my child there is going to be an obstacle in your life which no human being can avoid in this world but if you

have a lot of faith in me then I can also tell you the solution of this obstacle now you ignore my message will

you give or not read completely and when you will be interrupted then you will

come to listen to this message then you will be too late so listen to this

message carefully with peace this is not a joke or a lie if you don’t believe

then leave this message and start doing your worldly work and then within Hours you will believe yourself if you

are my dear child listen carefully to this message of mine today you feel like

it is being told again and again yet you have to listen remember this is is a

solution to a problem that is about to come upon

you God is saying to you today I’ve heard your prayers I’ve seen your tears

you’re hurting I know what you’re going through I’ve been there I experienced it

all you can build bridges of understanding between people who have different beliefs cultures or

backgrounds I understand because I’ve seen people who have lost their jobs or

been hurt by someone else’s actions I know how frustrating it can be when

people seem to act like everything’s always their fault and they never do anything wrong themselves you have grown

old and now I call you my son you must not be afraid of death you need not fear

life or the world for they cannot hurt you like this video If you believe in

God [Music] the world will soon pass away people die

every day you need not fear that your body will be an object of mockery

because it is already dead and buried in the Earth the real terror is that your

soul may one day die leaving your spirit to wander on the face of this Earth

forever seeking happiness but unable to find it what a horrible thought to be

born into this world only to die there again forever wandering from place to

place without knowing where it is nor what it wants but God has given us a

better hope he has sent his son into the world that he might become our sin

Bearer paying for our sins once for all so that we may have eternal life with

him in heaven my beloved child I am always with with you guiding and

protecting you through every step of your journey trust in me and have faith

in my plan for your life even in the midst of challenges and uncertainties

know that I am working all things together for your good seek my wisdom

and listen to the still Small Voice Within you I am speaking to you through

your intuition and the signs I place along your path be open to receiving my

messages for I am always communicating with you do not be afraid for I am your

strength and your Refuge when you feel weak and overwhelmed come to me and find

rest in my presence I am the source of your peace and comfort trust in my power

to carry you through any Storm release your worries and burdens into my hands

and I will provide you with the strength you need remember I I am greater than

any challenge you may face let go of fear and embrace my love for I am always

by your side know that you are deeply loved and cherished I created you with a

purpose and your life has meaning embrace your uniqueness and the gifts I

have bestowed upon you use them to bring light and Joy to the World Around you

your life is a beautiful tapestry woven with the threads of love

compassion and kindness spread these qualities wherever you go and you will

touch the lives of others in profound ways remember you are an extension of my

love in this world take time to rest and find solace in my presence in the

busyness of life it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of what truly

matters pause and reflect on the beauty of creation for it is is a reflection of

my love for you find moments of Stillness and gratitude allowing your

heart to you find moments of be filled with awe and wonder in these moments you

will find renewal and Clarity seek balance in all areas of your life and

let your actions be guided by love and compassion do not underestimate the

power of your prayers your words have the ability to move mountains and bring

about miraculous transformation pour out your heart to me for I am always

listening trust that I hear every plea every cry and every whisper every cry

and every whisper even when the answers are not immediate that I am working behind the scenes aligning circumstances

according to my divine plan your prayers are never in vain for

I am I am faithful and will respond in ways that are best for you keep praying

and have unwavering faith in my love for you God says I am here with you today

and always I want you to know that you are never alone for I am your constant

companion I see the struggles and challenges you face and I want to assure you that I am guiding you every step of

the way trust in me lean on me and find solace in my my love together we will

overcome any obstacle that comes your way have faith and know that I am always

listening to your prayers I want you to embrace the present moment fully life is

a beautiful journey and I have placed you in this particular time and space

for a reason find joy in the little things appreciate the beauty that

surrounds you and cherish the relationships you have remember every experience holds a lesson

and an opportunity for growth open your heart to the wonders of life and you

will discover the Miracles that await you do not let fear paralyze you or hold

you back I have given you strength and courage to face any situation that

arises trust in your abilities for I have equipped you with everything you

need to succeed step out of your comfort zone pursue your dreams and make a

positive impact in the world remember I am your biggest supporter and I believe

in you more than you can imagine go forth with confidence and you will

witness the incredible things you are capable of I want you to show love and

kindness to those around you in a world that can sometimes be harsh your

compassion can be a Beacon of Hope reach out to those in need lend a

helping hand and offer a listening ear your acts of Love have the power to

transform lives and make a lasting impact remember that everyone you meet

is fighting their own battles so treat them with Grace and understanding Shine

Your Light and watch as love spreads like wildfire my precious child take

time to nourish your soul and find rest in my presence amidst the busyness of

life it is crucial to prioritize self care and seek moments of

solitude quiet your mind listen to The Whispers of your heart and connect with

me in prayer or meditation in these moments of Stillness you will find

Clarity Rejuvenation and a deep sense of Peace remember I am always here for you

ready to offer you comfort and Tranquility whenever you seek it I want to remind you that I am with you every

step of the way I see your struggles your doubts and your fears but I want

you to have faith in me have faith that I have a plan for your life even when

things seem uncertain trust that I am working behind the scenes orchestrating

events for your ultimate good remember hope hope is not just a wishful thinking

it is a confident expectation I want you to hold on to Hope even in the midst of

difficult circumstances have hope that better days are ahead that your prayers are being

heard and that I am actively working to bring about the best outcomes for you

but I also want you to be realistic life is not always easy and challenges will

come your way way I Never Promised a life without hardships but I did promise

to be your strength and your guide through them realize that struggles and

setbacks are opportunities for growth and character development embrace them

as chances to lean on me and draw closer to my loving presence in this journey

called life remember to seek me first seek my wisdom seek my guidance and seek

my my peace I am always available to listen to your prayers to provide

comfort in times of distress and to offer Solutions when you feel lost trust

that I am walking beside you leading you in the right direction so my child be

faithful hopeful and realistic hold on to your faith in me nurture hope in your

heart and face the realities of life with courage and resilience you are

never alone for I Am With You Always the world doesn’t belong to us anymore we are not

in it this we know that if we obey God’s Commandments then he will guide us into

all truth and make us live in peace he will show us how we can see things as

they really are so that our hearts will always be at I am the light of the world

whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life

this is how God wants us to live we are to be like him taking on his nature so

that we can always love one another as he loves us I am the god of peace I will

have a people in this world who will be peaceful and will not hurt each other they are the people of my kingdom the

kingdom of God is within them Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the life

no one comes to the father but through me the kingdom of God does not mean just

a place where people live but it means what happens there it means that God is

present in every part of our Lives all of us are invited into this Kingdom we

are all invited to become part of it or else leave it forever God did not make

you just to be an ordinary person God made you special and unique with a

purpose and a mission in life God wants every one of us to be fully engaged in

the work he has assigned us to do God’s love for each of us is so great that he

sent his only son into the world so that we could have eternal life through him

he died for us so that we could live for him he was buried and then rose from the

dead days later because he loved each one of us so much that when we were at

our lowest point he reached down from heaven and rescued us from our sins I

will never leave you or forsake you I am always with you I will guide and protect

you God is saying to each of us individually and to each of us collectively that he loves us

unconditionally and that we are not alone in this world I am the light of the world whoever comes to me will never

be in darkness if you you want to be perfect go sell your possessions and

give to the poor and come follow me but if you do not carry out these commands

of mine and do not carry out my teaching but only listen to them and Obey them

making yourself like one of your brothers who hears these teachings and then does what I say I will show you my

father’s Kingdom he will do whatever he wants with you you will be no longer a

slave but a son Whoever has ears ought to hear what the spirit says to the

churches the one who does not have ears has already been judged he has not seen

anything and when Jesus had finished saying this he looked up at heaven and

blessed it then he said to his disciples peace be with you as the father has sent

me so I am sending you and having said this he breathed on them stop being so

busy I created your life for a purpose and I want you to live it the problem

with being busy is that we spend more time working than resting we try to do

too much so we end up doing nothing well and because our lives are so busy we

don’t have time to enjoy them we don’t even remember what it feels like to be free or happy so I’m telling you stop

trying so hard stop thinking that you have to have everything figured out

before God gives you time off from work or school or family

responsibilities it’s all part of his plan for your life and he will never ask

more of you than what he already has asked of you God is saying these are the

things I want from you one be faithful to God two be honest with yourself and

others three love God’s word especially the Bible and prayer four care for those

who can be helped by your care five share your faith in Jesus Christ with

others especially those who need it most such as prisoners and people in poverty

or suffering from mental illness or addiction to drugs or alcohol or violence in their life I want your life

to be different I want you to do something that will make a difference in the world God wants you to live the way

he lives and love the way he loves he wants you to know how much he loves you

and how much he wants you to live for him it is not enough for me to just give you a place to live in this world I want

to give you a life that is filled with joy and love God wants to give you a life full of joy and love but you have

to be willing to receive it you have to be willing to let God use your

circumstances as part of his plan for your life I want you to be a person who

loves yourself who is healthy and strong who lives in the moment and makes the

most of every day I want you to be a person who is able to experience life

fully because you have found out how much fun it can be I want you to be a

person who has faith in myself and Trust in my ability to give you what you need

to be happy and successful I want us both to enjoy life together as we learn

from each other and grow together this might seem like a strange thing for God

to say but it’s true you must have faith there are many reasons why this is so

but I’ll only mention three of them here first because without faith you cannot

please God without faith it is impossible to please God you see Jesus

came into this world not just as the Son of God but also as the son of man and he

knew what it was like to be tempted by Satan and tempted by Satan and tempted

by sin he had to go through those things before he could rise up Victorious over

those Temptations so if you want to follow him and live with him forever

then you must have faith in him and if you don’t have it then how can you possibly follow him second because

without faith in our Lord Jesus Christ we cannot receive forgiveness of our sins or eternal life life if we don’t

believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead

then how can we be forgiven and saved there is no other way than through his

death and Resurrection my beloved as we come to the end of this video I want you

to remember one thing I am speaking directly to you throughout this journey

I have whispered messages of Love guidance and hope into your heart I have

seen your struggles your triumphs and everything in between now as you take a

moment to reflect remember that you are never alone I am here with you always my

words are like a gentle breeze that can lift your spirit and ignite your faith

open your heart to receive my wisdom and embrace the Miracles that await you

remember my child you are a unique creation destined for greatness trust in

my plan lean on my strength and never forget that you have the power to make a

difference in this world go forth and Shine Your Light for I am always by your



the door of your destiny is about to open but you are leading a worly life

without being aware of it if you want you can do this miracle on yourself you

have to listen to this message of mine carefully with a Calm Mind feel it this

is a -minute miraculous message it will change your life completely but you

will probably see the miracle video If you don’t believe and you are feeling a lie then watch this video only half you

will believe yourself will that do just because you think you know what God is

saying to you doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to hear God has a lot of things to

say and sometimes we just can’t understand but if you take time to listen and if you are willing to step

out in faith then one day you will realize that what God is saying is very

important and when you do I promise that the world will never be the same again

God is saying to you today you are my beloved Son whom I love with an

everlasting love you have been chosen by God to be the light of my world I want

you to live a life full of joy peace and happiness when you do your daily work I

want you to do it in such a way that others will see Jesus in you when you

face challenges in life I want you to remember that I am always with you

nothing can separate us from his love I want your every thought word and deed to

be done so as to please me and make my name known like this video If you

believe Jesus says that God loved the world so much that he sent his son to

give it eternal life he says that we are loved by God and that we can know this

because he has given us something we cannot earn eternal life God loves

everyone no exceptions he loves you because you are his child just like

Jesus was his child he loves you because of who you are in Christ God does not

love people for what they do or for what they have but for who they are in Christ

what do you think of when you think about God I imagine that your answer will be different from mine but I’m

guessing that it might involve words like blessing Mercy hope and the light

maybe you have a more traditional view of God you believe in one God who

created the world and watches over human beings maybe you pray to this God every

day and give thanks for His blessings on your life or maybe your faith is more

personal or spiritual you might believe in a sing single deity or even multiple

gods but only one who cares about each individual person’s needs and want or

maybe you don’t believe in any Gods at all instead you see yourself as an

individual Spirit or Consciousness that is part of something much larger than

itself the universe but which doesn’t really care about anything specific or

individual at all I love you so much and I want you to do things in life with me

so that everyone will know how much I love them Father you are all love and

goodness thank you for loving me help my heart to be pure and to radiate your

love peace and joy wherever I am I am not a person who will make you happy by

making your life simple and easy I am a person who will make your life hard and

difficult so that you can learn learn how to be happy I am not a person who will make your life easier by giving you

the answers and the solutions right away I am a person who will give you the

questions first so that you can search for the answers yourself you are my

beloved I love you with a love that is Limitless I want to be your friend your

companion and your closest Confidant you are a child of God he is

your creator he has called you his child you have been given the gift of life and

freedom but you have also been given the responsibility to use these gifts wisely

it does not matter how old you are now on Earth whether it be yesterday last

week last week last month or even years ago God is still saying to you right now

you do not belong to yourself you belong to me I will give you what you want and

need so that you can be happy I will help you make better decisions because I

love you I love you so much that even though I’m going to let this happen I want you to know that it’s okay I care

about your happiness and well-being as much as I care about your sadness or grief I want to help you in any way that

I can even if it means letting things happen that would otherwise make me

angry or sad I am here for you whenever you need me

even when we can’t see each other or talk together on Earth you are my child

and I have chosen you you are of Great Value to me I want you to be happy and

successful in life God wants us to experience the peace and joy that comes

from knowing we belong to him we will never be totally fulfilled if we don’t feel this connection with God we are not

our own but have been bought with with a great price to know that we belong to

God gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in life it makes us feel worthy

and valued as individuals I have created you in my image and I am calling you to be my son

or daughter I have given you a spirit of love and hope it is your mission to love

me with all your heart mind soul and strength God wants to bless you he wants to bring

glory to his name he wants to give you Joy in his love he wants to make your

life full of happiness and success but he cannot do this unless you are willing

to serve him in return by loving people as Jesus loved us God loves everyone

unconditionally but he also loves us individually with a special kind of love

that only God has been able to give us because he made us in His image because

we are made in the image of God we were created with a spirit of love and hope

God says I will pour out my spirit on all those who are in need of it on the

poor the broken hearted and the contrite I will show them my love my hope and

desire for you is that you will live a life that is Meaningful and purposeful I

want to use your gifts for good and for others you are loved by me so much that

I am willing to give up everything for your sake you matter so much to me that

nothing can separate us from the love of God God loves you so much that he sent

his son Jesus Christ to die on a cross of Shame and disgrace so that you can

have eternal life if you have never accepted Jesus as your lord and savior

then it is time to do so now I’ve heard people say that they don’t believe God

loves them because they’re not perfect they feel as though they have to earn

his love and acceptance by being good enough by their own standards but

there’s no such thing as earning God’s love or acceptance it’s free you don’t

need to be good enough he already accepts you just as you are right now

the truth is if we were worthy of his love he would already have given it to

us but he has made himself available so that we can receive it from him through

Jesus Christ Our Lord I created the world and I want to be part of your life

your life is a gift from me and I want to give it back to you in full I have given you everything that you need to

live a good life and now it’s up to you to make it happen God wants to give you

everything that you need to be happy and successful in life he wants you to live

a full life of purpose meaning and fulfillment however sometimes when we

are faced with challenges or difficult situations in our lives we question

whether or not God has any better plan for us than what we have already set

into motion we question whether or not God is really loving us as much as he

says he loves us beloved children do not be afraid of your life because it is

more than enough do not be afraid of dying because God is always with you do

not be afraid of anything in this world because God has already taken care of

everything do not look at the size of your problems and try to solve them all at once look at each problem as a step

towards solving others and know that the final goal for which you are working working is the most important one do not

forget that there is nothing stronger than an idea whose Time Has Come an idea

that will save your life and change the world you are a masterpiece of divine

Creation imbued with boundless potential and infinite love embrace your true

Essence and shine your light upon the world in every moment trust that I am

guiding you towards the path of highest purpose surrender your worries and

embrace the unfolding of your Divine Destiny within you lies the power to

heal to forgive and to transform tap into the Wellspring of Love within your

heart and witness Miracles unfold do not fear the unknown for I am with you

always trust in my guidance and together we shall navigate the Journey of life

with Grace and wisdom you are never alone for I reside within your soul seek

soless in the depths of your being and discover the Eternal presence of divine love when you feel lost look within and

reconnect with the Divinity that dwells in your core remember you are a vessel

of Divine Light your prayers are heard and your desires are known trust in my

timing for I orchestrate the universe to align with your highest good

embrace the power of gratitude for it opens the gateway to Miracles cultivate

a heart filled with appreciation and abundance shall flow into your life

every challenge is an opportunity for growth and transformation Embrace

adversity as a catalyst for your spiritual Evolution and rise above your

limitations the universe conspires in your favor weaving a tap tapestry of

blessings open your heart and receive the Abundant gifts that are being bestowed upon you your purpose is unique

and irreplaceable Embrace Your Divine Mission with courage for the world

eagerly awaits the manifestation of your gifts forgiveness is the key to

Liberation release the burdens of the past and step into the freedom that comes from embracing unconditional love

embrace the power of your thoughts for they shape your reality choose thoughts

of love joy and abundance and watch Miracles manifest before your eyes let

go of the need to control and surrender to the flow of life in the dance of

surrender you shall find true freedom and the Fulfillment of your desires you

are a vessel of divine inspiration trust in your creative abilities and allow The

Muse within you to guide your artistic expression every step you take is Guided

by Divine wisdom trust in the path unfolding before you for it leads to the

realization of your deepest desires fear is an illusion that hinders your growth

Embrace courage Embrace courage and witness how your dreams manifest when

you transcend the limitations of fear you are a Channel of divine love

share your light with the world and watch as your acts of kindness create

ripples of transformation your worth is not defined by external

circumstances remember that you are inherently deserving of Love abundance

and all that brings you Joy in the Silence of your heart you will find

answers to your questions listen closely for I speak to you Through The Whispers

of intuition release the need for comparison for you are unique and

incomparable embrace your individuality and let your authentic self shine

brightly your dreams are a sacred map leading you towards fulfillment pursue

them with unwavering faith and witness the Miracles that unfold along the way

within the challenges you face lie the seeds of transformation embrace them as

opportunities for growth and watch your soul Blossom you are a beloved child of

the universe cherished and supported in every moment trust in the divine plan and know

that you are always type amen if you receive this [Music]

messages thank you for your interest in God I am God the creator of all that is

I love you and I want to talk to you about how I can help you I want to talk

about the things that have helped me in my life and what I know works for others

you are special just like everyone else you have a purpose on Earth and it’s not

always easy to find it it wouldn’t hurt to ask for help from someone who knows

more than you do if you’re having trouble finding your purpose in life try asking God for help

he’ll give you guidance you don’t have to be perfect or even good at something before you can do it well if you’re

struggling with something ask God for help and he will answer your prayer I’m sending you a message today to share

with all of us I want everyone to know that I am here with you right now and that I love each and every one of you

right now and that I love each and every one of you the world may seem too big

but I am here with you you God will never leave you or forsake you God loves

you so much he sent his son to Die For You on the cross God is always there for

us when we need him most he will never leave us or forsake us God knows that we

are all going through a lot we are all facing challenges and obstacles in our

lives some of them are big While others are small fortunately God is there to

help us every step of the way he has sent his son Jesus Christ to this Earth

so that we can be saved from our sins and be with him forever that is why it

is important for us to hear from God’s word it will give us guidance strength

and wisdom as we move forward with our lives God’s word has been given to us

through his son Jesus Christ so that we may know him better love him more and

follow him more and follow him more closely in our daily lives he wants you

to know him more than anything else in this world because he loves you very much you’re a good person you’ve done

bad things but you can learn from them God loves you and he will forgive you if

you ask him to God wants to help you through this difficult time in your life

he is doing everything he can to come comfort and heal those who are suffering

because of the tragedy he has a plan for each of us and he will bring us through this if we let

him you are loved by God and he wants to help you through this difficult time in

your life he’s doing everything he can to comfort and heal those who are

suffering because of the tragedy he has a plan for each of us and he will bring

us through this if we let him I understand that the world can be a difficult place but it doesn’t have to

be that way you are valuable and Powerful I am with you every step of the

way you are loved I know that you feel alone or misunderstood but I am not

silent in your life I will never leave or forsake you even when it doesn’t seem

like I should I am always close by and always ready to help if you just ask for

it the hardest part about asking for help is making yourself do it I am with you

today and I am saying to you do not be afraid of the future it is a Place full

of possibilities do not be afraid of change it is an opportunity for growth

for progress and for learning do not be afraid of uncertainty it will create new

paths New Opportunities and new lessons that will help you along your way do not

be afraid of failing or trying something different because failure is part of the process God does not want you to be

afraid of him or of anything else in this world he wants you to trust him and he wants you to trust him and he wants

you to be at peace with everything in this world because he is in control God

loves everyone on Earth including people who have hurt others and even people who

have hurt themselves however he wants us to know that we can be free from sin and

free from guilt if only we will listen and obey his word God has given us each

a gift from him that no one else could give us the gift of eternal life by

faith in Jesus Christ in other words it is possible for everyone on Earth to do

as Jesus did believe that God exists believe that Jesus died for our sins

believe that Jesus rose from the dead and then surrender your life completely

into his hands so that he can use it for his good purposes here on Earth you may

be thinking that you don’t need to be still before God because you’ve been doing pretty well on your own but if you

are like me then you probably have a lot of unprocessed stress anger resentment

and guilt stored up inside of you if this is the case for for you I want you to know that God is saying to you today

I need your help he needs all of us to help him heal our world from the inside

out God does not ask us to do this alone he wants us all to be in his healing

process together he wants us to show up for him each day with an open heart so

that we can experience his love for ourselves and others when we are honest

with ourselves about who we are and what we need from God then we can begin to

release our burdens so they can become healing gifts instead of destructive ones as we come to the end I want to

leave you with a powerful message from God that is meant just for you God wants

you to know that you are love beyond measure you are a unique and precious

creation crafted with Divine Purpose drafted with Divine Purpose in every

moment God’s love surrounds [Music]

you remember that God is with you he is your Refuge your strength and your

source of hope when you feel overwhelmed turn to him in prayer and find solace in

his comforting presence God has a plan for your life filled with blessings and

opportunities trust in his Divine timing and have faith that he will lead you to

the right path even in moments of uncertainty remember that God’s plan is

always greater than our own take a moment to reflect on the message God has for you today open your heart to his

guidance and allow his love to fill your soul embrace the journey ahead with

courage and conviction knowing that God walks alongside you every step of the

way may God’s grace and peace be with you today and always until next time

stay blessed and continue to shine your light in this

































































































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