God Message hub :NEVER TELL ANYONE

good morning and may God bless you my dear brothers and sisters the Holy

Spirit has led you to this video today because our loving heavenly father wants to reveal to you a profound truth that

will bring Clarity and purpose to your current season of secrecy as children of God we frequently

find ourselves questioning why we feel the way that we do when we are obliged to keep our goals concealed from other

people we may experience feelings of isolation and misinterpretation and we may even be

tempted to divulge our ideas and aspirations too soon however the Bible reminds us that

God is Sovereign over all element of Our Lives including the timing and disclosure of our

plans in this video we will explore powerful reasons why God in his infinite

wisdom and love may be calling you to embrace a season of keeping your plans confidential through the truths of his

word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will come to understand that this time of secrecy is not a burden or a

hindrance but rather a part of God’s divine plan to prepare you for the incredible future he has in store for

you may your heart be open to receiving the Comfort strength and direction that God wants to impart to you through this

message embrace the truth that he is constantly working behind the scenes orchestrating every season of your life

for your ultimate good and His glory please help us share this eye-opening

message with others who may be struggling to understand the purpose your support enables us to continue

proclaiming the unfailing love and wisdom of our heavenly father even in

the midst of life’s most challenging Seasons may the Lord bless you abundantly and fill you with the peace

that surpasses all understanding as you trust in his perfect plan for your life life and the appointed time to reveal

your god-given plans to the world number one my dear friends I would

like to share with you a powerful message about the significance of avoiding unnecessary comparison and

competition when it comes to our god-given plans and dreams the Bible

instructs Us in Galatians to pay careful attention to your own work

because if you do that you will experience the satisfaction of a job well well done and you won’t have to

compare yourself to anyone else this verse highlights a crucial principle

that we must Embrace if we want to walk in the fullness of God’s purpose for our

lives you see when God places a dream or a vision in our hearts it’s easy to get

excited and want to share it with everyone around us we may feel the need to seek validation approval or even

admiration from others however the truth is that not everyone needs to to know

about our plans and sometimes it’s better to keep them between ourselves and God one of the main reasons why God

wants us to be cautious about sharing our plans is to protect us from falling into the Trap of comparison and

competition when we start talking about our dreams and goals it’s natural for others to chime in with their own

experiences successes or even failures suddenly we find ourselves God

has a specific plan and timetable for each one of us and the things that he has called you to

accomplish are not the same as the things that he has also called your neighbor to

perform your friend or even a member of your family to do comparing yourself to

others will only result in feelings of dissatisfaction insecurity and

frustration it will also steal your joy and impede your progress instead God

wants you to concentrate on the work that he has given you to do he wants you to put your whole heart and soul into it

not not because you want to impress other people or prove yourself but because you want to honor him and be a

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