God Message now : This Message Is For You My Child | God Says

I am sending you this letter my darling child I must inform you about my plan for you

even if you might not have anticipated it so you will know why you are here I have taken care of you

and shielded you from sicknesses and hidden threats ever since I created you I’ve shielded you during the night

from the tactics of the enemy I promise to be there for you during your darkest hours

and to participate in your happiness when it’s best my sincere love for you is evident

in every beat of your heart every breath you breathe your entire existence and your family

recall all the difficult situations and moments I have rescued you from although you didn’t have an affluent upbringing

you join me as one of my messengers to spread healing around the world the instant you saw the light

you should be aware nevertheless that the enemy attempted to undermine your reason for existing

to keep you safe my holy angelic soldiers engaged in heavy combat I arrived with love

but you had to deal with waves of bitter hatred that tried to tear you apart

you are aware of me as your real father the one who constantly encourages and supports you as you pursue your goals

I personally arrived and drove the enemy in his army back using the sword of my speech

I bestowed upon you my wholly anointing for healing guided your journey with dreams from your heart

and bestowed upon you gifts and skills I also set you on your way to your destiny

you became my warrior when I infused you with my essence and kindled an endless flame inside of you

I gave you the means to provide solace to the nations and provide spiritual sustenance to those in need

hold my hand and never forget that I’ll be by your side encouraging you to pursue all of your goals

I am here to take care of you to protect you and to give you tranquility because my greatest wish is for you to be happy

do not be afraid I will never abandon you since my love for you is sincere and genuine

I am your friend your confidant and your guardian I’ve altered the heavens and the earth

to make sure you win I don’t want to watch you fall short I’ve made up for all of your transgressions

it’s time to accept my forgiveness and open your heart to my Grace there are others who would want for you to fail

but they would quickly realize that I can work with you to succeed in spite of their desires

come with me now and we’ll stroll together have complete faith in me

allow my love to amplify and change you when you are in the palm of my hand there is no room for fear or sorrow

because I am constantly keeping an eye on you come have no fear of your foes

I will keep you safe I will be there to hold your hand and encourage you when you go up against them like a fearless warrior I’ll grant you the win

now is the time to get up and give your future to me I’m going to give you an offer you can’t turn down

give me your entire self and entrust your life to me whether there are deep valleys to traverse or mountains to climb is irrelevant

I’ll clear your path and lead the way however I want you to have courage and strength

to go firmly into the darkness or the valley of shadows and to cross choppy waters

you won’t be afraid and you won’t search for reasons to give up on your goals you’re not going to give up

you’re going to keep going you can also exert more effort even when you’re extremely exhausted

I’ve given you the strength and capacity to push above your discouragement and break the destructive pattern

of placing the blame for everything on other people you’re committed to me

and you have a goal and a purpose there is no one else to blame

if issues come up don’t count on others to step in and assist you don’t be upset that no one has called to offer you support

it should be sufficient that I am by your side there are others who try to undermine you

reject you and offer negative feedback however you do not require the love and acceptance of people

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