GIVE ME YOUR CONCERNS | Message from God | The Blessed Message

give me your concerns message from God

the Blessed message my son listen to the

words I bring especially For You In This

Moment of intimacy let me calm your

heart that struggles under the weight of

the world’s concerns entrust all your

anxieties and fears into my hands trust

in me and know that I have a perfect

plan for you do not worry about tomorrow

for tomorrow will take care of itself

instead focus on living each day with

gratitude and confidence in my love

remember my words seek first the kingdom

of God and his righteousness and all

these things will be added to you there

are moments when you feel lost not

knowing whom to trust anymore sometimes

friends and even your own family may

distance themselves when you need them

the most however I am always by your

side and my love for you grows each day

you should not place all your hopes in

people or fleeting material possessions

to today I come to reaffirm my eternal

commitment to you as you Journey Through

This World I am by your side carrying

your burdens forgiving your

transgressions and pouring out my Holy

Spirit upon you I am your heavenly

father the one who cares for you with

infinite love and boundless wisdom I

want you to know that you are not alone

in this journey of life I am here

everpresent to guide protect and comfort

you those who dare to harm you will face

defeat and those who lead you astray

will be held accountable many May TR try

to shame you driven by the poison of

Envy in their hearts but know this no

one can snatch you from my care Lean on

Me trust in the promises I have written

for you receive these words that I offer

directly to you open your ears and allow

my Divine breath to transform your

thoughts know that you are precious to

me beyond measure I know every thought

every concern Weighing on your heart do

not fear for I am here to sustain you in

times of difficulty and to re joice with

you in moments of Joy there is nothing

beyond the reach of my love and grace

you have many years ahead many important

missions to fulfill there is a sacred

and wonderful purpose awaiting you but

your sustenance and strength do not

reside in this world or in the people

around you if you seek blessings if you

long for a transformative life for

yourself and your family I come to tell

you that I am here and I will make

wonders happen I want you to understand

understand understand that worries are

like stones that hinder the free flow of

my peace in your life

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