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God message today for me reive healing


hope God

message now my beloved child in this

moment I speak directly to the weary and

the burden to those of you who seek

solace in the shadows of your existence

I see your struggles and the silent

tears that fall in the quiet hours of

your life you my children are more

precious than the finest gold more

significant than the most brilliant

celestial bodies I crafted each of you

with a purpose imbuing your essence with

a spirit that is capable of overcoming

the vast tumults of this Earthly

existence yet I know the weight of this

world can sometimes feel insurmountable

and it is in these times that I call you

to draw near to me you are not meant to

carry your burdens alone I am here

everpresent and extending my hand filled

with the promise of healing and hope

healing not just of the body but of the

Mind and Spirit hope that is not a

fleeting Shadow but a steadfast light

guiding you through the darkest nights

turn to me and let my love wash over you

like the gentle renewing rains that soe

the parched Earth I offer you not merely

a temporary reprieve but a profound

transformation a renewal of strength a

Revival of dreams and a restoration of

joy in my presence you will find refuge

and the courage to face each new day

trust in me for my plans for you are

woven with the threads of infinite love

and the deepest care let your heart be

open let your spirit be willing and

receive the healing and hope that flow

abundantly from my eternal Wellspring

come to me all who are weary and heavy

laden and I will give you rest together

we will walk the paths of renewal for

you are never alone I Am With You Always

Whispering peace into the chaos and

Shining Light into the darkness in your

journey remember my child that I jesus

am walking beside you I understand the

fragility that is woven into the very

fabric of your Human Nature you were

shaped from the dust of the earth given

breath of spirit yet within your Earth

Earth and vessels lies a tenderness

prone to the harshness of this world it

is this inherent vulnerability that

moves me to watch over you with

ceaseless vigilance I see the smallest

stumble hear the faintest cry and feel

the slightest shiver of doubt that

troubles your heart in knowing your

weaknesses I am drawn ever closer to you

compelled by an unending love to provide

the sanctuary of my presence

this awareness of your Frailty is not

for judgment but

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