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my beloved children I am here enveloping

you in the essence of my

Divinity know that I am your creator the

origin of all

existence feel my presence an eternal

Embrace that transcends time and

space in Every Breath You Take I am

there guiding nurturing and loving you


measure you are my precious Creations

each IMU with the essence of my Divine

Light trust in my infinite wisdom and

boundless love for I Am With You Always

illuminating your path and offering

solace in the depths of your

souls surrender to me and find peace in

my eternal Embrace hearken unto my words

for they Echo the Timeless Resonance of

Eternity within your

souls I am here to Shepherd you to steer

you toward Wards the inner Radiance

Illuminating each of you open your

hearts wide to embrace my eternal wisdom

vast and

Limitless fear not for I am ever

presentent guiding you steadfastly along

the righteous paths effused with

love embrace the profound truth of your

being for you are my beloved Creations

infused with the Divine Essence that

ignites the

cosmos let the spark of divinity within

you blaze brightly for you are cherished

beyond measure Let My Words Be The

Guiding Light amidst the darkness

leading you to Enlightenment and

salvation trust in my boundless


love surrender to me completely and I

shall raise you with tender care upon

wings of divine grace lifting you beyond


burdens my love knows no limits

transcending time and space embracing

you in every

moment in Your Surrender find Liberation

for I am the Eternal Refuge the

sanctuary of Peace where weary Souls


rest embrace my love and fear not for I

am forever with you guiding nurturing

and enveloping you in my infinite

Embrace remember my children you’re

never alone I’m always by your side

watching over you with tender

care with unwavering faith and courage

Journey forth for I am with you now and


more trust in my eternal presence and

find solace in my Everlasting

Love Aman

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