the hardships you encounter while they may seem insurmountable are simply Stepping Stones on the route to a larger

purpose during these periods of difficulty and struggle it’s normal that the burdens you wear throw a shadow of

Anguish and anxiety onto your existence the weight of these trials may

I see the problems you face my dearly loved daughter and I feel the weight of your heart the tears You Weep in

isolation born of Anguish that you feel like a looming darkness that is clouding your days with doubt and filling your

nights with Restless thoughts I see the struggles you face in

these challenging times tiredness is not overlooked I want to give you a Beacon

of Hope and Assurance I want to remind you my daughter that the difficulties you are experiencing right now will not

stay forever the darkness that seems to be around you will not remain

forever while you make your way through the valley of Shadows keep in mind that

you are never alone and that my presence is a constant at your side envelop your world is not Eternal

it will vanish with the arrival of a new dawn my commitment to you is firm and true side a Guiding Light through the

darkest of times I am here Resolute and steadfast a rock amongst the stormy seas

of life my love for you is unconditional and endless so do not allow fear take

over your heart in every trial and every storm I am here to be a rock for you you

may rest certain my dear daughter that your trust in me is not misplaced know that my dedication to you

is deep and unending and that I will not abandon you I will stand by you and

provide you strength comfort and the promise of better days to come I will on the contrary remain by

your side through each and every stage of your trip through each and every difficulty and difficulty through each

and every tear that you cry my all powerful hands will always be there to support and Elevate you so dear child do

not be afraid if you are plagued by concern look to the future with optimism

because I am the source of the power you need to conquer every obstacle and difficulty I’m well aware that your

struggles may be hard and taxing and the roads you tread may be difficult

rough but keep in mind that I am your lord and savior the guardian of your soul your heavenly father who watches

over your safety and well-being and I expect you to persevere in your undertakings with bravery and

determination my daughter I encourage you to dive into my teachings and to remember that I am your heavenly father

you should seek Insight from my holy teachings and never underestimate the power of Prayer

in your conversation with me you will discover the strength to face any attack from your foes within you lies The

Bravery and The Valor to I encourage you to confront the dangers and challenges that life presents and I urge you to

stand tall and solid in your faith do not let the enemy’s traps discourage you

believe in me for I never fail those who are firmly planted in my love be confident that that confidence

will be rewarded your confidence in me can move mountains and accomplish things that seem to be impossible through your

tenacity my daughter you will reap the fruits of your perseverance blessings and abundance are

waiting for you so do not question my might my dear child put your trust in me

and embrace me my guarantees like a gentle Zephyr caressing the fields I

will calm your spirit with my love and hope keep your focus on me and Advance

with certainty because the morning comes after even the darkest of nights move

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