you have been navigating through the stormy seas of Life facing challenge after challenge constantly fighting

without a moment to breathe and I know that you have been wondering if I am really listening to your prayers it may

feel as though your heartfelt pleas are just Vanishing Into Thin Air and going

unanswered I know that you have been wondering this you are exhausted and

experiencing a sense of disorientation please come closer my cherished child and stop rushing after

me take a minute to relax with me and listen to what I have to say you are

putting an excessive amount of effort into things that are beyond your control and you are forgetting to let go and

allow me take control I promise to reach out to people you care about Safeguard those you can’t

be with and soothe those you’re missing even if they believe they’re on their way to you you I promise to take care of

all your concerns and trust me completely to take care of them I promise to pay attention and allow the

calm I provide soak in their own I am actually guiding them gently without their knowledge and before long you will

see them return to you filled with regret as they realize their mistakes they will comprehend the pain

that they have caused and they will want forgiveness and if you are having

problems with your finances you need not be concerned because they are simply trying to provide you with financial

assistance transient instead of being concerned about what is going to happen

you should concentrate on finding me and gaining Knowledge from what I have to say I am here to continue attracting

your attention and ensuring that your hearts remain secure with me you have

always been mine and I have always been there for you shielding you from false

Temptations can continue to put in the effort but don’t let your heart or mind be burdened down by concern remember the

promises I offer you every day I’ll manage everything that is beyond your control including your health your life

your finances and your family they’re all in my hands believe in me I love you

profoundly my dear precious one you feel the depth of my love and the comfort of

my presence I encourage you to recollect all the times I’ve been there for you to remain strong in your belief in My

Endless Love I promise you a life that is full of joy Serenity quiet and spiritual

strength a life that is distinguished by determination and is propelled by hopes of success and well-being you are going

to be blessed in this life my divine plan and my Immaculate

timing ways that you can’t even begin to understand far beyond the ephemeral Melancholy of world worldly Pursuits I

embrace the completeness of a life that is filled with spiritual richness and free from the need for approval or

Society acceptability I give you spiritual your

soul is filled with the courage to confront any problem and you have been too caught up in seeking acceptance from

other people needing their praise and fearing in their judgment I say that it is time to end

that cycle and from this point forward find your peace in me continue to keep

your faith strong and active delve into my words and pray with me both morning and

night think of this message as a love letter from me and consider it to be evidence of my unending love for you no

one else can provide you with the kind of unselfish support that I provide and I don’t ask for it for your wealth or

possessions I take pleasure in your generosity your efforts to assist those who are in need your devotion your love

and your obedience and I encourage you to keep that beautiful genuine faith in

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