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I know you’re going through a rough

patch right now it may not be what you

expected and hoped for but I know it

will get better and I’m here to help I

want you to keep moving forward and stay

strong I have a blessing for you with

your name on it so don’t give up please

hold on with all your might I have heard

your prayers and they are already being

answered you may not see it yet but

there’s so much good coming for you very

soon if things seem hard or uncertain

right now just know that this too shall

pass don’t try to do it alone call upon

my name for strength and courage today

and every day forward into

eternity and when times get tough reach

deep down inside and find the strength

in your soul whatever happens know that

it’s all a part of a greater plan for

everyone involved so take a deep breath

in and exhale all your fear and anxiety


don’t let your life be defined by the

adversity you face but instead by the

strength and courage with which you

respond to those

challenges you may not see it yet but

all your struggles will lead to an

opportunity for something

great it’s up to you how you use that

opportunity and what growth comes from

it this may not be the beginning of your

story but it’s certainly not the

end light will begin to shine again fear

won’t feel is heavy and life will become

brighter than ever before God bless you

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blessing now for those who are listening

and want to accept Jesus Christ as your

lord and savior I urge you to receive

God’s grace with an open and repentant

heart discover the Divine solution to

your problems right

now please feel free to leave your

prayer request in the comments section

with your name and the purpose of the

prayer so that we can present them

before God for your blessings and


also we invite other believers on the

YouTube platform and all over the world

to join us and start praying for you


now we want you to know that even if you

don’t see a reply to your prayer request

it doesn’t mean that you were not prayed

for rest assured that we are actively

lifting up each request to God that is

in accordance with his will we believe

in the power of prayer to bring Comfort

healing and guidance in accordance with

God’s perfect plan

plan to God be all the glory May the

grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ

be with

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