GET READY | Message From God |

my beloved child I feel the pulse of

your faith resonating in harmony with me

right now deep within you there’s an

expectation an anticipation of what’s to

come and I tell you yes the moment is

Drawing Near get ready for I’m about to

do something Grand in your life I’m not

here to ask you to passively wait like a

spectator before a show I’m calling you

to action to active preparation a

willingness of heart and mind that

enables you to receive what’s coming for

the one who prepares is ready to embrace

the blessings I will pour out upon Him

plunge into the purifying Waters of

prayer and meditation strengthen your

bonds with me through reading my word

and communing with my children cultivate

patience and perseverance for the time

of harvest is near and those who

persevere to the end will be rewarded

with an abundant Harvest prepare

yourself my beloved prepare to receive

what eyes have not seen seen ears have

not heard and the human heart has not

conceived for I your lord and savior am

about to do something new in your life

and it will be glorious listen to me

carefully what you long for so much what

you have fervently asked of me is

already being woven in the threads of

Destiny in the celestial plans I your

God have under my control everything you

need however do not let the shadow of

worry obscure the light of your faith do

not allow anxiety to steal your peace

for what is mine what is divine is not

subject to the limitations of human time

just as the dawn patiently awaits its

time to shine so too are your petitions

stored in the Treasure of Heaven ready

to be poured out upon you at the perfect

moment my child pray as if everything

depends on me for indeed it does but do

your part for your responsibility falls

upon your shoulders glories can not be

expected to fall from the heavens

without facing trials it is in action

that Miracles

manifest in me you have the creator of

your noblest dreams and just as a seed

entrusted to the Earth requires care and

attention so too does your faith need to

be watered by your devotion nourished by

your hope for it is this faith that

moves mountains that opens doors that

seem closed that makes the light shine

in the darkest of times therefore do not

not fear do not despair trust in me as a

child would trust in their loving father

for I know what you need even before you

ask and I am preparing the best for you

so wait with patience work with

dedication and pray with unwavering

faith in this sacred moment of communion

I ask you to reflect on what you have

prayed for before me are they truly the

best I can grant you is what you long

for aligned with my plans for you do not

fear to answer honestly for I am here to

listen to you to understand the deepest

desires of your heart if what you seek

is for your good if it aligns with the

purpose I have set for you since the

beginning of time then know that there

are no limits to what I can accomplish

in your life but my child there is one

thing I desire from you something very

valuable to me so that your desires may

be fulfilled I ask for complete

surrender absolute trust in me and my PL

for you for it is only when you trust me

fully when you cast your fears and

insecurities at my feet that I can act

with the fullness of my power therefore

From This Moment On begin to thank as if

your prayers have already been answered

fill your heart with gratitude and Faith

firmly believing that what you long for

is already on its way for when you fully

surrender to my will and rejoice in

advance for what is to come you open the

doors for my blessings to flow

abundantly upon on you do not doubt my

beloved my love for you for I am the god

who hears the pleas of your heart and

responds with love and mercy and when

you least expect it when you are

immersed in gratitude and Faith you will

see my plans unfold before your eyes

revealing the extraordinary power of my

grace and love amen if you believe in

these words leave your Amen in the


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