God is Always Here For You | God’s Message For You |

my dear child listen with your heart and take to heart this deep message I know about your pain and want

to help you will you accept this love I offer which can heal you I see you’re

going through tough times and I’m reaching out to help are you ready to accept the love I have for you being

with me you’ll find Comfort strength and the peace you’re looking for trust in me

let my love wrap around you and lead you to full healing and Lasting Hope I’m

always here for you thinking about the wonderful blessings I’m going to give you blessings that you’ll soon

see listen to what I say to you as I guide you with my words you mustn’t give

up the fight goes on every day there are crucial things in your life you need to

focus on because discouragement doesn’t waste time and shows up early bring ing

negativity with it but don’t be afraid I’m with you hold on to my hand as we go

through this day together I will talk to you about my promises promises that will

bring about new and amazing miracles in your life don’t be scared don’t lose

courage and don’t look down face everything with faith and confidence because I will visit you

every morning to fill your soul with my holy words please please feel the immense

love with which I speak to you put your hands on your heart and notice how it

beats with joy when you hear my voice your soul has no space for

loneliness or sadness go ahead look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself with faith

repeating the promises I will fulfill for you in this message remind yourself of who you are

you are a child of the almighty God vibrant with life and a wonderful future

awaits you full of dreams to achieve and a zest for living splendidly say goodbye to the depression

that trapped you believe in my words and free your mind from all harmful

Thoughts with the strength of my love I’m removing every bit of the past that

still clings to your mind C and heart your heart should only have space for

this heavenly father who l loves and saved you and you need to love me with all your strength I should be your

priority in everything you do and every morning when you wake up remember that I

am here say good morning to me with love because your kind words make me happy I

enjoy hearing your voice and seeing the willingness of your heart and with your praise I will richly bless your life and

your family notice the grace you’ve received the immense love you found feel this

wonderful emotion flowing through you from your head down to your feet like tears of joy rolling down your face and

touching your heart feel my love again just as you did

before stand up shout and open your arms wide to welcome this downpour of Grace

from Heaven accept with an open heart this invitation to be happy in my presence bow your head in prayer and

embrace this new life I’ve Liv Ed you from sadness and renewed your strength

I’ve removed your pain and filled you with courage so you can stand out and continue to bless many so I tell you

don’t stop keep going every day be brave and strong because I’ll take care of the

things that seem impossible to you remember real victories aren’t one with weapons or armies but through the

extraordinary power of my Holy Spirit do your part and stir up your

faith don’t overlook this message don’t underestimate what I’m saying sit alone in your room with your Bible and read it

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