God Message Now : You Are Always Safe With Me |

my darling youngster in each snapshot of your life recollect that I’m limitlessly

near you nothing literally nothing is as well extraordinary for me to deal with

your confidence in my guarantees is the establishment whereupon you can bear

firming in any event while confronting life’s giant challenges you could regard

yourself as in innumerable fights feeling almost overpowered on occasion

yet know this my soul is inside you and planting you with a Resolute strength your confidence in this way will not

falter continue in your Excursion for I’m close by you’ve shared your yearning for harmony with me and I he you let not

your heart be grieved when impediment seem my statement to you is tough the preliminaries of every day can’t strip

away your satisfaction or debilitate your soul the Shadows cast by life’s preliminaries cannot obscure your

considerations nor could the surprising turns of Life at any point Point upset your inward quiet hear these words for

they are saturated with it Heavenly reason to brace your soul reinforce your

psyche and consistent your heart perceive now that your fate is not subjugated to simple feelings you are

invested with the consecrated decision to shape your way I present to you the endowment of self-control let not

enticement influence you let your slips up not debilitate your resolve nor your blunders cast Shadows on your ven enture

your defects are yet venturing stones to your development not chains that tight

spot you place your confidence in my Timeless commitment for I guarantee you

would it be advisable for you stagger I’m there to lift you seven as well as innumerable times even before you knew

me when Shadows of transgression waited in your life my love and pardoning contacted you the amount all the more

then will I be available to convey you from despair now that you stroll in my light I commitment to cart your tears

cleans you of any responsibility and Patch the a chetar inside your spirit my

presence in your life is unweaving for I see your endeavors to transcend your

fallings and the unforgiving murmurs of foes I ask you to see yourself with the

Poise you legitimately Merit for you are mine a valuable being of unlimited worth

yet you wind up in the midst of those who are alienated from Satisfaction by their own doubtful Minds looking for

their endorsement might lead you a drift disintegrating your confidence and diminishing the Brilliance representing

things to come I’ve made arrangements for you there antagonism could seed

harshness inside you and over the long run you could wind up addressing me ascribing your difficulties to my

quietness yet recollect that I am addressing you presently connecting with an overflow of affection prepared to

encompass Compass you in my effortlessness now the decision rests immovably in your hands will you embrace

the radiance of my commitments or wait in the obscurity of stress are you prepared to step into a time of win and

Euphoria or will you remain Shackled by profound despair do you confide in the

reality of my word or will you rest on the confounded what’s more negative

voices around you will you look for endorsement from the individuals who bring difficulty or will you plan to

please your maker who has woven dreams into the very texture of your being the

second to choose is presently I reach out to you a solicitation to abide in my

hallowed presence figure out how to trust in my confirmations to stand by with persistence for my direction permit

time to unfurl supporting your expectations and observing as your goals delicately Sprout oppose the world’s

racket for quick outcomes and transient satisfaction see how some swelled with

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