God Message now : Its CoincidenNotce | God Says

it’s no accident that you hear me and understand me my little child your mind full of problems

comes to me for assistance you need me in your life you pray for my presence to fill your entire being

and for your heart to mend you want happiness to fill your heart to overflowing

grief to finally go and daily agony to cease

your door is being knocked on by desperation but you refuse to open it

you refuse to listen to worry when it tries to remind you of the past you refuse to be scared by doubts

despite their attempts there is no place in your heart or mind for depressing

or torturous false beliefs I have your heart and soul allow me to stay in your life

now the winds of terror strive to take away the tranquility I left you and the storm of pain

tries to destroy the peace I gave you however your steadiness is as solid as a rock

and your faith is stronger you have grown to trust my word like a tall tree

because you have always trusted my word you will not allow defeat to enter your life again

not today or any other day in this world walk in the awareness that your heavenly father

God and Lord are incredibly fond of you and are watching out for you

nothing in this world can stop you from succeeding this is enough for you to conquer I am giving you the strength to endure

anything that comes your way so you won’t return to the grief and suffering of the past

they have faith for the powerful blood that was poured for your salvation has already made you the winner

say it write it shout at you now have faith in me I love you there’s comfort in that

now when you most need me I’ve come to talk to you and touch your heart my love for you is sincere

unwavering and unending nothing not even your own transgressions or errors

can ever separate you from my abiding love my kind hand went out to you even when you strayed from me

releasing you from your bonds and giving you the will to live once more

I’ll be here whenever you call I give you my heart when you call out in desperation

I give you a compassionate gaze and envelop you in my Grace when I see you kneel my presence will brighten your life

at the darkest moments even if you have to trek through danger and resentment

I knew you before you were ever born I decided on the precise second the exact minute and the day of your birth

nothing occurs in your life without my consent or desire even though you may not agree with what I’m doing

in your life at the moment you will eventually realize that it is for the best I always have better things my goal

is to elevate you to a higher plane of existence via surrender and faith

I want to give you my dazzling sword so that when you speak incredible marvels will occur all around you

enough about feeling undeserving of what I have in store for you see yourself for who you really are

a child of the all powerful god courageous like a warrior resolute full of strength and victorious

you will experience here to believe me following these challenges which you will overcome by your faith

is the lovely blessing of triumph give your heart to me give me your thoughts

give me the dreams that keep you up at night and the problems that are weakening your faith

give me the fears that cause you to doubt my love the mental storms that frighten

you no longer have to endure keep from being carried down the streets of suffering

by the winds of despair which voices those of despair those of failure

or the warmth in my voices I speak to you will you listen to more I have repeatedly demonstrated to you that

if you believe in my word I will open the gates of heaven for you so you don’t need to continue living in hopelessness

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