Forget if you don’t need me| God Says


my dear child believe in my word and

your past will be left

behind the sorrow you feel today will

vanish and never return if you truly

believe in my power to perform

Supernatural Miracles so hold fast to

this Faith ask of me and I will grant

you what you seek commit your plans your

desires your dreams to me and I will

support you cry out to me and I will

answer seek Refuge under my shadow when

you are overwhelmed with tension I have

come to lift your burdens and bring

peace to your heart do not view me as a

distant figure to me you are immensely

precious and vitally

important step outside gaze up at the

Sun that illuminates your path and the

clouds that provide respit from the heat

these are reminders that you are of

Great Value to me the entire Cosmos the

heavens the Earth the universe the Stars

was crafted for your delight and to

affirm your

blessedness yet I know there are times

when you feel trapped moments when life

appears void of

meaning you encounter numerous

challenges and conflicts and it may seem

as if there is no Escape that despite

your fervent prayers the blessings I

have promised remain just Out Of

Reach today I ask you to relinquish any

lingering doubts to me and find comfort

in My

Embrace let my love be evident right

where you are as you confront

challenging circumstances today you will

sense my presence my words will soothe

your sorrow and dispel your worries my

love will clarify your vision and within

your home Harmony will flourish I will

unveil a future filled with peace and

serenity for

you the trials you endure are not

without purpose they are designed to

fortify your spirit and deepen your

faith enabling you to understand me more

intimately and to grasp the reality of


omnipotence recognize that nothing is

beyond my

capability furthermore I am not a

passive observer in your life I’m

actively involved in guiding and shaping


journey as you navigate through your day

remember that each step you take is

orchestrated by my hand trust that I am

engineering circumstances not just to

challenge you but to prepare you for

greater things the difficulties you face

today are crafting you into a stronger

more resilient individual capable of

confronting whatever lies ahead with

confidence and

Grace in your moments of Doubt remember

the Miracles I have performed throughout

history which are testimonies of my my

unending power and love allow these

memories to renew your hope and

invigorate your faith call upon me in

your times of need and I will respond

with the might of Heaven you are never

alone for my spirit dwells within you

providing continual guidance and

Assurance so take heart and remain

steadfast in your faith the promises I

have made are sure and my timing is

perfect while the Fulfillment of my

blessings may not always align with your

expectations know that what I provide is

always what is best for

you continue to walk in faith uphold my

teachings and embrace the love that I


freely in doing so you will find not

only the strength to endure but also the

joy in every part of your journey with

me through my death on the cross and my

resurrection I offer you Eternal


but also you are seated at my right hand

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