to repair

what’s broken in your life you must keep moving forward stay determined and stand

firm the enemy has tried many times to stop you but if you’re still standing

it’s because my grace strengthens you everything you’re going through and all you’ve endured isn’t the end of your

story my dear child you won’t lose this fight and when

others think it’s your end I will intervene with my powerful hand and my angels proclaiming get up your prayers

have been answered and your life will change I must caution you many do not

believe even witnessing Miracles daily they still doubt my existence my love my

power yet you are not among them you shall continue to believe to fear

not one day all will witness the change in your life and comprehend the

magnitude of your God therefore fix out your attention on me on my my words and believe in my

promises do not place your trust in fallible individuals nor in trust your

future and life to those who Proclaim love but cannot sustain it your heart

belongs to me you’ve already given it to me love me Above All Else your life your

loved ones and your future hold more significance than wealth belongings career or

recognition don’t fear losing material things things instead value what truly

matters love and pursue me wholeheartedly for I am your sustainer ready to provide all you require this

year I will shower you with authentic blessings opening numerous paths and laying out favorable chances before you

stay true to my path to receive a downpour of blessings be mindful of your

environment understanding that even adverse situations can lead to beneficial outcomes

don’t lose hope when you encounter seemingly insurmountable challenges I have

hidden prosperity and blessings within each difficulty and frustration be prudent With the

blessings I grant you seek guidance in my teachings to nurture the skills and

talents I have endowed you with today resist the Allure of material gains the

pursuit of fame or the burden of debt for mere show concentrate on what’s genuinely

important aim for spiritual growth commit to learning from my teachings for

I plan to unveil remarkable wonders in your health and family life this year do

not delay for I grant you the strength and intelligence to resolve various situations today Place me first and I

shall not only assist you but Prosper you showering upon you blessings far more precious than

gold though you face many problems I make you stronger though

numerous situations arise your faith in me renders you courageous do not fear

your afflictions confront your struggles and battles fixing your gaze upon my promises and

words I have never forsaken you in moments of weakness never abandoned you

I have alleviated your anguish and filled you with joy if you diligently seek me every day

shutting yourself away in prayerful communion with me surrendering your HT in sublim praises

and supreme adoration I shall hear you and Elevate you to Greater Heights I

know all that befalls you I empathize with your emotions when you entrust your life to me recounting your experiences

and future plans there is Jubilation in heaven and I dispatch thousands of angels to guard

you your problems I shall resolve not by your strength or knowledge but by my spirit

and power you will overcome all challenges because I support those I cherish and bless those brave enough to

trust in me however those who cling to negativity who doubt my truths who

dismiss my words and scoff at the love I extend though I yearn to heal and rescue

them those who lack The Bravery to trust in a tangible God will miss out on the

blessings I’ve reserved served for the faithful and diligent

seekers in your times of Despair when you lay your please before me you will

soon see your Liberation fortified and elevated by my affection and might love

and pursue me bow down in my presence cling to your faith Proclaim your commitment for I

understand your innermost thoughts and emotions I possess the responses to your inquiries the resolutions to your

dilemmas shortly all will be granted to you I will whisper to your heart and you

will listen deeply within your being let go of your tears your anxiety and

restlessness will fade away do you trust in me your belief is what empowers and

upholds you Faith planted in your mind’s soil providing solidity and steadiness

to your feelings your faith shall work miracles Vanquish adversaries surmount

obstacles and Forge New Paths your faith in me in my shed blood in my eternal

Covenant in my written word through your faith nothing shall

topple you no one shall rob you of it always ask me with confidence in your prayers and I shall grant you all you

need I shall remove from your life whatever hinders or causes stumbling I desire for you and your

family to be liberated from all anxiety and fear I wish for you to always Place

unwavering trust with all your heart that I am the one who heals provides

sustains guards and watches over you I’m setting up some big

opportunities for you it’s important for you to keep learning from me so you can recognize when your blessings are coming

don’t overlook the little things I provide because even the smallest can grow with my touch and they

will you’ll be surprised by many great things I have planned for you I want to

Delight you and see you joyful when you thrive it brings me happiness I love

seeing your eyes light up with joy you mean the world to me more valuable than

the rarest Treasures my wish is for you to live fully and achieve all that you

dream of you will trust in me and your heart heart will always belong to me

will you agree to this no one can stop my blessings on you I’m watching over

you I’ve given you my shield and my angels are there to keep you safe from harm your future is in my care I am your

powerful and loving God I adore you with a love that lasts forever offering

patience and care as I make sure my plans for you take shape promise to

trust me and don’t get get down over rumors or what others say their words

will just blow away when tomorrow comes you’ll stand up leaving their induced sadness behind

depression won’t grip you because my love will uplift you open your heart wide to me and stop listening to those

who mean you harm trying to steer your life their way hear me say I cherish you

in so many ways be brave and confident not swayed by what people think or say

before you worry about hurtful comments remember I see the real you I recognize

your kindness I have a meaningful role for you to play your family and true

friends love you they’ll stand by you in everything use your time to seek me to

serve me to spend time with those you love do not take away quality time from

your family to give it to those who will trample on it those who attack you think

that no one protects you and let their words harm you but do not allow it do not give room

to slander and lies you will receive strength to focus on my teachings to do

things for your growth to use your energies to bring joy to those you love

many people have been with you through thick and thin you can also lend a hand to those in dire need I intend to use

you to bring blessings across your city setting you as a beacon of fairness and

integrity you’ll guide others to follow my path that’s why I’m lifting you up

giving you encouragement and strength so you can be a source of blessings through

you I’ll perform wonders commit to me that you’ll face

your fears and stand undaunted maintain your trust in me don’t lose heart keep lifting your hands

to the heavens especially when weariness hits hard during your journey when

pressing forward seems impossible remember the warmth of my love reassures you of my constant

presence don’t Focus too much on people they might let you down your soul

shouldn’t rely on others affection or approval yes I made you to love and be

loved but remember the only true Everlasting Love you’ll always have is

mine unfailing close and secure do not give your heart to those

who may abandon you nor give your future to those who after giving them

everything stop loving you do not give first place in your soul to people who

may turn their backs on you hurt your heart and ruin your life you asked for

Hope and it has arrived You Prayed For Peace here it is if you are ready to

rest then rest if you task continue persist for when you sleep in my arms

you are safe and when you walk my powerful hand will protect you from the

world remind yourself that you’re not alone you’re not orphaned even if your

father mother family or children leave and abandon you the most beautiful and precious of all affections mine is

always available to you it’s truly heartwarming to sense and acknowledge

your heavenly father’s care for you I understand that these are the words you

need to hear humans need more than just food to live they need every word that

flows from my heart right now you need peace encouragement calm and confidence I gift

you my peace a peace that neither the world nor people can give you a peace that only I can

provide accept this peace into your heart today you will will flourish I affirm this it’s my desire for every

good thing you receive to grow and be blessed Believe In This Promise without any doubt don’t use past failures or

imperfections as excuses if you’re going to trust in me with all your heart trust in my ability

to forgive as well to experience full blessings turn away from the accuser ignore any

accusations criticisms or negative talk don’t let Envy’s words occupy your mind

and spoil your future instead of being overwhelmed with fear and worry imagine feeling my hand

warmly on your heart fill up with happiness peace hope faith and Assurance

I’m going to bring joy into your life and put songs of praise on your lips your life is about to change your

blessings are coming straight from Heaven expect abundance in your home and

get ready to be freed from the chains of debt and past Financial mistakes

it might look like you’re in a tough spot now but hold on to my words look

around with eyes full of Faith pay attention to the new chances and people I bring into your path appreciate and

treat well those you meet along your way as they’re sent by me be friendly and

considerate show respect to everyone because I plan to bless you and work through you in ways Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams in challenging times you’ll Stand Tall you’ll be a beacon in the dark

empowered by me live as a testament to my love and

power you’re going to see for yourself I’m sharing something special with you

the message you’re reading or listening to I’ve shared with many of my children but not all of them take it to heart

some turn away coming up with all sorts of reasons they’d rather listen to those

who don’t want the best for them who want them stuck in sadness and wrongdoings in hurt and grief they

ignore the good things I promise my words my assurances but I care for you even more

deeply it’s better for you to trust me because if you doubt you might miss out

on the good things I’m ready to give you but I’ve seen how you’re different you’ve shown me time and again you

believe in me and my love for you is immense accept my blessing now you you

won’t be missing anything I give you my word I’ll look after you I’m fully aware

of what you’re going through and what you need don’t worry about your current troubles just close your eyes and think

of what I’ve told you your mind and heart will find peace and calm there are

many doors around you that will be opened go forth and knock on those doors with determination and

resolve I command you to do so and as you do do not fear I will put the words

you need to speak on your lips make the decision today and Advance

on your path do not remain stagnant out of fear when you rise and walk the

windows of the heavens will open for you I will pour abundant and true blessings

upon you with them you will gather provision abundantly you will be free

from creditors and debts you will have even more than you expect

to share to give to bless to seow you will continue to reap and

seow thus it shall be from this day forward every day every month and every

year therefore read and listen to these words again until you clearly understand

me you must do as I command nourish yourself with my written word and

Advance firal it is time for for you to awaken for your faith to ignite to accelerate

the plan I have had for you for a long time let go of past failures and

feelings of guilt choose to stand firm to battle each day and ignore the negative talk

and assaults from others forgive in advance leave the past behind and

progress my words will protect you your faith will serve as your weapon I’ll support you in navigating the challenges

ahead commit to enduring I provide you the Vigor to

contend again I affirm I am your guide your provider I’m aware of your needs

and will supply your deficiencies and even more profess with your voice and whole heart that you’ll keep fighting

living and believing keep moving forward don’t halt I’m Your Divine parent your God your

Redeemer I understand your heart and see beyond your troubles I know the difficulties you

face you regret some choices feeling overwhelmed by defeat yet you are also aware of my deep

love for you you can’t stay down your purpose and your calling are to

rise the enemy has sought to shake you like wheat but I have decreed that your

faith and courage shall not fail you will rise I will transform your life and

your character but you must accept the changes do not compare yourself to

anyone I have made you different stronger braver wiser and more

intelligent I’m placing valuable Tools in your hands to shatter rocks to blaze

New Paths to remove with the power of my word and your faith all the weeds and

rubbish that try to hinder you except today what I tell you you are

in a new land of Supernatural blessing don’t let your emotions or feelings take

control you don’t need to respond with fear or make Hasty choices when others try to manipulate you with guilt and

blame I’ve always envisioned a beautiful plan for your life the enemy has attempted to crush

your zest for life and your desire to see your family Thrive that’s why I

encourage you every day to choose joy to trust in me

I’ve infused you with my Holy Spirit empowering you to keep trusting and aiding others yes some will disappoint

you accept your help then turn away badmouth you and betray

you in the world of those without hope such behavor is Comm on they act out of

desperate yawn their consensus untr it as they betray and harm those who assist

them buding the hand that feeds them don’t be scared of upset you’re

following my example I too have aided and loved many I’ve blessed countless

individuals and yet some have let me down however I will never cease to bless

in love just as the sun rises and the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike

your fortitude inspiration and peace your sustenance safeguarding life and

Redemption come solely from me me let’s move forward together you and

me I cherish you deeply and look forward to meeting you again tomorrow when I assure you that all will

be well trust in my words dwelling on concerns you’ve entrusted to me will

only Tire you out you’ve reached out your hand to me now let me guide you to a place of peace

and abundance I wish for you to want for nothing to be filled with my love and

gentleness do not fear any challenges ahead you’ll stand strong and I’ll be

right beside you I won’t let you slip away I’ll hold you

close I understand you felt weak and that’s why I’m connecting with your

heart now I’m here with you instead of getting lost in worry and despair spend

a moment with me don’t agonize over what’s yet to come or the turmoil in the

world concentrate on what truly matters your family your spiritual growth enriching

your life with my teachings praying performing kind acts and extending forgiveness to those who’ve wronged you

even if they continue to treat you poorly if they confront you again

respond with kindness instead of retaliation show them your immense love

just as I sacrifice myself for my children you’re ready to go all out so your family can know me be blessed and

live freely as the world spins and Whispers of conflict spread let not fear invade

you and your family’s Hearts I will always be with you never abandoning you

stay alert While others are overwhelmed by fear you’ll witness incredible

Miracles the trumpets are sounding signaling that the moment for your Liberation is

approaching but for now pray believe strive and live fully don’t be scared of

future events believe in my promise nothing is too hard for me I cherish

Your Love tell me you love me it brings me joy to hear it from you

amen my child I have crafted the universe with an affection that is vaster than the cosmos itself and in

every Starry corner of it my love resides immutable and

infinite this love the fabric of all existence stretches out far beyond the

bounds of what you can see or even imagine and within this Grand tapestry

your heart is cradled just as the sun does not cease to shine even when the clouds gather so

my faithfulness does not waver even when Shadows Fall upon your path know this my precious one as you

stand beneath the vastness of the sky whether it be draid in the HST of down or the Dark Velvet of night that it is

but a mere shadow of my unwavering constancy my faithfulness is as

unfailing as the course of the constellations and with such knowledge should you not be moved to a reverence

that stirs the soul when you offer praise to me you become a mirror

reflecting my glory it is a profound truth that as you turn your face face towards me in

Earnest adoration you begin to reflect my image more clearly to the world it is

as if you are a moon a glow reflecting the light of a sun unseen in the

night each word of worship each note of a hymn is like a hammer and chisel in

the hands of the Holy Spirit shaping you into my likeness this

transformation it’s not always painless but it is always always purposeful

remember the love that reaches to the heavens also descends gently upon you it

Cascades over you like a Cascade of purest Joy emanating from the Heavenly

Realms when you lift your gaze to me you will find me always with a smile that

outshines the dawn bestowing upon you a love so profound that it transforms even

the deepest sorrow into a distant Echo this love is like an endless stream

and you my beloved are invited to immerse yourself in its Waters to let it wash over you to let it sustain and

renew you no matter the aridity of the desert you may find yourself

wandering you might feel at times that your circumstances are a tangled notot

too complex to unravel but within this love there is no tangle that cannot be undone no night

that cannot be overcome by the day cling to this truth and let it be

the anchor for your soul a hope both sure and

steadfast and yes there will come a day when you will rise when you will Ascend beyond the blue and on that day My Heart

Will Rejoice for There Is No Greater Joy for a father than to welcome his child

home the glory that awaits you is beyond words a tapestry of light life life and

love interwoven awaiting your touch your

presence as you walk this Earth remember that I am ever beside you my presence is as real as the air

that fills your lungs as tangible as the ground Beneath Your Feet each step you take let it be in

communion with me talk with me as you would with a friend for there is no

detail too insignificant for my ears share your hopes and dreams your fears

and failures and let me carry them with you you see my love for you is not a

passive thing it is active and Alive moving within and around you it is there

in the laughter of a child the kindness of a stranger the beauty of a sunset it is present in the helping hand

of a friend and the comfort of a warm embrace this love my love is the thread

that connects every moment of joy and every Pang of sorrow in your worship let your heart be

light and in your prayers let your words be true remember that I hear more than

just your words I hear the language of your heart there is no need for pretense

in my presence no need for eloquent phrases or grand gestures a simple thank

you a humble help me a whispered I trust you these are the offerings that move my

heart and so dear one as you continue on your journey keep your eyes fixed on me

let your worship be a fragrant offering and your life a testament to my NeverEnding

faithfulness live in the assurance that you are loved beyond measure held within the Embrace of a father whose love knows

no end reflect on this hold it close to your heart I am with you now and always

in every high and every low and it is in this Divine communion

this unbreakable bond that you will find the strength to overcome the grace to

persevere and the courage to shine my light into every corner of the world be

at peace my child for you are mine and I am yours forever intertwined in an

eternal dance of divine love and unshakable faithfulness the heavens themselves declare it and and all of

creation sings In Harmony to the rhythm of my heart the heartbeat of a love without limit

Without End this moment this very second is a

Divine appointment a sacred Gathering between us feel the Gentle Touch of my

love wrap around you like a blanket on a cold evening for in me you will find the

Refuge your soul craves you see I fashioned you with infinite care knowing each of your days

before one of them came to be I crafted your laughter your tears your quirks and

your passions every fiber of your being is wonderfully complex and I Delight in you

immensely you are my masterpiece created in my image a reflection of my love but

I know you my beloved I know how easily your heart can become entangled in the

web of your own desires and Ambitions you chase after the Winds of

what may seem right striving with all your might to grasp what you believe

will satisfy your deepest longings yet often you find yourself

weary your hands empty your spirit parched I see you striving pushing and

pulling attempting to mold your life into the picture perfect vision you’ve painted in your

mind pause for a moment breathe allow my spirit to guide you

into Stillness be willing to let go to release your grip on the life you have

planned so as to receive the life that I have purposed for you remember my thoughts are not your

thoughts neither are your ways my ways as high as the heavens are above

the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your

thoughts in in your journey you may find paths blocked and doors closed but trust

in my Divine wisdom for every no you encounter there is a greater yes behind

it a blossoming opportunity to grow to learn to embrace the true essence of

life I have for you the struggles the setbacks they are not to harm you but to

strengthen your faith to weave endurance into the fabric of your character walk with me talk with me let

us reason together share with me your heart’s concerns your secret dreams your

fears and doubts I am not a distant deity watching from the unreachable

Heavens I am here closer than your next breath intimately

involved in the unfolding story of your life in me you will find your true

purpose your calling and your ultimate fulfillment

consider the lies of the field how they grow they neither toil nor

spin yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not array like one of

these if I so clothe the grass of the field which today is alive and tomorrow

is thrown into the oven will I not much more clothe you oh you of little

faith therefore do not be anxious saying what shall we eat or what shall shall we

drink or what shall we wear seek first my kingdom and my righteousness and all

these things will be added unto you in this world you will have trouble

but take heart I have overcome the world I do not promise you an easy Journey but

I do promise you my unwavering presence you will not walk alone for I

Am by your side guiding you holding you and leading you through the valleys and

over the mountains when you feel lost I am your Good Shepherd Calling You by name

bringing you back to Green Pastures and Still Waters when you are overwhelmed I am

your strong tower your shelter in the storm when you are joyous I am rejoicing

with you dancing over you with singing in every season I am with you my

faithfulness your shield and Rampart so lay down your plans at my feet

Surrender Your timetable to my eternal clock let me transform your mind your

heart your life the beauty of surrender is not in defeat but in Victory a

victory that comes from walking in my will from resting in my sovereignty from abiding in my love this

is the path of Peace the road of righteousness the Journey of joy for in

my presence is fullness of joy at my right hand are Pleasures forever

more as you remain in me and my words remain in you ask whatever you wish and

it will be done for you therefore my child be still and know

that I am God your future is in my hands and it is a future filled with hope the

canvas of your life is wide and waiting and together with each stroke of my Divine brother

we will paint a masterpiece that will tell of my goodness a story of Grace a testament of

trust trust me enough to let go rest in me enough to be renewed follow me and

watch the Wonders I will do in and through you I am here as close as the

air you breathe as near as the thoughts that flit across your mind I am the

whisper in your heart when the night is long and the light seems so distant

your journey through this life is not a solitary walk but a shared Voyage with

me your creator your sustainer your heavenly

father I have watched you my child in your moments of joy and in those of

Despair I know the weight of the burdens you carry the strength of the storms you

face but remember this my love for you is unyielding unwavering and it

transcends all your circumstances yes the world you live in

is fraught with troubles it is true yet Within These very trials lies the

fertile soil for your faith to grow and Blossom think of your challenges as the

Chisel that shapes the stone carving out of the raw material the Masterpiece that

is to come in the midst of your darkest difficulties praise may seem like a

language for forign to your lips but it is in these moments my child that your

faith is most alive most potent it is a bold Act of defiance

against despair a statement of trust that echoes in the halls of heaven when

you choose to praise me despite your pain you’re wielding the very power that shapes stars and Spins

galaxies your praise simple and humble is a sweet Aroma to me and it never goes

unnoticed I have not left you defenseless in this world that wries with

adversity you my beloved live in a duality of existence the natural world

that can bruise and batter and the supernatural realm where I sit enthroned

where my will is woven into the fabric of the universe in the natural your feet may

stumble but in the Supernatural you soar on wings like eagles by trusting in in me your spirit

can Traverse the chasm between these two planes finding rest and refuge in my

presence now about those trust muscles you carry within you they are strengthened not by ease but by

exertion trials are the gymnasium where your faith is forged in every hardship

there is an opportunity to exercise trust to lift the weight of doubt and to fortify the Senus of

belief Embrace these moment moments my child for they are your training ground

and in them you will find yourself drawing closer to me to cultivate this

trust immerse yourself in my word the scriptures that speak of my promises my

character my love let these holy verses be the daily

bread that nourishes your soul the compass that guides your steps and seek

my face not occasionally not sporadically but with a steadfastness that Rivals the sun’s rise each morning

in the quietude of your heart turn your gaze upon me and let my presence be the

light that dispels all Darkness I understand there will be days

when you feel less than capable when your spirit feels heavy within you in

those times when your own adequacy seems as distant as the furthest star remember

that it is not by your strength that you endure but by mine within you I’m the

Wellspring of strength that never runs dry The Fortress that never

crumbles I make you ready for anything and equal to anything not by pouring

into you from the outside but by revealing the power that has resided within you all

along you are my child crafted in my image destined for purposes grander than

you can imagine when you walk through the fire you will not be burned when you

pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you for I am with you I am your sure Foundation your

everpresent help in times of need so I beckon you to rise my child to

lift your head and set your eyes upon me whether you are on the mountain high or in the valley low affirm your faith in

me speak it out loud let the heavens hear your declaration

for it is not a proclamation of what you can do but a testament to what I am doing in and through you take heart be

courageous for I am at your side do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid for I have overcome

the world in me you will find peace in me you will discover joy and in my

presence you will find the strength to face whatever this life brings together my child we will Journey

onward hand in hand heart intertwined with heart and remember I am always near

let us embark on a journey together a journey inward to the very essence of

your thoughts for they are the seeds that Sprout into the actions and outcomes of your life I urge you untreat

you to think my thoughts more and more it’s not merely an exercise in

discipline but an invitation to a dance of divine heart Harmony where your mind Moves In step with my

spirit this endeavor I assure you is not one you undertake

alone enlist the help of my spirit for the mind that is governed by my spirit

is not a battleground of chaos but a Haven of life and peace when the noise of this world

crescendos to an overwhelming Den when the worries of Life are like waves that

threaten to engulf you it is time to draw near to me sit in my presence

beloved let the constanty of my love be the rock you cling to in the rushing

waters my Everlasting Arms are open ready to encircle you in a peace that

surpasses understanding rest here in the quiet Assurance of My

Embrace in these moments of communion take a respite from your concerns pause

the endless March of tasks and to-dos and fix your thoughts on

me quietness need not be idle it can be a canvas for reflection and worship let

the words of scripture flow through your mind as you read and let Praises rise from your heart as naturally as the

morning sun The Melodies of worship the rhythm of prayer these are the harmonies of a

life lived in me use the verses of the Bible in your your prayers let them be

the language of your heart’s deepest cries to me when your thoughts and prayers are steeped in the truth of my

word confidence will Blossom within you confidence in me and in the power of

your prayers I long to see you transformed my precious one by the renewal of your

mind the world you live in it rushes at you with Relentless force with its

everpresent screens and ceaseless streams of information it seeks to press you into its mold to shape your ideals

and attitudes until they are a reflection of itself but I call you to a higher way a

better way do not be conformed to this world but be transformed let me reshape the way you

think let me recalibrate your inner Compass so that you are oriented always

towards me as I renew your mind your ideals and attitudes will indeed reflect me more

and more you will begin to see as I see love as I love forgive as I

forgive this transformation is gradual a daily turning of your heart towards the

light of my presence so that over time the things of earth grow strangely dim

in the light of my glory and grace my child the renewal of your mind

is a process an unfolding a becoming it is as though you are

emerging from a chrysalis where once your thoughts were Earthbound now they

take wing on the currents of my spirit what Joy it is for me to watch

this transformation in you as you begin to discern my will that which is good

and acceptable and perfect will become the desires of your

heart you may wonder how to begin how to truly let your mind be

transformed start here with me in the quiet where my voice can be heard above

the tumult spend time in my word let it dwell in you richly coloring your

thoughts and guiding your decisions prayer is not just a ritual it

is a conversation it is the way we talk come to me with your questions your

fears your Joys and your sorrows bring them all into the light of my love

remember my ways are not the world’s ways my thoughts are not the world’s

thoughts as high as the heavens are above the Earth so are my ways higher

than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts in seeking to

think my thoughts you are reaching for the Eternal grasping hold of the

Timeless truths that have anchored Souls through Through the Ages and so as you go forth from this

Sacred Space this time of communion with me carry within you the Stillness the

peace and the renewed mind that comes from being in my presence Let It Shine

through you like a beacon in the night drawing others to the warmth of my love

be transformed be renewed and be my light in the world

Amen my beloved a child allow me a moment of your time

this is not a mere coincidence that you are hearing from me now your heart

Echoes a deep yearning and it’s in response to this that I come before

you let this be clear I wish for you to have faith in me today and always and

may you never disregard my words with the deepest love I speak to you every moment every day my aim is is to see you

flourish to bestow blessings upon you and to let you feel the holy anointment

I place upon you recognize that you have transformed you are no longer bound by

past struggles mistakes or the chains of those who belittle you and doubt your

worth stand up for you are freed escape the confines of your mental

captivity today I break every spiritual bond you

are no longer bound to harmful habits or the desires of those who mean you harm

you are my precious child my beloved my love for you is immense

Beyond human comprehension a mighty Divine Force rejuvenating your faith

today you will stand strong you will rise Embrace and joyfully accept the

blessings I am laying before you you will hear my voice in your Slumber feel my presence upon waking and wherever you

go be filled with with bravery you will tread upon Embers and remain untouched even amidst the

tempestuous Seas attempt to swallow you rise and proceed act now walk

steadfastly on the water step after step keeping your focus ahead never lose

sight of your aspirations the beautiful destination you’re meant to reach behind

you flows my blessings like a powerful River carving through valleys flattening

Mountain mountains uprooting the deepest rooted Thorns demolishing barriers and unlocking doors these blessings are

unstoppable no power can thwart them wherever your path leads my love will always envelop you reaching the furthest

Corners where you’ll find my peace Grace and blessing my love for you is so profound

that it challenges human understanding simply feel it embrace it and receive it

with faith in the days to come I will reveal my presence to you in extraordinary ways rest assured nothing

will be missing for I have promised I am your provider ever watchful of your

situations and needs do not agonize over your current trials close your eyes remember my

teachings your mind and heart will be filled with peace and Tranquility surrounding you are numerous

opportunities awaiting your action step forward and knock on these doors with determination and resolve I urge you to

do this fearlessly I will guide your words when you speak make the choice today to

progress on your journey do not be paralyzed by fear as you stand and move forward the

windows of heaven will open for you I will shower you with abundant genuine

blessings and you will experience an overflow of provision you will be

liberated from debts and Financial cial burdens receiving more than you expect

enabling you to share to give to bless and to invest you will continue to harvest and

sew starting today and into the future every day every month every year thus

revisit and reflect on these words until their meaning is Crystal Clear heed my

command immerse yourself in my teachings and move forward with purpose it is time

for you to awaken for your faith to flare up grow stronger and

accelerate the plan I have for you requires leaving behind past defeats and guilt choose to persist to fight each

day and ignore the Whispers And attacks of others forgive Forge ahead leave the

past behind and progress my words will protect you your

faith will be your weapon I will help you navigate through any challenges you encounter

resolve to endure for I give you the strength to persevere remember I am your

Shepherd your provider I am aware of your needs and will supply all that you

lack and more declare with your words and your whole heart that you will

continue to strive to live to believe do not be troubled by alarming

news I understand the purpose of my actions I hold supreme authority

with my power I can calm stormy winds split the sea enable you to walk on

turbulent Waters raise you from sickness heal your body and comfort your

soul I collect your tears when the world inflicts pain and suffering upon you in

your faith find shelter love and belief my presence will envelop you again

filling you with love and peace in times of despair time alone cannot heal wounds

only I can heal them completely leaving no Trace life’s trials will not harm you

rather they have helped you grow and become wiser I will also free you from the

burden of painful memories my hands were nailed to the cross enduring suffering

for you cleansing your sins with My Sacrifice offering you my grace and

easing your heart’s burdens and sorrows in joy and sorrow in health and

in sickness my presence will never leave you this is my solemn promise I will

perform powerful miracles in your life demonstrating what’s possible when my word is embraced and obeyed by a humble

heart one that accepts both trials and blessings I will change daunting

circumstances for your benefit challenges and tests will lead you to a better place conflicts will strengthen

you and you’ll face situations that will grow your wisdom if I allow it this is for your good and if I say I

will be with you and protect you from harm it’s because I will you will prosper as I have decreed

every good thing you receive will be multiplied and blessed believe without doubt without letting past failures hold

you back if you believe in me with all your heart also trust in my

forgiveness for full blessings ignore the accuser pay no mind to criticisms or

slander don’t let them occupy your thoughts disregard the envious words

about your future instead of fear and anxiety feel my hand on your heart be

filled with joy peace hope faith and confidence I will Infuse your life with

joy and put Praise on your lips your life will transform blessings from heaven will

fill your home you will be free from the chains of debt and past Financial

mistakes even in times of scarcity trust in my words and view your surroundings

with faith stay alert to open doors and opportunities treat everyone you meet

with kindness and respect I will bring special people into your life to help you just as I do be friendly amiable and

respectful to all for I will bless you and use you in ways beyond your imagination

in times of adversity the wonderful things I plan to do with you will become apparent you will rise and shine amidst

Darkness you will bear witness to this secret wisdom you are reading and hearing I share it with many but not all

believe and some reject my gifts they make excuses and listen to those who

keep them bound to misery sin pain and sorrow ignoring my blessings words and

promises but I tell you that I love you believe in me so you don’t miss out on

my blessings I know you are different I’ve seen it many times I know you believe in me and I dearly love you

receive my blessing now you are in my hands under my protection fear not those

who oppose you for they will contend with me even though your problems are many I will deliver you those who fight

against you will be confused and shamed even now you can see how they surround

you but I will intervene I will help you in a few days you will look around and

your enemies will be no more many are Furious because they can’t defeat you

they don’t know or understand that your greatest friend your God your savior

defends you believe and have faith for with me nothing is impossible trust and act for

I am with you act and make progress kn knowing that I have fortified your faith and given you the power to walk on

Waters you will combat and overcome all evil forces for

fear no longer holds you the anxieties and fears of the past are left

behind lift your sword and persist in the battle prepare yourself for the

blessings that are to come you shall claim the land that lies before you I

will provide you with answers and Solutions in every situation I have anointed you with my spirit to

heal and uplift many hearts I will bless your family and bring peace and Harmony

to your home soon you will notice a change my presence will dominate your

household all the harmful forces that have caused distress will vanish and not

return seek me and you will find rest for your soul in my promises in my word

place your trust in me for I am your God your rock your health your strength your

salvation take my hand and never falter I am your protector your lord your

healer Proclaim now with all your might that you believe in me and hold tightly

to your faith I love you I have been I am and I will always be with

you pray for your family it is essential for your prayers are effective and Powerful

you have seen many times how I have responded when my presence arrives the

challenges your family has faced have brought forth trials you may see Smiles

on their faces but inside they struggle come to my altar On Bended Knees start

to intercede and plead I will surround your family with a spiritual Shield I

will not let the enemy harm them I will rescue them from illnesses and accidents

I will endow them with wisdom I will open doors that were once closed they will discover many hidden favorable

opportunities I will provide you with strength peace calmness and inspiration

to speak lovingly to your loved ones never utter harsh words to them truly

understand their emotions and the tough situations they [Music] face when you are with them embrace them

tenderly stroke their heads and as you do pray

my anointing will flow from your hands my power will erase all sadness from their souls I will break every chain and

bring healing to their hearts share my word with them let my promises not be

forgotten in your home my name will be spoken with reverence you will witness

the gradual resolution of problems and my presence will prevail in your family

a time will come when you will joyfully witness the transformation in their their lives their character will evolve

and many who seem lost will find their path and reach their destined blessings in these moments it is crucial

to hold fast to me do not be discouraged by the negative things you see I have a grand plan and

my plan always comes to pass unaffected by any obstacles in your home there must be

someone who believes in me wholeheartedly with true sincerity praying for their loved ones with

steadfast Faith you are that person pray for your family and obstacles will fall

Victory will be yours I love you and I love them too find rest in me for I hold

your present in my hands your future in my heart the blessings that are to come in your life are proof of my favor as

long as you believe in and cherish my word those who wish to see you humiliated

will be astounded by the supernatural Miracles I will perform in these days I will lift your spirits dry your

tears and bring you peace I will fill you with joy come engage daily with my

promises open your Bible sit in quietness read and feed your Hungry Heart grow stronger feel the immense

strength that I am instilling in you sometimes you look up hoping for a

sign from heaven but now I tell you to look ahead for I am already answering

your prayers and requests I am granting you the things you have asked for according to my will so that you may

truly Thrive and your life may be filled with freedom and

prosperity the abundance I bring into your life will not be accompanied by sorrow you won’t need to accumulate Dept

or Mort Gater your future no one can take away or Rob what I give you do not

see yourself as unworthy or feel undeserving of the blessings I pour into your home they are yours I give them

because I love you and choose to bless you however be aware that the adversary

will try to sow doubt aiming to steal your blessings and dreams I grant you

wisdom to discern between those who give sound advice and those who deceive you with lies they may use soothing words

pretending to love you but when they see you caught in their traps they will try

to harm you be vigilant I caution you to stay alert and avoid the snares laid by

your adversaries I promise to protect and watch over you you must pray daily and

in doing so I will envelop you in my presence persist in your faith in my

word and trust in me I will encircle your home and family with my Celestial

forces do not let doubt invade your thoughts my love for you is Everlasting

and your life is cradled in my hands I am here to help you overcome challenges

conquer discouragement focus on the future and maintain steadfast Faith so you can

Triumph and flourish trust in me for I am your heavenly

father feel free to speak to me confide in me and express your needs for I am

your great great friend always attentive to you my ear is always open to your

voice sit and Converse with me use your own words to share your thoughts plans

and the depths of your heart voice your feelings for talking with me heals your

soul and instills peace in your mind by verbalizing your emotions you activate

your faith and miracles start to unfold today is the day to tell me all

you wish to say but also to listen to my responses I am not here to judge scold

or remind you of past errors my spirit Whispers softly to you affirming my love

for you eagerly waiting each morning for you to awaken to express your need for

me and your love for me your words of Love are your worship

your praise rising to my Throne like the morning sun my presence fills your life

with love and protection reminding you that in your trials I am ready to help I

will not withhold any good thing you ask of me everything you seek for your blessing I will grant swiftly enveloped

in my love entr trust me with your thoughts your heart hand over your concerns that

are wearing down your faith and dreams and surrender your worries that make you doubt my love you need not endure these

mental storms alone do not let the Winds of Despair drag you through the streets of Sorrow whose voice will you listen to

the cries of despondency the lies of failure or the loving tone in which I speak to

you you don’t have to struggle in anguish when I’ve shown you time and again that if you believe in my word I

will open the gates of Heaven wide for you you are my child and my children do

not dwell in darkness my spirit is with you offering Comfort where wherever you are in any

place you find yourself it’s no accident that you’re receiving this

message I’ve seen the toll that life’s struggles have taken on you how past

adversaries have left you wounded and the reason behind your ongoing

pain yet I am here now ready to save you from this anguish if you choose to

embrace me I aim to Shield you with my wings and cover you in my shelter I urge

you to listen Clos closely to read my words attentively and to take them to

heart for I earnestly request your belief I do not want you to suffer any

longer your current trials are not a sign of my wrath or retribution my love for you is deep and

everlasting I am here to lift you up to heal your Despair and to lead you out of

failure you must rise even if you feel weary even if your heart is still aching

and carrying the weight of pain take steps of Faith trust in me again and you

will experience miraculous healing the moment you decide to believe in me each step you take will bring you strength

and complete healing stand up now for your life is

about to change and tomorrow will be different why because I love you I am

with you and that is all you need to understand today you might feel downhearted and sad but

as you read and listen to my words your heart will be filled with peace Joy

encouragement and faith I ask you to remember my Tender Love repeatedly today yet do not linger

on the painful experiences that have scarred your life a new era of restoration and Recovery is approaching

you will see the return of lost blessings and I will open doors doors that were previously shut from Heaven I

will shower you with numerous blessings that will bring prosperity and comfort to your

soul from this point forward walk with confidence knowing that I your God and

Heavenly Father filled with love for you am always by your side igniting the

passion to live a purposeful and meaningful life in your heart embrace the fervent desire to obey

the Commandments of your king and Lord and never feel ashamed to believe in me

and my word rejoice in the Wonders I will perform in your life and for your

family all who believe in me have the right to be heard in my presence and to reap the rewards of their faith and

obedience anticipate extraordinary and wondrous Miracles soon and you will see

many positive changes in the lives of your loved ones filling you with happiness so even amidst challenges and

occasional hardships remain assured that I will never abandon you I will be by

your side in every moment and situation I’m here to assist you and with confidence and Faith you can speak to me

however it’s essential that you also take the time to listen immerse yourself

in my written word through it I will reach out directly to your heart

infusing you with my spirit you’ll discover a strength that that is unshakable a gift from me commit

yourself promise me that you will seek me every day with love and faith I will

be there waiting for you know this I love you deeply and this is certain I

have come to communicate with you to touch your heart at this very moment when you need me most my love for you is

boundless sincere and everlasting nothing

not even your own mistakes or sins can sever you from this immense love I hold

for you even in times when you felt distant from me my tender hand was extended

rescuing you from that which bound you and dimmed your will to live whenever you call on me I am here when you cry

out in your darkest hours I open the doors of my heart wide seeing you kneel

my eyes look upon you with kindness and my grace envelops you though your

journey may take you through perilous and bitter paths my presence will shine brightly in your life dispelling all

Darkness even before your birth I knew you I selected the precise moment of

your arrival into this world and nothing in your life unfolds without my consent

or blessing while you may not always understand or appreciate my workings in

your life one day you’ll see that all I did was for your benefit to fortify you

to Foster your growth and because I always have greater plans for you my intention is to elevate you to higher

Realms of faith and dedication I desire to place a gleaming sword in your hands so that when you

declare my word miraculous events will unfold around you do not feel Unworthy of what I am

eager to accomplish in you cast aside the those doubts recognize who you truly

are a child of the almighty God a valiant Warrior filled with resolve

strength and destined for Triumph believe this for it is the truth born

from embracing and accepting my love you are not meant for defeat Beyond these

trials which you will surmount through your faith awaits the Glorious blessing of Victory amen



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