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this special moment isn’t just by luck

these words come to you when you need

the most it’s like a warm hug from me

making your life stronger you felt that

I wanted to talk to you but I waited for

the perfect time to show you my love

I’ve been getting you ready by using

words and messages in your Bible that

feel right when you read it with a true

heart today you’ve opened your heart to

me promising again to trust me with your

faith to rely on me and to Hope in me I

hear hear your prayers and you need to

trust that so you don’t worry and start

doubting if your prayers are heard since

the moment you first cried out an angel

left from my home in the sky bringing

you the key to Freedom you’re very

special and one of a kind and there’s a

big fight going on for you between good

and bad the bad guy doesn’t want you to

succeed but my angels are fighting for

your future battling bad things up in

the sky the tough times you’ve been

through lately didn’t just happen from

now on you need to be careful and smart

watch what you say keep your secrets

safe and be careful who you trust the

bad guy wants to bring you down looking

for ways to weaken your spirit and break

your faith with lies and tricks your

future is going to be amazing with lots

of great things waiting for

you even though you might have some

tough times for a while remember that

they won’t last forever your sadness

will go away soon the people who hurt

you will come asking for your

forgiveness and you’ll find it in your

heart to forgive them put all your faith

and trust in me and don’t let others

sway you with their big promises nobody

can take care of you and keep you safe

like I can only I have the truth you

need I’m always here for you never lying

or tricking you but if you start

trusting others instead of me you might

miss out on the good things I have for

you and some of them might never come

back now now is your time to make a

choice believe in my powerful and

eternal Words which never change and

always work decide to choose my love my

comfort my protection and my hugs

promise to talk to me every morning to

listen to my words that show you the way

and give your life meaning don’t

hesitate to come to me I really want to

hear from you no matter how you feel my

doors are always open and I’m always

listening talk to me before Dawn it’s

the best time to share your thoughts and

feel my love speak to me honestly

because your words show what’s in your

heart and it’s like a sweet smell a

gentle song a pure worship when you

think of me tell me your dreams your

problems your worries everything I

understand you like no one else does

you’ve been through some tough times

feeling scared and hurt but my words

will give you peace and strength you’ll

feel calm even when things are hard and

you’ll be strong and if if you stumble

Don’t Be Afraid remember my promise and

when things get too heavy come to me I’m

always with you don’t let doubt take

away the good things waiting for you I

bless you because I love you and I’ve

decided to do so you mean a lot to me my

love for you never changes it lasts

forever today is a special day a day

when you’ll win I’ve promised this with

my own blood you’ll be happy and I’ll

give you eternal life there won’t be any

more sadness or pain when you’re with me

this is your sign open your eyes your

problems will go away the help you need

is on the way and you’ll have everything

you need I love you and today it’s

confirmed tell me you love me tell me

you believe in me I know sometimes

things don’t go the way you want and you

feel frustrated but don’t worry I’ll

help you with what’s important to you

I’ll show you how powerful I am and turn

bad things into good you’re really

special to me and I won’t let anything

bad happened to you pay attention to the

signs I send you and don’t go where I

haven’t told you to I can see and know

things you can’t and sometimes I protect

you from dangers you don’t even know

about I know what people are up to even

when you don’t not everyone who acts

friendly really is don’t worry about fre

who leave over small things and don’t

doubt that I hear your prayers those

things in your life that aren’t going

right I’m fixing them like you asked me

to in your prayers for protection I

really am listening and helping you you

take deep breaths while I calm you down

and help you understand things better

just trust that I’m helping you get

ready for good things but remember

things take time I might need to change

stuff and clear the way for you so you

don’t get hurt when the time comes for

you to move forward I want you to know

that I haven’t forgotten about you I’m

still here just like I promised now it’s

your turn believe in me trust me

completely be brave and lift your head

up up you don’t have to feel sad anymore

I’m here to help you to heal your soul

and make everything better remember even

when things are really tough I’ve never

left you alone so don’t think I don’t

love you anymore because that will never

happen I know you’re going through some

tough battles but I still love you and

I’ll always be here to guide you I’ve

heard you talk about feeling like you

can’t wait any longer and like you’re

stuck but maybe you’re looking for the

way out in the wrong place the door has

always been right in front of you I am

your path your hope your truth the way

forward your future and your life if in

the middle of all your troubles you

choose to trust me and turn to me you’ll

get through them when I think it’s time

and in the way I think is best but

always know that if you’re tired of

waiting and your patience is wearing

thin I’ll lead you out by the hand when

you need it I’ll help you be patient

strong and give you peace don’t give up

now because you’re about to reach the

place you’ve always wanted you need to

believe that I can help you with

anything you need don’t rush into

decisions or risk what you’ve already

achieved if you go the wrong way things

can go bad you’re not in a race and you

don’t need to prove anything to anyone

you’ve already shown your faith in me

just keep walking steadily and wisely

that’s how you’ll reach all the good

things waiting for you when you finally

reach that special place you’ll remember

these words there are great bless

blessings waiting for you and your

family you’ve stayed faithful and strong

I’m ready to bless you and you’re ready

to receive everything I have for you I

want your hard times to be over and for

you to stop feeling like you failed let

me tell you something my children are

never failures I love them I take care

of them I teach them and I forgive them

when they make mistakes with love and

patience they get back up when they fall

and they keep going with faith in me and

their eyes on the prize

my children make mistakes but they have

the humility to ask for forgiveness and

let go of feelings of failure and guilt

you’ve never been a failure the enemy

knows how you feel and has used it to

hurt you but everything that was taken

from you will be given back I know

you’re a good-hearted person the tough

times you’re going through are like

lessons in your journey but after these

hard times you’ll find happiness and

everything you need don’t be afraid

don’t give up and don’t lose what you’ve

gained sometimes things might try to

bring you down but I want you to light

up the fire inside you the fire that

keeps you going even when you’re tired

take a moment to talk to me I want to

share amazing things with you and your

family that will make you all stronger

keep believing in me and tell your loved

ones about it too get your family

together hold hands ask for forgiveness

and pray sincerely to me then tell them

everything I’ve told you and everything

I’ll do do for you if you believe

whenever people gather and pray in my

name I’m there with them if you want a

real hug come to me now I really want to

hold you and show you how much I care

about you I know you need me I know what

you’re thinking and what you need with

me you can achieve anything but if you

go away from me your fire will fade I

hear you and I’ll answer your prayers I

want to help you get rid of your

problems and illnesses I love you and

I’ll remind you of that all day and in


dreams right now while you’re reading my

words your spirit is being refreshed

like diving into clear water that

cleanses your soul every morning when

you wake up my love surrounds you

strengthens you protects you and fills

you with faith and peace fill your mind

with good words that will make you

strong on your journey you might be

hoping for a miracle today I can make it

happen for you tell me now that you

believe in me let me see a big smile on

your face with faith in your eyes and

courage in your heart stand up my

Champion it’s time to win your blessing

is here waiting for you to claim it what

are you waiting for you know I love you

you’ve always felt it deep inside even

when you felt far from me or when doubts

whispered that I wasn’t there for you

but deep down you know I’ve always been

there for you you offering answers and

solutions that maybe you weren’t ready

for my words might have seemed too fancy

for you but don’t lose the path that

leads you to where you’re most loved

that place is your safe haven your home

there you’ll find peace and restful

nights tonight in this safe place I’ll

show you something Supernatural you’ll

stand by a river of clear water looking

into my eyes as I reach out to you

you’ll walk on this special water water

washing away all your sadness and

frustrations when you wake up in the

morning you’ll feel refreshed and full

of energy this experience is a reward

for those who come back to their faith

admit their mistakes and embrace their

beliefs again you don’t need to look for

Comfort elsewhere I’m right here with

you my words are full of life let them

into your heart and be filled with my

spirit I am your life your blessing the

true answer to your heart’s desires

believe in me say it think it and write

it down with strong faith do not allow

yourself to lose hope even when it seems

that difficulties are

insurmountable believe in me and I will

fill your soul with light and warmth

remember that hope is born and

strengthened precisely in difficult days

when you leave your fears and doubts at

my feet allow me to be your light in the

darkness your comfort and sorrow trust

me and I will guide you through any

Ralph Waiters

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