GIVE ME YOUR HANDS | God’s Message Now


my beloved child your request has been

granted open your hands with faith for I

am about to bestow upon you the long

awaited blessing receive and embrace

this gift I am sending your way your

children shall not know the prisons of

suffering and hunger shall not befall

them I will shield them from tragedies

and banished diseases from your midst I

am nullifying Every curse of Family


and eradicating all spirits of marital

infidelity my powerful blood covers your

heart your home your life and your

family shielding you from malevolent

forces no harm shall draw near for I am

your omnipotent God and I protect those

I love in the palm of my hand I watch

over you as my greatest treasure and no

one can snatch you away this is the

answer you’ve longed for you will no

longer fear the malevolent enemy at your

doorstep your dreams are coming true and

I know you’ve waited patiently and

toiled through countless sleepless

nights your faith has been tested but

you persisted even when your emotions

told you otherwise I’ve been with you

all along supporting you soon Another

Blessing will arrive unexpectedly you

didn’t ask for it but I want to give it

to you however I must tell you something

this is not the end of your journey you

may have reached the summit of this

Mountain but I brought you here to see

beyond lift your gaze to the vast

expanse before you it must be conquered

you are one of my finest Warriors and I

am placing you at the Forefront of a

great battle I am delighted that you’ve

answered my call without excuses you

fought passionately for your loved ones

and that has moved my spirit and touched

my heart I want to bless you your family

the youth the elderly and the little

ones yet to come you are an essential

piece in establishing a generation of

Brave individuals who will look up to

you as a beacon of strength and Faith

you and your family are mine and my

glory and power reside in your home I

will never forsake you a great blessing

is on its way and you sense that

something good is about to happen you

feel peace but I want you to nourish

your heart with my word and not let

doubt erode your faith stay strong for I

have the final say I will heal you of

all illnesses rise with courage and

Every curse debt and painful memory of

the past will be driven from your life

your Liberation is at hand today the

chains break and joy and happiness come

abundantly I will perform a powerful

miracle in you praise will fill your

mouth and your heart will overflow you

will have all you need even to bless

others and help those in need pray

fervently and allow me to touch your

body soul and heart with my power open

the doors of your soul to me and be

filled with my peace you’ve fought with

determination ignoring discouraging

words and criticism from others the day

has come for you to achieve Victory and

receive provision and prosperity entrust

yourself to me and I will assist you in

everything Delight in my presence and I

will grant the desires of your heart

call to me and I will answer I want to

show you great and marvelous things I

challenge you to believe in me my

promises are written here and you’ve

heard countless times that all things

are possible for those who believe in me

I want to see your response tell me that

you believe but also act rise make the

decision to distance yourself from

things and friends that lead you away

from me they will not come to your Aid

when You Face serious problems material

possessions will be of no use use if you

lose your faith believe firmly in my

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