God Message hub : GOD PICKED YOU

I want you to let go of those fears that are weighing heavy on your heart my dearly loved

child let go of those worries that are haunting you by continually churning

them in your thoughts and burdening yourself with concern as you anticipate the future you are reducing the amount

of calm that you experience in your life it would be better for you to hand

over your worries to me and give yourself the opportunity to sleep easily rather than having to suffer through

those turbulent evenings release everything that is holding you back right now and have trust in

yourself it is my intention to bring about a state of Tranquility in your life give yourself credit for the worth

that you have in my eyes in the vastness of the universe you are not a random

occurrence rather you are a creature that serves a specific and significant function you are capable of achieving

Great Heights and being a source of blessings for a great number of people if you completely embrace the enormous

potential that you possess this is exactly the reason why distractions are waiting at your front

door ready to bring themselves inside in the event that you allow them to enter

they will quickly take control of your thoughts causing you to experience a commotion of noise worry and confusion

inside yourself I can guarantee you that this is the truth it is true regardless

of where you come from the history of your family the shadows of your past or

the extent of the suffering you have endured you have placed your life in my hands and now above all else I erase

your history heal your scars clear your eyesight and reveal a future that is

brimming with benefits in addition to enhancing your knowledge and insight I will also bestow

upon you the qualities of bravery and Prudence your ability to regulate your words will improve your concerns will be

alleviated and I will teach you patience the change has already started and it is

getting you ready to take the first step and walk gladly towards the promise of a new

life put the past and the aspirations that have been lost behind you and keep

moving forward now direct your attention to a new way that will bring you to Heavenly rewards I speak of a future

that is abundant with righteousness and wealth but you drown out my words with your

concerns which keep you up at night make sure you pay great attention this is not

a game when you have confidence and trust in me you are not pretending to be okay

when you are really going through a lot of pain on the inside I do not want you to live a double life in which you give

the impression of being joyful and benefiting other people but on the inside

when you are alone yourself you are overcome with anxiety tormented by previous spiritual conflicts that have

brought you to your knees you are able to Grin While simultaneously shedding

tears but pay great attention to what I have to say do not disregard the advice

that I am providing to you once again recognize that faith is not about

living a perfect life or avoiding difficulties rather it is about holding to my promises even when things are

difficult believing that you are capable of overcoming any difficulty and being aware of who is by your

side while you are in the thick of chaos maintain your resilience by expressing

your concerns to me with self assurance confessing when you are feeling overwhelmed and looking for the strength

to keep going when you Embrace faith it means that you have given me control of your

life and are waiting with confidence for the rewards that I have promised you are also confident in the knowledge that you

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