God Message hub : GO TO GOD FIRST NOT LAST

I want to beg you my dearly loved child to take a moment to Halt and listen with

all of your heart please give me a few of minutes of your precious time because I have

something very important to tell you what I want to impart to you today is of the highest relevance so remain with me

for a little longer and let me know how you feel about it let my word words fill

your spirit and let go of any distractions that may be in your way I

want you to feel allowed to reach into the depths of your soul and pull out without any anguish or grief that weighs

upon your thoughts I want to hug you with infinite love and bring you a Serenity that is

unlike any other I am truthful to my promises I do not talk in

vain my objective in coming to you is to bring you closer to me me give me your

heart and let yourself to be engulfed by my love with the purpose of uplifting

you and putting a smile on your face every morning as you seek me out my love for you is Limitless and I want you to

feel it to the fullest extent possible so that you may I have never left your

side and I will never forget you I hold you in the palm of my hand I hope that

you will find happiness once again I have never left your side

giving you unwavering protection ensuring that your road forward is safe and having faith in this reality with

all of your heart my arms are always open to greet you and I am attentive to

what you have to say I look forward to hearing your prayers and cries each morning as you

start a new day when you open your eyes take a deep breath and feel my presence

around you I am filled with joy you should approach me and address me with

confidence and trust you should be aware that I pay attention to you and respond to your sincere requests it brings joy

to my heart when you pray for the people you care about when you are feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed by the

situation do not allow little concerns distract your focus from the road that I have laid out for you one since this act

Bears enormous importance in times of difficulty remember that you may come to me for advice and answers if you are

overwhelmed by the difficulties that life throws at you I do not want you to

be trapped by worry or Paralyzed by it unjustified concerns you have put your

confidence in me because you are aware that I will not let you down you do not

forget my word store it deep inside your spirit keep it near to your heart

consider the Miracles that I have done in your life such as rescuing you from enemies saving you from danger and

extending my hand to to save you from danger I materialized my strong word and

wrought marvelous Deeds even in the darkest hours of your life when you felt that there was no hope left there are

innumerable benefits that I have received may still bestow upon you and

commit your heart to me with steadfast Faith allow me to continue leading and

protecting you day and night I am your ever watchful Guardian do not allow me

to fail to protect you it is my deepest goal for you to accept my Serenity and

feel genuine pleasure I see your tears and hear your voice I want you to allow

despair to take root in your soul because I sincerely Adore You requests and recognize your

supplications to care for and assist those who are close to you many times you find yourself kneeling before me

begging for my blessings to be bestowed onto others yet you fail to do so your

attitude of worship sh ship and thankfulness offers me enormous Joy whenever you stand before me when you do

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