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find your strength message from God the


message son take a moment set aside all

the distractions the world insists on

offering you silence the persistent

voices in your mind the doubts Weighing

on your heart now it’s time to open up

to surrender to my voice coming to you

in this moment it is I your heavenly

father allow yourself to listen for the

words I bring to you or to bestow my

greatest blessings come do not be

stubborn hear my voice and stop ignoring

my words stop distressing yourself over

what’s beyond your control I’m not here

to judge you or revisit your past my

sole desire is to restore you heal your

wounds and show that your strength is

visible and you have yet to identify it

all of this so that your life aligns

with my purposes with me you can walk in

blessings and Achieve success I want

your dreams to come true so you can

enjoy a full and meaningful life you

seek a purpose a direction a meaning

that transcends the circumstances of

this world I understand I created you

with a purpose with a perfect plan with

an unwavering love and now in this

moment I invite you to dive deeper into

my presence to lose yourself in my arms

of love to trust in my sovereignty over

your life clear your mind of negative

thoughts set aside doubts and avoid

transgressions remove everything that

limits the ability I’ve placed in you

for such things only lead to ruin

anxiety and fear do not allow the voices

of your adversary to control your life

bring all your problems to me dedicate

your life to prayer surrender your

concerns to me and I will lead you down

A New Path a path for which you were

destined in addition to trusting in me

son it is essential that you take care

of yourself in all aspects of your life

just as a gardener tends to his plan so

they may flourish you must care for

yourself to flourish on your journey

firstly dedicate time every day to

connect with me set aside moments for

prayer for reading my word and for

silent reflection it is in this Sacred

Space that you will find strength wisdom

and peace to face the challenges that

arise on your path my beloved Son take

care of your physical and mental health

your body is the Temple of the Holy SP

spirit and it’s important that you keep

it healthy healthy and strong also make

sure to carve out some time for rest and

relaxation likewise take care of your

mind by steering clear of negative

thoughts and cultivating an attitude of


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