God Message Today: I Will Fear No Evil | God Says | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God told me this is your final

notice God’s

message now

today God helps my beloved child I am

your heavenly father the source of

unending love and grace in your life

when you find yourself in the darkest

valleys I am the light that guides you

out in your moments of deepest pain I am

your comfort your shelter your

unwavering strength just as an eagle

Soares I lift you up and my eternal

truths heal the wounds of your soul I

have opened wide the gates to a

supernatural world where you have the

authority to overcome any obstacle and

nothing can truly harm you the words I

send you today are a declaration of

Peace a promise of hope dispelling your

fears and filling your heart with

Tranquility I am your everpresent

protector watching over your life

especially in these times when the

world’s trials confront you daily

Temptations surround you and enemies

seek to undermine you at every turn

there are times when you feel lost

unsure of whom to trust friends may

become enemies and even your own family

may abandon you when you need them most

but I am here always here my love for

you grows with each passing moment do

not place all your hope in imperfect

people or temporary Earthly possessions

today I come to reaffirm my eternal

commitment to you as you navigate

through this world I Walk Beside You

carrying your burdens forgiving your

sins and pouring out my Holy Spirit upon

you anyone who tries to harm you will

face defeat and those who lead you

astray will be held accountable many may

try to bring you down to cast a shadow

of Shame over you driven by the poison

of jealousy in their heart but hear this

no one can snatch you from my loving

arms rely on me trust in the promises I

have written for you re receive these

words as a proclamation of my boundless

Mercy open your heart and allow my

Divine breath to renew your mind you

have many years ahead many important

tasks to accomplish there is a sacred

and wonderful purpose calling out to you

but your sustenance and strength do not

come from this world or the people

around you if you seek lasting and

transformative blessings if you desire a

life-changing Journey for you and your

loved ones then look no further I am

your only solution you are on the right

path keep moving forward love me with


devotion let me take the highest place

in your heart I long to be your top

priority and I ask ask for just a few

moments each day you have been chosen


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