God Message Now: I Am with You Everywhere | God Message Today | God Says Today Message

my dear child I want to tell you

something special even in The Quiet

Moments I’m here with you loving you

more than anything you’re never alone

even when you feel sad or scared I see

you and all your feelings and I want to

tell you that I’ll never leave you your

pain and struggles were never part of my

plan for you my love for you never stops

it’s always here waiting for you to open

your heart when life gets dark and

confusing remember that I’m there with

you my love is like a bright light in

the dark guiding and protecting you you

can always reach out to me and I’ll lead

you into the warmth and happiness of my

love where you’ll find joy and lots of

good things trust me my child the life I

have for you is full of amazing things

with a lot of purpose and blessings

nothing can keep you away from my love

and no mistake is too big for me to

forgive my love is stronger than

anything and it can overcome any problem

have faith in me because I’m always here

to listen to you and love you forever

even when you’re sad I’ll always be here

for you caring about you and

understanding you you can’t ever push me

away no matter what you do my love is

always there to help you up when you

fall and to show you the right way when

you make mistakes it never ends and it

gives you the strength to face anything

close your eyes and feel my love around

you let it give you comfort and energy

wrapping you up like a warm hug I’ll

hold you close and give you courage come

to me and give me your heart don’t be

afraid because I’ll give you Freedom

peace and calmness trust me I’ll be your

safe place and make you strong let me

hug you and show you real love the kind

that can heal any hurt and make you feel

better inside always remember you’re my

special treasure and my love for you

will never change

no matter how hard things get I’ll

always be here for you my child today

let me hug you and take all your worries

away even if you feel far away or like

you’re in a dark place my love is around

you making you feel better right now

know that things can get better because

I’m here with you today you can start

fresh dream big and hope for the best

with me you can get back what you’ve

lost and even more you deserve a happy

and successful life that’s what I want

for you so starting today when life

feels too heavy or you’re worried trust

me give everything to me let me be your

support you don’t have to carry

everything alone because I’m here to

help you today I’ll take care of you

completely filling your heart with peace

remember I’ll always be with you giving

you the strength to face anything just

believe in me even when you feel like no

one understands or you’re all alone I’ll

always be here listening to you loving

you and helping you right now my dear

child Feel My Love around you comforting

you know that my love for you will never

change it’ll always be there for you in

every moment of your life I’m always

here for you my dear child reach out

your arms and feel my love which never

goes away it’s pure amazing and I love

you no matter what when you hug me back

you’ll feel strong hopeful and you’ll

know you’re never alone you’re facing

big challenges but my words will touch

your heart nothing can ruin you or take

away all the good things I’ve given you

even though times are tough I’ll keep

doing amazing things in your life I know

you have dreams and plans and you work

hard for them every day but sometimes

you might feel like nothing is going

right and your dreams won’t come true

but but listen to me I have wonderful

things waiting for you I picked you even

before the world began made you and said

you’re amazing my child so don’t give up

keep trying your best because I’ll give

you the strength to keep going and the

passion to keep fighting your thoughts

will change and you’ll feel brand new

and really strong any feeling of being

beaten will disappear because of my

power you’ll Stand Tall in my name

feeling happy lucky and loved

your life will show how amazing and

Powerful I am you’ll be like a bright

light helping others and making their

lives better people will come to you

because they’ll see how much I love you

and how strong you are you’ll be like a

tree by a stream full of fruit and

leaves that never die I’ll give back

everything you lost before your life and

your family’s life will be different

because I’ll give you so many good

things that you’ll be really happy my

dear child today I I come to you to say

it’s time to stand up let go of all your

fears and the lies that have trapped you

listen to me and let my truth set you

free from the lies of the bad one whose

lies have held you back filling you with

fears and doubts almost making you give

up everything you fought for but now

it’s time for you to rise and take my

hand with me you’ll dream big again

think great thoughts your fears will

fade away and you’ll achieve everything

you set out to do take my hand my dear

child and I promise things will never be

the same again so don’t be scared come

close to me remember I’ll always be with

you to make sure you succeed following

the plan I have for your life I’ll guide

you to where you belong where you’ll

Thrive where my love is endless and my

help is more than enough all I ask is

for you to trust me and believe in what

I’m telling you today then I’ll show you

the way to good and peaceful places and

open doors of blessings for you

just stay alert and watchful so when

good chances come you won’t miss them

instead grab on to the good things and

opportunities that come your way if you

do all your dreams and plans will come

true so my child trust me believe in

what I say and hold on to my promises

don’t lose hope or get discouraged if

things don’t happen right away hold my

hand and keep believing I’ll be with you

all the time silently working to give

you my blessings remember I never fail

and I I always act at the perfect time

even if you don’t expect it so trust me

believe that I’ll keep my promises to

you don’t listen to the bad one who says

you can’t succeed tell him to go away

and don’t put all your hope in things

here on Earth Triumph fills you with

love and fills your heart with hope I’m

so happy to reach out to you and ask you

to walk with me because with me anything

is possible I’ll make Springs in your

dry places give you water that satisfies

your soul and bless bless you with

happiness like sweet honey from Heaven

I’ll give you courage that never goes

away get up take my hand and walk with

goodness tell your loved ones the good

news get ready for a happy future

because you don’t even know how many

good things are waiting for you my love

will heal you I’ll comfort you hold you

up guide you and always be with you my

holy spirit will fill you up so much

that you’ll feel like you’re in a clear

pure River feeling Joy like you’ve never

felt before

This Joy and feeling of being safe and

loved are better than anything you’ve

felt you’ve been through tough times

feeling alone and

forgotten but those days are over and

today I’m here to give you strength and

chase away the sadness from now on

you’ll always remember my promises if

you ever feel alone just remember them

and you’ll know I’m with you when you’re

tired and worried come to me and I’ll

give your heart the peace it needs I

haven’t forgotten about about you don’t

doubt my love I’m always with you don’t

be scared my child I haven’t left you

you’ve never been alone I’ve always

shown you love and loyalty in every step

you’ve taken and in every moment of your

life why do you doubt now I know

sometimes it feels like problems are too

big and the dark times won’t end but

remember I’ve never left you and I never

will in the hardest moments I’ve been

there holding you up and leading you

toward the light remember all the times

I helped you through tough times and

gave you strength when you needed it how

can you doubt my love and loyalty now

after everything I’ve done for you I’ll

always love you even when you feel lost

and confused doubts may come but stay

calm it’s normal to have questions just

don’t let them take over remember I’m

here with you and I always will be you

can trust me because I’ve never let you

down and and I never will you might not

see me but I’m always by your side look

for me really look for me and you’ll

find all the good things you can imagine

you can find me in unexpected moments

and unusual places in a friend’s smile

in a sunny day’s Breeze or a gentle

touch of wind I’m there in happy times

and sad times I’ll always be waiting for

you so don’t worry don’t doubt I’ll

always take care of you even if big

storms happen and the Earth shakes

you’re safe my dear daughter my dear son

along with your family trust what I say

believe in my love and feel secure with


promises know that I’ll always be there

for you I’m the one who gives you

everything you need I’m like a fire that

keeps your passion Alive Burning away

any sadness and bringing back love for

your family don’t let despair in don’t

lie to the people who care about you

don’t think bad thoughts don’t keep

secrets that hurt you I’m your father

your God and I’m showing you this

wonderful chance because I love you I

loved you before I love you now and I’ll

keep blessing you even if you make

mistakes but it’s time to change to move

from believing to living free this

message is just for you because I love

you and I want you to feel it today come

back tomorrow because I have many new

things planned for you I love you now

tell me that you love me too


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