God Gives You Peace | God’s Message For You |

[Music] my dear child today I gift you with peace calmness strength and wisdom I’ve

heard your prayers touched by the sincerity of your heart reaching out to

me you’ve come seeking guidance and you’ve come to the right place be

assured you are dearly loved just as you are I know you’re not perfect but I see

true remorse in your heart you’re working hard to change your ways your attitudes how you see things

and how you treat others I’ve set you apart for a life filled with blessings you face tough times but going

forward you won’t have to endure so many challenges my Holy Spirit and my teachings are providing you with

extraordinary wisdom you’re learning to make wise choices staying clear of those who

pretend to be friends but are actually robbing you of your peace faith and

security from now on you’ll stand strong in any challenge you came to me today

because you need me and you’ll leave here empowered your face shining with my authority your eyes will radiate Joy

your thankful spirit and your lovely smile will open doors and break

chains I’m about to shower you with plentiful blessings stand up and start your

journey I’ll bring good people into your life who will support your spiritual growth and Foster Harmony in your

home but keep away from those trying to drive a wedge between you and your loved

ones planting seeds of doubt and division yes you have faith and even if

some in your family are still skeptical they haven’t fully open their hearts to me I plan to work through you to show

them my love and offer hope I give you the strength and bravery you need to

care for your family effectively all always remember you need me seek me constantly and immerse

yourself in my word and spirit when you feel low remember there’s always hope

for you and your family a sure promise of my protection love guidance and

plenty of blessings your home will be wrapped in care and my love now do you accept my marvelous

blessing with joy and faith I find you so endearing especially

how you communic Comm unicate With Me the Way You Close Your Eyes in prayer I treasure the moments your heart fills

with joy and divine happiness which I give you easing any hurt or worry after

our time together I want you to feel overwhelmingly loved you don’t have to walk in sorrow

or dwell on your troubles I love you immensely and today you’ll experience

that love profoundly I’ll show it to you Proclaim clim it with my mighty

words if anyone tries to trouble you you’ll be filled instantly with my Divine love if

anything saddens you know that my comforting Embrace is all around you

taking away your pain and filling your heart with joy your loved ones will notice your

happiness and wonder about its source while those against you will Retreat

recognizing their inability to dismay you a Divine Shield of protection surrounds

you and Legions of angels stand guard over your home ensuring the safety of your family at all

times trust deeply in my love for you it’s genuine and Not Mere

fantasy it’s as real as the air you breathe more powerful and wondrous than

any Miracle you could seek my love sustains you offering true

life the most precious gift of all your daily gratitude waking up each

morning to thank me placing your life and days in my care showcases your deep

Faith even when others doubt a ridicule you stand firm believing in an all

powerful God you cannot see embodying true belief and devotion yet you know well that I am

real Watching Over You attentive to your needs with this Faith you you possess

you shall rise living feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of

the universe with immense confidence in every step you take with a radiant face exuding

happiness my dear child your unwavering gratitude touches my heart

deeply tomorrow I’ll be waiting to embrace you with my love again even

Before Dawn breaks I know how much you cherish your children they are precious to me too

I’ve inscribed their names their faces their hearts their thoughts their desires their errors their battles and

their dreams in my book I haven’t overlooked what they signify to you I wish for you to have

peace to cease worrying about the decisions they’ve made are you concerned

their string don’t fret over things beyond your grasp hand over your

concerns to me concentrate on your own Journey excessive worry drains you and robs you

of Peace conserve your strength and Faith for I desire your prayers for them the

time has come for you to let go of what you must release the doves have grown

and must now fly release them with confidence let them spread their wings toward freedom

for as long as you pray for them my protective mantle shall always cover them accept what I say and have faith

faith in my will your mind is burdened with concerns you do not need when you

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