God Message now : I will provide everything |

my precious child I was there for you in the past I am with you now and I will remain by your side always

I envelop you in my loving embrace holding you gently because you are so dear to me protecting you as my solemn vow

then my love shield you I need to speak to you in soft patient tones because I want to gently touch your heart

and instill in you the strength from heaven you will face challenges

your opponent is stubborn and will try to confuse your thoughts distract you from your goals and true worth

and tempt you to expose your heart to sadness and hopelessness deep in your heart

you know this to be true with complete certainty you are never alone in your battles

and you never will be like a powerful protector I will guard you and lead you to victory

keep moving forward with faith I will support you bless your path and fill your life with good things

but remember my love for you is unchanging there will be times when I will tell you to take a break

because taking care of yourself is important I know you understand this yet life can be distracting at times

I will gently remind you when it’s time to slow down connect with me in prayer and find strength and nourishment in my words

I praise and bless you for the time you spend with me each day your loyalty and devotion are remarkable

you have Learned to earnestly seek me and your grateful spirit brings deep healing to you and your loved ones

do not be upset by what others say anymore you are wise patient and intelligent

you know where you are headed because you rely on me your heavenly father

others may become jealous seeing the good things happening in your life some may judge by outward appearances

but I see your heart and know you well you are aware of my love for you

if anyone tries to hurt you with lies they will have to answer to me do not be afraid my child

I was with you in your darkest times and I will surely stand by you now as you demonstrate your faithfulness and maturity

choosing to entrust your life and your family’s lives into my care is the best decision you have made

you are cherished safe and protected in my embrace this week you will display tremendous courage

you will need to stand strong for your family and you will be successful keep pushing forward with all your might

I am strategically organising every situation in individual as you heed my guidance

you will sense my strength aiding you your triumph is already assured and I will place it in your grasp

but your faith must be active keep trusting and above all believe in yourself

some have tried to bring you down with hurtful words even people from your own family have tried to make you feel insignificant

understand that their actions stem not just from spite but from jealousy as well they see the unique light in you

recognizing something extraordinary yet release any resentment and put aside thoughts of retaliation

if you face unexpected challenges this week if people stand against you if you work hard to care for your family

and find yourself overwhelmed with worry pray for those who wish you harm they aim to bring you down

crush your hope halt your progress and thwart my plans for you rest assured I am sending legions of mighty angels

to stand against those who oppose you keep moving forward my dear one

do not stop or hang your head I am with you and you are under my Protection

look to me in the morning reach out to me at night rely on my strength I will be with you every step of the way

I will protect you as the day breaks and when you rise I will be there to accompany you

together we will tackle this week’s obstacles I have planned abundant blessings for you

and your family contingent on your faith in me and determination to persevere rather than backslide

but I know you well and I anticipate your choices you will keep the faith you will hold fast to my word this week

when you least expect it you will find your victory you will need me and I will be right here

you can always come and speak to me whenever you feel the urge I will continue demonstrating how much I love you

both in what I say and what I do your days of sadness are ending and times of feeling down or behind you

I want to shower you with my love and care let my presence and love into your life

remember no one can love you as deeply as I do I see everything transpiring in your heart and mind

sometimes the hurt runs so deep that you consider giving up it’s been a while since you felt the desire to jump out of bed

eager and joyful for the new day but now I tell you your pain stops today

I am refreshing your spirit giving you the most genuine love there is taking away your grief

and replacing it with profound joy as you listen to my words

you can begin to feel this change occurring I am easing your worries healing your emotions and completely removing your hurt

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