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in the cosmic struggle between good and

evil it’s crucial to grasp that Satan’s

ultimate adversary isn’t God himself

despite his rebellious nature Satan

acknowledges God as his

creator however Satan’s true arch enemy

is none other than

Humanity according to the scriptures

Lucifer’s fall stemmed from his

overwhelming desire to elevate himself

to the stature of the most high

this Obsession fueled his Ambitions for

dominion and Allegiance leading to his

defeat and expulsion to Earth


– the devil now on Earth is filled

with Fury aware that his time is limited

why you may wonder is Satan so angry

Psalm sheds light on this God

created humans a little lower than

Heavenly beings crowning them with Glory

and Honor humans were appointed rulers

over God’s creation with everything

under their feet Satan’s ey stems from

God’s profound care for mankind sharing

the kingdom Satan desired with this

creation called man God not only crafted

humans in His image but also bestowed

upon them the power to carry out his

Commandments on Earth the dominion over

the Earth granted to humanity is the

source of the devil’s Fury Your

Allegiance to God threatens him and he

will stop at nothing to make you

surrender your Authority and worship Him

Satan’s tactics go beyond concerns about

your health finances family or Ambitions

his primary objective is to divert your

worship from God to himself he seeks to

tarnish your view of Jesus portraying

him not as a savior but as a malevolent

Creator orchestrating problems to drive

you into seeking alternate Solutions he

employs those around you to offer

temporary solutions all while subtly

demanding your soul and worship in

return Satan’s strategy seen in The

Temptations faced by Jesus remains

consistent over time he continually

upgrades his offers to exploit the

weaknesses of each age persecution

poverty and lack are merely means to an

end the end result is living outside

God’s will becoming an ally worshipper

and subject of Satan living outside

God’s will carries Eternal consequences

as Satan himself

experienced after his time is up he will

face judgment and eternal damnation

along with those who Al lied with him

Satan’s consciousness of time stems from

his desire to recruit as many as

possible before his Judgment Day he

couldn’t thwart God’s plan for salvation

but he aims to hinder individuals from

recognizing Jesus as the true savior

scripture warns Believers to be

self-controlled and alert as the devil

prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom

he may devour then first Peter

these are not days of complacency but

of vigilant endurance and faithfulness

it’s a call to redirect Focus from

worldly Pursuits relying on God’s

strength fixing Gaze on Jesus and

triumphing over Satan by the blood of

the lamb and the words of one’s

testimony in these times it’s crucial to

avoid being overwhelmed by life’s

challenges instead watch soberly

exercising patient endurance and

faithfulness fix your Gaze on Jesus the

only path to triumph over Satan as

Believers our strength lies in

unwavering faith and a commitment to a

life aligned with God’s will a time is

coming post Rapture where those who

falter will pay with their blood now is

the time to look up to Jesus if you

resonate with this message please

acknowledge it by liking the video Don’t

disregard its potential to transform




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