God message today: It is about you. when you were a child. one of your family..Angel message today.

angels are looking out for you for he

will order his angels to protect you

wherever you go they will hold you up

with their hands so you won’t even hurt

your foot on a stone Psalm to

NLT when I was about years old I took

a job as a lifeguard and swimming

teacher at the YMCA it was about

minutes away from home I had this old

little bright yellow beat up Subaru it

reminded me of a yellow submar rain it

was summertime and as I drove to work

that morning I could hear a rattling

noise with the car I thought something

must be wrong as soon as I got to the

pool I called my Uncle Louie who told me

after work to bring it to the mechanic

shop he worked at he would take a look

at it that afternoon as I drove on a

very busy highway the car clunked out

stopped working my heart raced and I

quickly veered the car to the side off

the shoulder shoulder of the highway I

still had about miles to go I didn’t

have a cell phone and wondered what

should I do finally I decided to start

walking I was scared I didn’t want

anyone to approach me and kept praying

God please help me please let me get

there and be safe I’ll never forget what

happened a tiny red car with an elderly

couple pulled over my heart began racing

as I kept thinking oh no please don’t

talk to me me don’t stop me the man was

driving and there was a lady in the

front seat she began to talk to me can

we help you she said oh no I curtly

replied thank you I’m okay but she

persisted and persisted I remember her

saying we have a daughter and we would

want her to be safe on the road please

let us help you I got in the car and I

remembered seeing a cross dangling on

the rear view mirror the couple

graciously took me to where my Uncle

Louie worked the whole time they were so

loving so encouraging but here’s the

weird thing once I got there and got out

of the car as I turned around to say

thank you there was no one there it was

like they vanished out of thin air I

kept thinking what just happened and

where did they go it was impossible for

them to be gone that quick even my uncle

said how did you get here Hebrews

do not forget to show Hospitality to

strangers for by doing so some people

have shown Hospitality to Angels without

knowing it I can’t explain it but I

believe God ordered angels to help and

protect me I was so grateful as we

continue to look at Psalm let’s look

at verses to for he will order his

angels to protect you wherever you go

they will hold you up with their hands

so you won’t even hurt your foot on a

stone Psalm veres to NLT God

has commanded angels to guard you God

has given Angels not your circumstance

not your situation the authority to act

on your behalf God is your refuge and

strength he is your protection and he

has commanded angels to come to your Aid

maybe you too had a situation like I

described that you can’t explain be

encouraged as you pray and read Psalm

today Proclaim God’s promise promise

that he will send his angels to guard

and protect you to minister to all your


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