God Message: I HaveSeen Your Tears |

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amen my beloved child I have seen your tears and I want you to know that I have been

right there beside you weeping with you your pain is mine and I long for you

to find Solace and the strength to persevere I am always here with you

ready to help when you seek it ready to fight for you when weariness engulfs your heart you may not always see them

but my Celestial armies stand guard around you when you feel drained they protect you from countless

trials and I will open your eyes to the supernatural so you can witness my warrior Angels engaged in Fierce battles

on your behalf I have shielded you from Mortal accidents stood guard against illnesses

thwarted the intentions of criminals and rebuke the adversary of your soul when

it sought to devour you my love for you remains unwavering no matter what may

come you are always sheltered beneath my love and protection

please do not be perturbed or filled with fear when challenges arise you once told me of your trust in

me promising not to react to the hurtful words of others I embrace you with my

love and I want you to know that none of the threats or falsehoods spoken by people can reach you you dwell in the

highest levels of faith and wisdom where I have placed you do not let disputes provocations SL

sler or Discord steal your inner peace they seek your reaction hoping to lead

you astray and hurt those around you so I implore you to embrace my peace

take moments of Silence wherever you may be speak my word in your thoughts or

aloud for the power of my promises will shatter the chains that bind you I will

free you from the grip of anxiety and worry even in the face of

falsehoods do not lose your peace when unfavorable news approaches

confront it with resilience head held high I have spoken to your soul assuring

you that I am by your side those who assail you may think that

no one Shields you and their words may wound you but do not believe them do not

let falsehoods and slander find a place in your mind and heart I will grant you

the strength to overcome these adversaries and even if you stumble I will always listen with tenderness to

your repentant heart know this if you distance yourself

from error and those ill-intentioned acquaintances you will find happiness and Abundant

Blessings it is a matter of choice whom you choose to

believe I have asked you this question countless times because I know your Humanity

but now understand that I am God you provide the faith and I possess the

power you may be weak at times but I am here to assist you now and

always I have safeguarded your family from dire circumstances and I will continue to do

so but I beseech you and your household to seek me out believe in my word and

embrace my holy promises tell them that I am intimately acquainted with their lives and have a

special plan that must come to fruition tell them not to grieve or feel

despondent if they believe they have lost something a material possession a friend a job or their own plans

crumbling repeat these words to them everything happens for a reason our

beloved God is in control and in the end even seemingly negative events will work

in our favor seek me daily give thanks in all circumstances both good and bad and

believe this wondrous Miracles shall occur when your hearts overflow with

praise deliver my message to them assure them not to worry for all shall be well

good morning my dear child how do you feel please share everything with me

this is a sacred space between us speak the deepest concerns of your heart

release them now you must unburden yourself and after hearing my powerful

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