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my cherished child today I want to talk

to you about the transformative power of

forgiveness forgiveness is one of the

greatest expressions of love and

compassion you can offer to one another

it is a precious gift that liberates

both the forgiver and the forgiven

Paving the way for healing and

Reconciliation forgiveness is not just

an action it is a state of mind a

conscious choice to release resentments

hurts and the need for Revenge when you

choose to forgive you are choosing love

over hatred peace over bitterness and

freedom over the imprisonment of the

past allowing yourselves to break free

from the chains of the past and pave the

way for a future filled with hope and

peace I understand that forgiving can be

a difficult task sometimes you may feel

hurt betrayed or wronged and the idea of

forgiving those who have heard you may

seem impossible however I want to remind

you that forgiveness is not about

denying the pain or injustices you have

faced it is about choosing not to let

those experiences control your lives

when you choose to forgive you are

choosing not to allow the wounds of the

past to control your lives you are

choosing not to carry the weight of

resentment and bitterness anymore but

rather making room for love compassion

and healing forgiveness is an act of

self-love as it allows you to break free

from the emotional prison that hatred

and resentment build around the heart it

is important to understand that

forgiveness is not synonymous with

forgetting you are not denying the

injustices suffered or erasing painful

memories instead you are choosing not to

let those experiences Define who you are

you are choosing not to let the past

dictate the course of your futures

remember my words in Ephesians be

kind and compassionate to one another

forgiving each other just as in Christ

God for forgave you just as I forgive

you so you must forgive those who have

hurt you do not hold resentment in your

heart for it will only bring suffering

and anguish sometimes forgiveness is an

internal process a solitary journey

toward emotional freedom however in

other cases forgiveness can lead to

reconciliation and the restoration of

broken relationships whatever the

outcome the important thing is that the

act of forgiveness brings healing and


to truly forgive it takes courage

humility and compassion it requires

looking beyond the destructive actions

of others and seeing the shared Humanity

that we all possess it requires

recognizing that we are all fallible

that we all make mistakes and that we

all deserve a second chance my dear

child know that just as you are

unconditionally loved by me you are also

called to love and forgive one another

forgiveness is is an expression of the

Divine love that dwells in your hearts

and it is through forgiveness that you

will find true peace and happiness May

the power of forgiveness guide you in

your lives empowering you to leave the

past behind and embrace a future of love

compassion and Harmony may you find the

courage to forgive not only others but

also yourselves and walk toward the

light of the divine grace that always

awaits you I told you in Matthew

if your brother sins against you go

and confront him along if he listens you

have won your brother over but if he

does not listen take one or two others

along with you so that every matter may

be established by the testimony of two

or three Witnesses if he still refuses

to listen tell it to the church and if

he refuses to listen even to the church

treat him as you would a pagan or a tax

collector this passage underscores the

significance of Recon reconciliation and

forgiveness in your relationships it

shows that even in conflicts you should

seek peace and restoration of fraternal

bonds practicing forgiveness as Guided

by love and divine Justice when you

choose to forgive you are choosing love

over hatred compassion over resentment

and freedom over the prison of the past

forgiveness is a journey of healing and

transformation and it is a choice you

can make at any

time no matter matter how deep the wound

or how much time is passed there is

always room for forgiveness forgiveness

does not mean ignoring the pain or

injustices you have suffered it means

choosing not to let those experiences

Define who you are or how you live your

life when you release the burden of

resentment you are making space for

inner healing and peace of mind remember

my words in Matthew

for if you forgive other people

when they sin against you you your

heavenly father will also forgive you

but if you do not forgive others their

sins your father will not forgive your

sins forgiveness is a Divine virtue that

reflects my infinite grace and mercy by

forgiving you are following my example

and allowing my light to shine through

you I understand that forgiving those

who have deeply hurt you can be

difficult but I want to encourage you to

remember that forgiveness is not a sign

of weakness but of strength remember

remember that you are loved beyond

measure and I am always by your side

guiding and sustaining you every step of

the way know that forgiveness is not

just for those you forgive but also for

yourselves by forgiving you are choosing

to release the burden of the past and

embrace the light and peace that come

with forgiveness when you choose to

forgive you are choosing not to be

prisoners of the past anymore you are

choosing not to allow pain and

resentment to control your lives anymore

more forgiveness does not erase what

happened but it frees you from the

weight of the past as written in Matthew

– therefore you shall pray like

this Our Father in Heaven may your name

be honored may your kingdom come may

your will be done on Earth as it is in

heaven give us today our daily bread and

forgive us our debts as we also forgive

our debtors this passage teaches us that

just as you ask for forgiveness for your

own children shortcomings you must also

forgive those who have wronged you it is

a powerful reminder that forgiveness is

essential for a life of communion with

me and with our fellow human beings it

is important to understand that

forgiveness does not necessarily mean

reconciliation with those who have hurt

you sometimes forgiveness is a solitary

act a decision to let go and move

forward even if the other person does

not apologize or acknowledge their

wrongdoing it is a gift you give to

yourself a chance for peace and healing

be like the prodigal son who was

welcomed with open arms by the loving

father even after he had made mistakes

and sinned just as the father forgave

his son I am also ready to forgive you

regardless of what you have done my love

for you is unconditional and eternal and

nothing can separate you from it amidst

the complexities of life it is easy to

be weighed down by resentment and

bitterness however it is important to

remember that forgiveness is a gift it

is an act of courage and compassion that

frees both the offender and the victim

forgiveness is not easy but it is

powerful remember that forgiveness is

not a one-time event but a continuous

process it may require time and effort

but every step taken towards forgiveness

brings a sense of relief and freedom as

you release the burden of resentment you

make space for love compassion and joy

in your life

do not underestimate the power of

forgiveness to transform lives and

restore relationships forgiveness is a

journey and it may take time and effort

to fully reach it sometimes it may be

necessary to forgive repeatedly As Old

Wounds reservice but know that I am by

your side every step of the way guiding

you with my grace and strengthening you

with my love as it is written in


bear with each other and forgive

one another other if any of you has a

grievance against someone forgive as the

Lord forgave you forgiveness is a sacred

Commandment that emanates from my

unconditional love for you just as I

grant forgiveness to each of you

regardless of your faults and mistakes I

ask that you practice the same towards

one another may my peace which surpasses

all understanding be with you as you

tread the path of forgiveness know that

I am always with you enveloping you in

my unconditional love and sustaining you

with my divine grace understand that

forgiveness is not just an act of Mercy

but also a demonstration of humility and

Love by forgiving one another you

reflect my grace and kindness forgive as

you have been forgiven for only through

forgiveness can you experience the

fullness of my grace and live in true

communion with one another always

remember that I forgive you infinitely

and I ask you to follow my example

forgiving one another with the same

unconditional love may the act of

forgiveness be a blessing to your souls

and a source of peace and Harmony in

your hearts


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