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God message today embrace the peace I

offer God says God message for you God

message for me my beloved child I see

you in every moment of your day feeling

the weight of the world on your

shoulders yet here I am extending my

hand offering you the peace you yearn

for you see my child the peace I offer

isn’t just an absence of noise or

trouble it’s a profound sense of being

loved and protected even amidst your

storms and your journey through life

you’ve encountered many challenges each

one seeming to test your spirit more

than the last but remember my child

these trials are temporary they are but

Stepping Stones to a higher place a

sanctuary where you can rest in the

certainty of my love and care I am your

Everlasting father your Shield when

Arrows fly your adviser when decisions

weigh heavily on your heart and your

guardian when Shadows linger close trust

in me my child for I am with you in

every breath and heartbeat my promises

to you are as steadfast as the dawn they

will always find their way to you as we

speak I am clearing your vision

Awakening feelings within you that have

slumbered wrapped in the quietude of

your soul these are feelings of Courage

hope and an unwavering trust in the

presence of my spirit embrace them for

they are my gifts to you let your heart

be light my child the table I prepare

for you will overflow with abundance

your store will be plentiful your home a

Haven of Joy the tears you’ve shed in

sorrow or distress I promise to

transform into streams of Joy revealing

not just the hidden perils but the

Beautiful Moments yet to unfold in your

life today I am here to tell you you are

cherished infinitely more than you can

comprehend my love and might extend

beyond the reaches of human

understanding when you falter when the

climb seems too steep remember I am here

to lift you up to offer you a protection

unparalleled so my child embrace the

peace I offer let me come in with my

light and break any harsh uncertainties

that cloud your path open your heart to

this Divine tranquility and let it guide

you through every challenge with me you

will find strength not just to endure

but to thrive believe in me my beloved

child in my arms you will find rest and

a peace that surpasses all understanding

walk with me talk with me and together

we will navigate the complexities of

life you are never alone for I’m always

just a prayer away my child remember

that each challenge you face is

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