God Message now : Your Efforts Will be rewarded

everything happens for a reason

my dear child you shouldn’t question my prediction

that things will work out well for you

because I’m flawless in every manner

I promise to never leave your side

and to see that my plan comes to pass in your life

keep learning from my words every day

they offer great promise so don’t give up

you will discover courage

strength and Serenity in them

you need not be afraid

because I am in charge of your life’s path

I’m at work removing roadblocks

and resolving disputes from your route

however I don’t intend to make things too simple

because there will be difficulties

hold fast to my words

for they will sustain you through these difficulties

and bring you to the rewards I have in store for you

every step you take toward acquiring wisdom

will be blessed and increased

and your efforts will be repaid

do not falter in your belief in my words

even while your adversary scheme against you

knowing that my angels are keeping an eye on you

stand steadfast against them

you are surrounded by my presence

and your family is under my Protection

show patience to people who annoy you

clinging to grudges damages your soul

and erodes your faith

remember that my love for you is profound

despite the injustices

and lost opportunities you have experienced

the people who have harmed you will feel ashamed

and if you forgive them they may decide to come back

I swear to make up for everything you’ve lost

prepare to see the transformation of people

who have harmed you

put your attention on managing your finances

and fortifying your family relationships

rather than worrying about people who transgress

take some time to pray

and consider the lessons I’ve taught you

don’t waste your energy on things that aren’t vital

because if you believe in my promises

you can conquer the problems I allow

for those who believe in me

and face every day with bravery and faith

victory is guaranteed your daily prayers for me

are the first step toward your achievement

I am aware of your difficulties

and your moments of uncertainty

but set those ideas aside

and focus intently on what I have to say

I will lead you

cheer you up and fortify your faith during trying times

your heart will bear my promises

which will act as a solid anchor when life storms hit

keep in touch with me

and pay attention when I invite you to join me

in the early morning silence

refrain from engaging in activities

that deplete your energy

and instead find strength in the dawn of each new day

join forces

for we are unstoppable as a group

I promise not to abandon you

never forget how fortunate and loved you are

and hold on to your optimism

for the wonderful things that are ahead

greater beyond anything you could have ever imagined

the huge miracle is about to happen

put your faith in me

and tune out the negative all around you

have faith that you will flourish despite adversity

because I will foster your development

in the face of uncertainty and lack

your obstacles will become opportunities for success

demonstrating your tenacity and strong faith

rely on me

as I am the only one who can choose your future

even in the face of uncertainty

my hand is always here to help you up

no matter how low you feel

I may not say much but I’m constantly by your side

I’ll give you a strong arm to help you achieve

now is the moment to act seize it

you are protected

while the rest of the world becomes weary

of hearing about shortages

and war concerns

I always wish you and your family the best

when I instruct you to walk

do as I say

when I say to you to get up

stand up believe me when I tell you that you have won

remembering yesterday’s transgressions and errors

as pointless as they are in the past

you see I’ve totally altered your life

you have changed as a person

I have your future well taken care of

I will take care of you in my presence

so I invite you to pray daily

and joyfully and firmly seek me out

come to me regardless of how you’re feeling

even if you wake up one day with doubts in your head

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