God Message hub : DON’T STRESS. MY CHLID

my dearly loved child during the course of this year you have been confronted

with a multitude of difficulties yet I have never once abandoned you the world

is filled with rumors of war and illness concerns of deficiency and starvation

but to you my most precious child I offer my love and support Everlasting

Love as you and your family are sec purely cradled in my care I want you to

pay special attention to the three words that I share with you as they reverberate in your thoughts they will

be inscribed in the depths of your heart these words are the antidote to all

grief and despair because they hold enormous power it is pretty clear let

your faith be as simple and pure as a mustard seed free from complications

mixes or extensive regulations your faith is like this a

conduit for miracles and I your lord hold this are you prepared to accept

power and life trust in me it is quite plain it is true that the situation of

the world may not improve but your Redemption is close at hand and my angels are encircling the Earth and my

magnificent coming is drawing closer when you awaken and hear the terrified prophecy Grim days put your

confidence in me while many may see seek to take my name and imitate my power I

continue to rule Supreme enthroned watching over your prayers gazing at you

with affection and providing Direction so that my angels may do their jobs I stand alone unrivaled since there

is no one else like me maybe of assistance to you in responding to those who beg you to redouble their efforts to

maintain your roote clear stand strong and ready with your lamp blazing bright

and your vessel full of oil and only those who remain Vigilant and awake will hear the trumpet’s cry in

an upcoming event instantaneously changed and liberated from the bonds of the earth we

eagerly anticipate the day when you will join the chorus of angels and prepare yourself for the most important struggle

of all time A Time Of Glory a season of Marvels this is the essence of eternal

life blessings overflowing wealth and divine miracles

the difficulties of the world will crumble but you may put your faith in me for my children a day of enormous

Triumph is drawing close I am your Shepherd your healer your guardian and

your provider and your family are securely cradled in my care protected from

disaster and you may believe in me because your Victory will be so Grand that your previous sufferings will

disappear do you still retain the wounds of disappointment that that you depend on too

heavily Hollow promises forgetting that I am the only one in this world who is

unfailing but my love is bigger and my kindness is deeper I will repair your

Wounded Heart and my words will ease your pain fear not the Recollections of

the wounds caused by those who disgraced and humiliated you because it is essential for your spirit to heal and

for your soul to yield completely and unreservedly to my will I want to

rebuild your dreams and implant new hopes within you I intend to elevate you

to Heights that are beyond your imagination so that you might Glide with me on the high seas from the winds to

the highest mountain Summits your adversaries planned your demise denying

you opportunities aiming to fill you with humiliation and trample your honor

they wanted to rob you of the value that I gave you but they were unable to completely demolish you although it is

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