God message: IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DECREED AND IT WILL BE DEVASTATING!????️ god says, god message today

god’s message today my child!

Have you ever felt lost, misunderstood or alone on this journey called life?

Have you ever wondered if there really is a greater purpose behind all your struggles

and trials?

Well, today is a special day, because God has a powerful message just for you!

Be prepared to have your faith renewed, your fears dispelled and your hope rekindled.

In this message from God today, He speaks directly to your heart, pouring out His unconditional

love on you and revealing the greatness of the plan He has in store.

God says that, no matter how dark your path may seem at the moment, He is with you, guiding

your every step.

God speaks to you today with words of comfort, forgiveness and courage.

He promises to turn your weaknesses into strengths, your tears into victories.

god’s message to you is not to be fooled by worldly appearances.

Many may appear successful and happy on the outside, but on the inside they are empty

and desperate for love and acceptance.

Don’t envy those who seem to have everything, because they have often built their lives

on the quicksand of vanity and selfishness.

You, on the other hand, are building your life on the solid rock of my word and my love.

Even if progress seems slow at times, know that every step you take in obedience to me

is a step towards a glorious and abundant future.

god says my child, In every battle, I will be by your side, turning your weaknesses into

victories and your tears into testimonies of triumph.

So when you wake up tomorrow, start your day with a grateful heart, remembering all the

ways I have protected and guided you.

Affirm God is with me every moment, strengthening me!

I have promised and I will make it happen.

There is no need to worry or fear when you are under the protection of my powerful hand

that comforts and holds you.

The love I have for you is so immense and wonderful that, if it could be fully visualized,

you would jump for joy a thousand times over and cry tears of happiness.

Please listen to me and let me guide your words and actions.

Talk to me first, and then share your heart.

Through everything you’ve been through, my love for you remains unwavering.

Even if you’ve faced painful disappointments and felt alone, know that I’ve always been

here, extending my hand to tenderly lift you up.

I have already forgiven all your mistakes and sins; my forgiveness is final and eternal,

and I will never bring up the mistakes of your past.

Affirm Under God’s grace, I am forgiven and loved eternally.

Prepare to start each day with gratitude, putting a radiant smile on your face as you

remember my promises.

Start the day with my words on your lips, singing spiritual songs and praying the Psalms.

And at night, when you close your eyes, feel grateful for the blessings you have received,

even for the challenges you have faced.

Rest your head on the pillow that has already seen your tears, but now let the joy I am

instilling within you emerge, transforming it into a song of praise.

I know you completely, I understand your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Even if you forget everything and let your guard down, I am here, firm and constant.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

So come to me with all your faith, ask with confidence knowing that I know your heart

and your needs.

write with faith god is the only salvation!

Don’t let irrational fears control your thoughts and spirit.

No problem or conflict in this world can permanently shake or defeat you.

Expect that, in every difficult situation, I will work even greater miracles in your

life, knowing your weaknesses, but using them to demonstrate my strength and infinite love.

Stay strong, confident, and always grateful for the journey, because I am with you every

step of the way.

If the trials of life have weighed heavily on your shoulders, don’t despair.

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guidance you need to overcome any obstacle with the Lord’s grace.

my child!

when you feel unworthy or discouraged.

Know that within your heart, where pain and loneliness reside, I can bring healing and


Ignore the many noises that confuse your mind and cause anxiety.

I understand your feelings, because I know the pain of being abandoned and the sadness

of being left behind.

Affirm God understands my pain and is with me in my loneliness.

You deserve a life of true prosperity, vibrant health and abundance in every respect.

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everything you’ve ever wanted.

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journey that will dissolve all your barriers.

I know every hurt and every tear you’ve shed.

You know, we both give our love freely, and sometimes those we love can disappoint us

or even abandon us in times of difficulty.

But I want you to know how deeply you are loved by Me and that no enemy can keep you

from My side.

Leave the past behind and get ready to receive the blessings that are on their way.

They will lift you out of sadness and take you to places where you can grow and prosper.

You are blessed because your soul cries out for more, and I have prepared a crown, a spiritual

blessing, for you to enjoy, value, share and increase.

Now is the time to act on my word and leave the past behind.

The doors I open for you will lead you to new beginnings and new possibilities.

I don’t want to see you paralyzed by past dreams that were never achieved.

Those aspirations don’t align with the plan I have for you.

Say I will walk with confidence towards what God has prepared for me.

The journey will certainly not be easy and you will have to fight, but do not fear, for

angels from heaven will surround you in battle.

My word will be your sword, your faith your shield and my Spirit the banner that will

guide you.

Your passion for life and action will be the force that keeps you active and determined.

Don’t let your emotions control your thoughts, behavior or actions.

Life’s disappointments must not weaken your faith, because I have always been by your

side, even in the weakest and most distant moments.

I encourage you to keep your faith, no matter how small it may seem.

My Spirit and my word affirm this today.

Never stop believing.

Don’t fear the opinions of others, for I am your helper.

You are not someone who gives in to fear; you are courageous, even in the most difficult


You need to get through this challenging time.

I will shelter you under my wings, where no enemy can reach you.

I will lift you up and comfort you with my love when you feel tired.

I am filling you with hope and enthusiasm that will energize and invigorate you.

I want to and can change your life, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Pay close attention to what I say to you, my child.

I have blessed you with a generous heart and a resilient spirit to overcome these adversities.

You have been equipped with the gift of love, forgiveness and support, which enables you

to reach out and touch many lives around you.

Showing my love through your actions is a powerful way to make a difference in this


Affirm God enables me to love and forgive.

I am raising your faith to new heights now and, if necessary, I will remind you every

day to keep your eyes on me.

Don’t be afraid, for I am your helper; don’t be discouraged, for I love you immensely.

Trust in me and move forward, for I am with you every day.

Expect miracles and blessings.

I am your shepherd, and you will never be in need.

I give you strength, resilience and an unshakeable faith to overcome any adversity.

By opening your heart to me, becoming your God and Lord, you have made the most important

decision of your life.

The enemy may try to thwart your plans, but come to me in prayer before you begin your


Surrender your whole life and, I promise, I will never leave you adrift.

Affirm I trust God to protect me and prosper my life.

I will be your guide and protector always.

Tell me with all your heart and soul that you believe this.

Those who try to underestimate you will be ashamed; those who try to drag you down will

fall into the holes they have dug for themselves.

Those who oppose you, who turn away and criticize, bringing only trouble and affliction, are

playing with fire – they are making a grave mistake, for it is terrible to fall into the

hands of the living God.

if you trust, Affirm I trust God to protect me and prosper my life.

I am warning you to preserve your own supply of happiness and the abundant joy I have placed

in your heart.

Don’t be afraid of rejection, and don’t try to please everyone.

When someone stands up to you or raises their voice against you, remember don’t be afraid

anymore, trust in me.

I will give you victory, just hold my hand.

Your enemies are already defeated and are powerless against the truth of my love and

my word.

Don’t let fear stop you from living the fullness of your faith.

Every day, open your Bible and allow me to speak to your heart.

I want to make you authentic and resilient, so that you never have to lower yourself before

the wicked or be caught in lies and sins to please others.

I want you to develop a strong character, resistant to manipulation, learn to say no

to sin and mistakes, so that no one can force you to do things that don’t bring peace to

your heart.

Remember, it’s a daily battle for your soul, but with me by your side, you are destined

to win.

Declare My strength and victory come from the Lord Almighty!

You who seek a greater purpose, an enlightened path, hear the call.

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heavenly wisdom that will guide you towards greatness.

You live surrounded by people who believe in the shadows of doubt, convinced that the

future is hazy, that deep love is an illusion, and that eternity is a distant tale.

I beg you, look around!

Even if you think you’re lucid, you’re immersed in eternity and you still can’t see it.

My love for you is so immense that I endured the cross and rose again with power, all to

envelop you in my glory, so that nothing and no one can defeat you.

Be brave, affirm your belief.

You are strong, wise and courageous.

Whatever you face, you will overcome.

Now, even if it seems like the world around you is falling apart, fear not!

I am with you to defend and fight by your side until the end.

Your adversaries may try to steal your joy, but they will fail.

You have the courage to face any adversity.

Accept this gift of love and renewed strength that I give you today.

Trust in your ability to overcome this battle and all those yet to come.

Affirm God!

In weakness, His strength is manifested.

Have you ever felt powerless in the face of life’s challenges, dreaming of better days

filled with health, wealth and purpose?

Your search ends here!

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I am now transforming your perceived weaknesses into robust sources of resilience and determination.

Removing every shadow of depression and feelings of inadequacy that previously prevented you

from rising.

The anxiety that clouded your mind, filling you with doubts, is also being purged.

Stand up with faith and courage; victory is within your reach, bringing with it the most

wonderful blessings.

Trust and proclaim with conviction that your faith and simplicity in prayer are of great

value to me.

I love you deeply and will never allow you to succumb.

Today, I am strengthening your heart, making you fearless in the face of challenges.

I want you to stand firm, walking securely in the knowledge that I am by your side, even

if I am not visible or perceptible.

Comment I trust in your promises.

Don’t be frightened by the enemy’s attempts to destabilize you with his threats; in the

past, this could paralyze you, but today is different.

You are listening to me I myself am strengthening and arming you.

Raise your shield, strengthen your arms and prepare to wield your sword in battle, equipped

with the ability to face any challenge and emerge victorious.

Listen to these words and allow them to completely transform your life.

See who you truly are a deeply loved person.

Step with determination and confidence into the new life I am ready to give you – the

life of joy, peace, abundance and prosperity that is your divine right.

No matter how challenging your current situation may seem, never forget how great and powerful

I am.

Find refuge under my protection.

If you feel stressed, come and rest on my shoulder and share your worries.

If you are troubled, surrender all your fears and anxieties to me.

My grace and mercy are infinite, and I love you deeply, always being here to help.

Remember, you are my child.

Declare In God’s presence, I find true salvation!

If you feel guilty or betrayed by those who claimed to care and love you, but ended up

failing you, know that the happiness you seek can be found in my presence.

I’m not looking for your faults, because I already know them.

I’m not waiting for you to fail so that I can walk away.

On the contrary, even when you try to distance yourself, my Spirit seeks to reach you.

If you try to leave my love, I will fill your heart with serenity.

Don’t let anxiety control you or fear overwhelm you.

If your emotions begin to cloud your judgment, know that I will turn every negative situation

into something positive.

I will turn your problems into great blessings.

The answers you seek will come soon.

I will speak to your soul, revealing my will and providing solutions to your dilemmas.

Proclaim God is my refuge and strength.

In my presence, as you cry out and pray, feel encouraged and confident.

I will not fear or falter, I will strive and persevere with all my strength, even in moments

of exhaustion, because when I kneel before my God, I will be replenished with power.

Now, answer with all your heart Do you love me?

Before the victories and blessings manifest themselves, know that I have a plan for you

and, despite the opposition, it will be fulfilled.

Now, there’s no need to settle for the crumbs thrown by others.

You have your own blessings and a heavenly Father who will never abandon you.

if you believe declare i trust in god’s plans for me!

My beloved, don’t allow fear or doubt to cloud your minds.

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the channel to receive the strength you need to face any trial.

I, who welcome you into my loving arms, heal you, lift you up and bring you comfort even

when the ungrateful turn away.

By my side, you will find a life filled with joy, a magnificent feeling that transcends

anything you have ever imagined.

I have a powerful purpose for your existence and I’m designing the path that leads to your


There’s no need to look back, because no one in your past loves you as deeply or cares

about your well-being as I do.

Proclaim I trust in god because he created me for greatness.

I want you to feel loved and protected by a supernatural God.

I’m not impressed by material goods like gold, silver or precious stones, but by the true

wealth of your spirit.

So don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive messages or greetings from those who have

deceived you.

On the cross, I gave my life so that you could be free.

You were not created to live in emotional bondage, nor to crave the approval and attention

of false lovers.

I am empowering you with the spirit of self-acceptance, control, courage and honesty.

If you need to confront people from your past or situations that have hurt you before, fear

not, for I am with you.

I will calm those who oppose you and give you the strength to triumph.

Answer me.

I want to hear how these words renew your wavering faith and rekindle your desire for


Listen, absorb these words and believe them.

There is no addiction or bad habit that you cannot overcome.

The enemy has no power over you, and you need to believe that.

No sorcery, enchantment or spell can harm you.

Evil forces may prowl around you, but they only bring empty threats, trying to instill


Affirm My life is founded on the solid rock of God’s word.

My child, Visualize waking up every day with an invigorating energy, having the health

and vitality to make the most of life’s blessings.

Imagine bathing in divine abundance that flows effortlessly.

That’s not just a distant fantasy, that’s what the Quantum Hologram Prayer can make

happen for you.

Just one click on the link and you’ll have access to this revolutionary methodology that

dissolves barriers and unlocks a world of infinite possibilities.

Your journey to a full and abundant existence begins now!

When you feel alone or misunderstood, remember that I am always with you.

I see your silent tears and hear the prayers of your heart.

There is no pain or wound that I cannot heal, no loneliness that my presence cannot fill.

Let my love envelop you like a blanket of comfort and peace.

Let me be your confidant, your best friend, the one you can trust at all times.

With me by your side, you will never be truly alone.

I have incredible plans in store for you, plans that surpass your wildest dreams.

Don’t settle for a mediocre life, because that’s not what I want for you.

I know you were created for greatness, to make a difference in this world.

Don’t be afraid to dream big, to aim for things that seem impossible to human eyes.

With my strength and wisdom guiding your steps, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Trust me and take a step of faith, even when the road ahead seems uncertain.

Affirm With God, I dream big and achieve the impossible.

Always remember that my love for you is unconditional and eternal.

There is nothing you can do to earn or lose my love.

I love you simply because you are my child, created in my image and likeness.

Even when you fail or stray from the path, my love remains constant.

I am always ready to forgive, restore and give you a new start.

Don’t let the weight of guilt or condemnation drive you away from me.

Come to me with a repentant and humble heart, and I will welcome you with open arms, ready

to transform your life from the inside out.

Children, you who feel lonely or misunderstood, know that you are not alone.

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