I come to you my dearly loved child with a heart that is overflowing with love

and a strong desire to connect with you at this very moment I feel the yearning in your soul for more success strength

and wealth and I want you to know that I am here to bestow these blessings upon

you I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments taking decisive actions

and approaching me with faith today your confidence in me warms my heart and I

want you to know that I have been watching over you during every minute of your life I have protected you from

sicknesses and dangers that you may not even be aware of if you hold on to your faith you will witness open doors and

Provisions showering down from the windows of Heaven if you fast to my word open your heart to Faith not just

this month but in all the months to come for I will always be with you it is important that you do not wander down

Paths of Disobedience and that you do not give in to Temptation you are standing here today

not just because of my love but also because of your steadfast Faith your faith in my promises has

placed you beneath the protecting shade of my grace open your eyes as well and

do not allow erroneous Notions to take root in your mind come to me on a daily

basis to hear my message and throughout this month I will disclose the unique purpose that I have for you you are

important to me to my work to your family to your children and to your

friends your heart Bears a unique Mission but I want you to know that I am

aware of it do not rush into initiatives without my direction do not allow your feelings

dictate your activities consult with me before making choices because I want to

bless you in my manner do not desire the benefits of others or mimic their acts I

have prepared something that is unique there are riches and abilities that are waiting to be discovered for you and

these benefits are on their way however in order to receive what is truly yours

you must stay steady in my word and presence do not squander your days comparing yourself to others instead

walk your own journey I will instill a drive within you to live to battle

and to labor in order to get yourself ready to conquer the country that I have placed in front of you I will make your

dreams come true your goals will be satisfied and your leadership will

flourish but go into Conquest with my word and your heart do not take a single

step without consulting me for everything that is your portion you will accomplish with courage and bravery

regardless of where you are as long as you treat others with Grace and serve as an example of love and

simplicity do not seek after the transitory Fame of this world since it

leads to emptiness do not talk about your things in order to gain transitory Applause because genuine pleasure comes

from me alone their souls may be filled with loneliness and dishonesty but yours will

be filled with my Everlasting Love if I am able to fulfill my promise to you

your heart should be guarded because this is my grave warning to you I will

shower tremendous benefits upon you but you should not flaunt them in public where there is the potential for

jealousy and harm you should not put your family in Peril for the sake of false Applause you should not fabricate

titles for yourself you have the option to disregard my message or ignore me but

know that my promise will be fulfilled it is planted in your spirit and it will

not return empty soon it will Sprout and your life will change I bless protect

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