God Is Saying, Warning Skip Me Now And You’ll Be Forever Without Me! |

God says I can’t let you ignore this God

message today God message for you God’s

message now my beloved I call to you now

to offer reassurance in this moment of

need it pains me deeply to witness your

struggles though I comprehend the depth

of your Sorrows better than you

understand yourself you strive so

persistently to maintain a brave face

unwilling to expose the ENT of your

anguish to others but you needn’t hide


vulnerabilities From My Sight please

unburden yourself before me without

hesitation for I am here to gather up

each of your tears within my hands

lifting you tenderly from the abyss of

Despair doubt and uncertainty May shroud

your perception like Gathering storm

clouds obscuring your view of the path

ahead but my love and presence remain

constants in your journey loyal

companions on even the darkest of Roads

lift your gaze from the trials of this

world and fix it firmly upon me instead

allow my light to pierce through the

Gloom Illuminating the way forward

through benevolence and

Grace you are weared by tribulations and

shaken by

adversity feeling unequal to the

formidable challenges arrayed against

you your fortitude grows thin and

falters your will buckles and staggers

but do not lose heart beloved I

understand better than anyone the

Searing pain of Doubt fears cruel bite

and the sheer exhaustion born of

Relentless hardship but I have not

abandoned you as Forsaken and alone to

Grapple with these foes my angels stand

Vigilant at your side my spirit ready to

intervene against every weapon form to

destroy you when the path seems shrouded

and uncertain trust that I yet see the

way clearly to guide your steps take my

hand and walk with me by faith Through

The Valleys deep Darkness not by sight

alone I will lead you in my

righteousness and the radiance of my

glory will be your rear guard the light

of my presence will illuminate your soul

from within long after the skies have

grown dim and starless you need only

learn to Kindle its flame and tend its

glow the adversities arrayed against you

seem unconquerable in your mortal sight

looming as Giants while you remain small

and vulnerable as David before Goliath

but do not mistake their formidable

appearance for

invulnerability have I not given you

Stones enough for your sling and courage

to wield them stand boldly against the

Terrors of the night and declare with

conviction you come to me armed with

spear and Javelin but I come to you in

the name name of the Lord Almighty

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