God Message hub :YOU CAN START AGAIN

I came to share with you my dearly loved child the most deep and Powerful message

that you will hear today I ask that you Embrace its truth with all of your heart and know that I

love you with a love that spans the whole universe I have been with you I am

with you now and I will always be by your side your family has a particular

place in my heart and please know that many of your prayers are being said for them that is incredible and wonderful

we’ll discover their Solutions in a short amount of time the benefits that are on their way are both beautiful and

bountiful do not be scared for your assistance and salvation come from the sky and nothing can stand in their way

there are forces in the spiritual sphere that have risen against you with ferocity and

unrelenting but I want to emphasize that you should not be afraid of the trials

that may come your way and the number of foes that may increase you should not be

scared of anything because my angels will surround you and my wonderful presence will protect you from any

danger you should not judge or Harbor grudges against anybody because your

actual struggle is not against anyone your assaults originate from a

mysterious foe who is hiding in the shadows a crafty opponent who is clever enough to build traps in order to catch

you and who employs Messengers and servants in order to conduct a struggle that may lead to some serious

consequences you are experiencing discouragement which is leading you to stumble in order to resist these harmful

spiritual forces using my Army of angels via praise and worship while kneeling in

prayer in the early morning hours the morning is very important

since the end times are getting closer you you should make your soul ready educate your family and gather in prayer

inside your house please let my Holy Spirit to bless you Spirit to take

charge of your life I will give you self-control and eliminate fear from your heart I will fill your heart with

confidence the adversary is Crafty and cunning but do not fear or hesitate

because he is not all powerful when he assaults many people shudder and fear

this enemy because he is strong omnipresent or privy to your thoughts

and my goals this adversary observes your growth with a seething Envy have a

God who is so big and powerful that no one else can compare to him you are protected by your all powerful God and

my grace protects you from evil there is no power that can stop you from being protected from Evil I am your guardian

and Advocate no one can take you away from my music hand do not let fear to

weaken your knees I will Vanquish you and no one will blame you I am your protector and

advocate in spite of the fact that he is persistent and cunning the adversary will continue to linger about your life

waiting for times of opportunity to strike guard your ideas and never assume

that the adversary has more power than your heavenly father when you are experiencing periods of weakness or

neglect when you are feeling out of breath or on the edge of falling call upon me via prayer and I will answer you

I will Infuse you with strength and protect you if you are concerned about

your children and their future all you need to do is pray for them and entrust them to

me I will protect them and make sure they are secure throughout their whole lives because I love them and I will

always be there for them even if I love you very much you should proceed without

any uncertainty because I will give you the strength you need to continue moving ahead on your

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