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my beloved child pause for a moment and hear this message with the depth of your being I beckon you to lend me just a

brief instance of your treasured time immerse yourself fully in each word I speak letting the world’s distractions

fade away the message I bring to you today transcends all Earthly worries

stay with me a little longer share your deepest feelings Let Me Gently lift the

burdens of sorrow and sadness from your s in my loving Embrace I offer you a

Peace So profound a calm so complete open your heart to me allow yourself to

be enveloped in my care my words are not idle nor are my promises Hollow my

intention is to raise your spirits to paint a smile on your face each Dawn as you seek my presence I love you this is

the heart of my message you know of this love you you believe in it but now I urge you to truly live in this Divine

love to ReDiscover Joy I have always been with you and always will be in my hands you are safe your path certain

hold this truth firm in your heart my arms are forever open to you ready to

listen to your prayers and pleas as each new day begins open your eyes take a deep breath feel my presence surrounding

you I relish our morning dialogues where you come to me with boldness and Faith

trusting that I will attend to your every need lean on me when life storms rage around you when you find yourself

surrounded by trials and conflicts resist the pull of worry stand firm

Against The Whispers of fear your faith in me is well placed I Will Never Let You Down treasure my word remember it

recall how I have delivered you before how I saved you from foes rescued you

from death’s grip and freed you from danger even in the darkest hours When

Hope seemed distant I returned with my mighty word I wrought Miracles there are

endless wonders yet to unfold in your life place your heart in my hands with

unwavering trust let me guide and support you further I yearn to protect you day and night keeping a Vigilant

watch over you do not allow despair to take root in your soul for my love for you is boundless I want you to bask in

my peace and ReDiscover true happiness I see each tear you shed and hear every

prayer you whisper especially those seeking protection and help for your loved ones often you selflessly pray for

others setting aside your own needs this display of worship and gratitude touches

my heart deeply as you approach me maintain this Spirit of reverence even

if you hold back your requests know that I am ready to shower you with blessings

far beyond your imagination stand firm in your faith trust that I will fulfill

all my my promises to you be wary of losing heart when obstacles arise on

your path remember your destiny is safely in my hands you will reach your

goals and your dreams will be realized no power can strip away the blessings destined for you continue to walk with

loyalty and sincerity in your heart seek me each morning and let your first words

be of gratitude and praise do not let negative thoughts dim the light I shine

upon your days embrace the opportunities I bring into your life I will grant you

the Divine gift of insight to see and understand the benevolent plans I have for you desp recent challenges and

uncertainties be assured that no harm will come to you no one will bring you

to shame you will rise above your adversaries and Conquer every threat claim your rightful

place understanding your true identity as a beloved child of the almighty God

no one can challenge or stand against you Victory is already yours recognize

that you are not defeated you have triumphed rejoice in your Victory trust in my unyielding protection I will move

mountains for you you will stand in faith pray with conviction and walk with

steadfast strength in your heart Despair and sorrow have no place in you I’m

aware of the family concerns that weigh heavily on your heart causing distress you may seek moments of rest

Solitude and prayer for your Soul’s relief in these moments my Holy Spirit

Comforts and heals you you were not created for Endless sorrow nor to be

burdened by past mistakes failures and disappointments my love for you is

unwavering when you feel overwhelmed I am here to uplift you you shall not live in defeat your heart is pure and

beautiful do not hide it in Shadow step into the light let your face glow with joy and rejoice in my name

Jesus you are my cherished child a beacon of my love I have performed

countless miracles for you and will continue to manifest Supernatural wonders in your life to truly convey the

depth of your importance to me I have been impressing upon you that Despair

and Retreat are no longer options for you you are like a Trailblazer cutting

through challenges and creating paths into the realm of blessings I have prepared for you I am expanding your

spiritual understanding so you can see your vital role as a forebearer of future Generations there are countless

Souls who will be touched by your steadfast Faith do not be disheartened if you feel unnoticed today nor by the

trials that may cause you pain value the gifts and blessings I bestow upon you

each has its purpose and I am in complete control your attitude is crucial your faith and

how you choose to believe will lift you to new heights when you feel weak Feast

on my words kneel and pray when you feel drained when you look to the heavens

know that I am there and also within your heart my blessings are not far off

they are before you and your mountains of problems will crumble your adversaries are already defeated tell me

now do you believe in me do you love love me with your affirmation I will

perform a profound Miracle Within you I offer you three vital instructions to

soothe your soul and ease your anxieties Heed These words let them resonate

within you bringing peace throughout your day first

Surrender Your Heart to me completely without reservation or fear my plan is

to Grant you eternal life and joy I do not wish to inflict suffering or trials

my my design for you is one of prosperity blessing and a life filled with love I long to Encompass you but I

need your total commitment kneel before me each day offering yourself to do my will placing

your full trust in me doubts may come and challenges may arise but my word is

the anchor of your faith giving you the strength to endure yet if your heart is

only partially given or only only in times of comfort your faith will waver without a firm anchor you will be

lost in the storm carried to lands of Despair and doubt I speak to you with a gentle voice

but you must listen without me at the center of your heart your thoughts will be scattered your emotions

turbulent some days will bring joy others sorrow without me reigning in your heart instability will prevail you

need not endure such Strife I ask only for your heart and belief let your loyalty and Faith grow never diminish

let them move forward always progressing decide now take this pivotal step

surrender your life to me for eternity each day that passes is not a day lost

but a day gained for you will be with me forever more together we will Marvel at

the extraordinary wonders of creation surpassing all you have ever imagined or hoped for Abundant Blessings

will shower upon you your family will be United thriving in unison and Harmony my

blessings will reach you rendering your enemies powerless those who seek to harm you will turn away and defeat the reward

for choosing to follow me is an eternal Triumph a victory that is already yours

Your Role is to offer your heart your faith Your Allegiance I urge you to do this today

raise your hands if you can or simply close your eyes and dedicate a moment to me start by expressing deep heartfelt

gratitude reflect on each blessing those from yesterday and even the small things that give you strength and reason to

continue forward without faltering offer your gratitude wholeheartedly even if it seems you have

little to be thankful for for this act will heal your soul lifting the veil

that has clouded your vision a New Horizon will unfold before you revealing

the Myriad blessings that have already embraced you and those that have always been and there enriching your life and

happiness giving you purpose and resilience yes challenges and hardships will persist but upon closer

inspection you’ll see the wisdom and insight gained from each ordal and how

your faith has grown stronger do it now express your gratitude to me let me hear

The Melody of your voice your words of thankfulness be grateful for Life the air you breathe your family and even

your current circumstances however impr perfect they may seem soon I will provide the answers and the Escape A New

Path leading you to where you need to be but but for now express your gratitude

here and now be thankful in moments of joy and in times of Sorrow appreciate the trials the

failures and the bitter experiences look in the mirror and give thanks for yourself your attitude of gratitude

holds immense power and starting today you will begin to witness miracles and significant transformations in your life

many around you may be laughing yet their souls are in anguish their hearts Teeter on the brink of

surrender as they search for a true purpose reach out to them share the miracle of Love within your heart talk

about the joy that fills you and all the good that my presence brings into lives as you spread love I surround you with

peace Harmony prosperity and blessings free from worries or debts free from

tensions in this new day know that I heard your prayer last night before you slept I saw the tears in your eyes felt

your thoughts pressing into your pillow I was there in your fear and you called out to me for courage strength peace and

security to face life’s challenges now as you awaken to this new day stand tall

and empowered feeling the Rejuvenation of your spirit gone are the days of fragility and despair in their place

courage now resides to face any any challenge that looms large where fear once lurked Faith now dwells where once

timidity rained now courage takes hold yesterday

uncertainty shook your legs as you pondered the potential misfortunes but today you stand unshakable and

determined ready to overcome you must rise and Forge ahead within your spirit

I am igniting a burning desire for victory trust in my power for it was I who guided you here

and it is I who Empower you to conquer and Triumph over Myriad challenges the

hurdles you encounter might seem daunting but always remember they are no match for my

might if I have led you to this place I will not forsake you in every struggle

battle and conflict you face I am steadfast Lie by your side through my strength and love you are more than

Victorious each giant that stands against you is destined to fall

I impart to you the resolve and determination to overcome every adversity your mission is to conquer

these challenges to live in prosperity and peace now turn your focus away from your

worries and look to me this journey is all part of a grander plan plan

strengthen your faith with my words fill your heart with my promises and let all fears fade in the light of my presence

you can face anything and emerge victorious in every challenged step forward today

bolstered by my love at Day end converse with me again we will talk and I will

bestow upon you a special blessing arise walk and engage in battle with the strength of my Holy Spirit in

confrontation you are invincible you are not feeble you are imbued with strength

you carry my love and faith remember all things are possible for those who believe I love you and all will be well

trust in my perfect timing for I yearn to bless you I am preparing your path

arranging everything so that at the right moment you will receive your awaited blessing without comp

application or surprise I grant you peace and patience use them wisely do

not react impulsively under emotional pressure do not make major decisions without consulting me avoid entangling

yourself in complexities and misunderstandings steer clear of false friends through this message I assure

you of my help please wait patiently do not rush into debt you have sufficient I

do not wish for you to bind your future soon your life will shine brighter and you will feel my grace and kindness I

will break the chains that bind you liberating you from dependence on others you and I will decide the New

Path you must take this is our secret a PCT between you and me for now maintain

Silence about your plans and projects keep to yourself what we plan to achieve together for there are those around you

filled with envy and indiscretion they might mock you as they have in the past and attempt to

discourage you by reminding you of your previous failures in the past you acted

prematurely embarking on Ventures not aligned with my plan

destined to crumble as they were not founded on firm ground you built dreams on unstable Sands and when the tide of

troubles conflicts and scarcity came in these plans dissolved you expended so

much time and energy left feeling dejected disheartened breathless and

lacking the will to carry on but today your heart is renewed trusting fully in

me in all your future endeavors you will find success as I have said I will bless

you abundantly opportunities will arise and the burdens that weigh on you will be

lifted I will influence the the hearts of those around you friends family

judges authorities so they view you with favor and support your cause do not fear

the actions of others as long as you place your trust in me and act with Integrity no one will

be able to stand against you those who try will be overcome and unable to Rise Against you others will

retreat in fear and many will think twice before opposing you you or your family know that I’m with you every day

until the end of time my words will bring healing to you the power that flows from my voice is enough to breathe

life into you and lift you up you may feel Unworthy of my presence in your

home but at this moment your faith and humility have drawn my attention I

desire to enter not just your home but your heart where I will inscribe my healing words with my touch I will break

the chains that bind you erasing your pain fear anxiety and suffering they

will all vanish for even the heavens respond to my voice I speak to you directly because I long to see you

joyful at peace and confident in the knowledge that you have a bright future and a new life

ahead when you spend time with me it allows me to embrace you and reassure you of My reality my deep love for you

and my protection against evil this is the the Legacy

I wish to bestow upon you in life today believe in me wholeheartedly and accept it do not continue to believe that you

are condemned to suffer the consequences of past sins you live in a troubled world but it is a world I’ve overcome

you are a child of the almighty God and this promise is yours trust and have

faith in me with every step you take in this world and its tribulations you too

shall Triumph I see you Weeping at times unsure of the reason I

will reveal to you the cause of this sorrow it is a deep yearning to return to me your heart misses me your spirit

Longs for me and your entire being knows that without me you are incomplete life may feel like it’s

slipping away but you have yet to experience the peace and joy you’ve been waiting for as you watch your loved ones

drifting further away each day remember I am right here beside you beside me

flows a fountain of blessings its Waters quenching your thirst and washing away all sorrow drink from this water cleanse

your head and let go of those melancholic thoughts you will never thirst again this is my promise to you

your faith has borne fruit my word has healed you you welcome me into your home

and here I will stay guarding and blessing your family bestowing upon you more than you can fathom

today I sense a hint of sadness in your eyes I see the weariness in your

expression and understand your need for strength to forge ahead with courage

come confidently to me there’s no reason for you to spend your days devoid of motivation or hope I am your father not

in some distant realm but right beside you always there even even when you momentarily lose a sight of

me take my hand now rice and let’s walk through the corridors of your thoughts share with me your your fears the Recons

for your despair while you contemplate abandoning your destiny the world can be

harsh as a child your eyes sparkled with curiosity and hope you offered your pure smile

freely but later deceptions and betrayals dimmed your hope stifled your

laughter and broke your spirit Your Love dim trust faded and belief in me

wained but trust me now I understand you as intimately as I know the stars in the sky just as I called each Star by name I

am aware of every burden you carry every minor ache we speak the same language and I know exactly what will comfort you

as we walk let me tell you of a place where you are deeply loved in this place you

are recognized and valued in your true Essence every moment of your life whether day or night you are watched

over with love in this place every need of your soul is fulfilled here you are

truly yourself a child child of the omnipotent made in the image of the creator of the universe never forget

this if you stumble again remember that in the most beautiful place in the entire universe there is a specy special

place reserved just for you nothing can ever remove you from there yes deep

within my heart you are Safeguard with all the rights of my child you can come

and speak with me every morning even if you feel unworthy do not be misled by my

blood I have redeemed your life and from this place no force can ever remove you

even if the entire universe shakes nothing can snatch you away nothing can

sever you from my love you remain steadfast continuing to fight alive and

resilient you have chosen to believe in my promises and this fills you with Divine Supernatural strength nothing can

overcome you no one can defeat you hold on to these words and continue to withstand the Relentless assaults that

the enemy used uses to try and scare you to make you forsake your dreams but he will not Prevail you belong to me with

my mighty hand I protect you with my shining sword I defend you your Victory

is always found in my word look into the mirror of my promises and know that you

are cherished and valued by me the toughest battle is against your own

emotions which can sometimes Miss lead you into feeling and thinking things that aren’t true and could bring you

down do not be swayed by fleeting emotions do not believe that you are defeated by the problems you see do not

be overwhelmed by fear from bad news or seemingly negative situations for I am

always in control of your life I work all things for the good of those I love

and you are among my cherished ones with my blood I have cleansed you with my

spirit I have filled you I have empowered you to be all that you can be cling to me

with a sincere heart always seeking refuge in my love and now as you embrace my word be assured that even your

mistakes will be turned to your advantage you will not suffer anymore your family will prosper as time passes

you will witness your growth the Fulfillment of your dreams and the realization of the plans I have for you

at times you will inevitably feel weariness it’s it’s common when challenges cast Dark Shadows clouding

your vision and obscuring your path you might feel overcome but no this is not

your truth in The Darkest Hours I will be your guide fear not my cherished

child for your father who adores you will never abandon you now tell me do

you believe in me do you find comfort in My Embrace I am the unique holy and

Supernatural solution to all your troubles I am your God your savior the one who

opens doors and clears your path I am your provider your Shield your life and

future rest in my hands you and your family are wrapped in my loving Embrace today you feel my presence in a real and

Powerful way you’ve awaited my voice and you’ve come with a humble grateful heart

ready to listen Embrace these words keep them close the hardship you faced

yesterday today walk with confidence and Faith even if your physical eyes can’t

see me feel my presence believe in me trust in the Miracles and wonders I can

bring into your life and that of your family reach out to me and I will lead you gently and lovingly on a sacred

Journey where my will prevails the storms will quieten the Seas will calm

at the sound of my voice as you walk enveloped in a cloak of protection so deep will your peace and

security be that the noises of the night won’t disturb you don’t let the world’s

confusion alter your course keep hold of my hand stay focused each day is a

valuable chance to continue fighting the past’s problems false discouragements and

complaints should be cast from your mind you no longer need to carry burdens that hinder your renewal start with your

words avoid harming yourself with negative speech don’t plant seeds of defeat in your own life

let wisdom and uplifting words flow from your lips refuse to believe the enemy’s lie that change is impossible that your

future is doomed to failure and difficulty that your destiny is depression and

obscurity with me there are no impossibilities cling to this truth

regardless of what unfolds your life your future your character your finances your marital situation your family

disputes no matter how challenging I can can transform them if you ask me today I

will begin I’m not promising an easy Journey but I am offering my support my

strength and my power I love you and I wish for your well-being the Miracles

you need I am willing and able to perform believe in this believe in me

carrying the cross on my back was purposeful enduring the harshest torment on the cross was not for not I was aware

that one day I would be born to navigate through lashes and Scorn you tooo have

experienced much suffering inflicted by others but today I will remove all all

traces of discouragement and frustration from your heart I have already endured suffering and given my

life Rising again so that you might have the chance for an abundant liberated and

joyful eternal life believe in my word so that your mind may be truly

transformed and a stream of pure thoughts May flow where once there was

confusion where there was sadness let Joy Prevail where there was depression

let a strong desire to live arise love and forgive yourself for I have long since forgotten your mistakes and trust

me with your heart my child let your eyes follow my path you will battle and

SE in this world where you are a traveler but my blessing is your ultimate

Destiny I ask you earnestly once more give me your heart today and I will fill

it with joy I will lift the burdens that that have saddened your countenance

granting you the strength to finally overcome the challenges that have plagued you since childhood you know of

what I speak you understand what it is I have loved you as you are but I have

chosen you for victory to conquer to lead others towards their

Destinies so that many may see how my will can be accomplished in someone like you with a simple and pure heart it may

seem overwhelming to accept such spiritual wealth what I offer you is Not

Mere material riches accept it humbly and fill yourself with courage for I

will bring about many changes in your surroundings I am your life give me the

opportunity to show that I can completely transform you to the point where Others May scarcely recognize you

amazed at your deter termination strength and happiness accept my invitation give me your heart today and

I will begin a significant transformation within you your family and you will be encompassed by Harmony

peace and blessings I will lead you out of the storm Victorious I love you and

right now wherever you are I want you to feel it your heart is being filled with

this beautiful profound emotion that instills Joy joy and dispels your sorrow

feel the burden lifting from your back sense the lightness in your step and the

Newfound strength to continue rise for you cannot give up now you are on the

brink of Triumph even when the storms Bellow in the winds shake you even when

the Sea’s waves crash against you trying to topple you under my wings I protect

you and my hand keeps you safe I too no pain I understand the feeling of

betrayal by those you trusted the piercing of your soul by the nails of of

hatred and the lashing of your back by the whips of compassionless I know what it means to

love unto death and to give your heart amidst disdain I

empathize I intimately understand the feelings within you you are important to me when your tears flow freely and your

soul is burdened with sorrow and anxiety I will not judge you in your moments of

vulnerability I want you to understand that only I can help you when danger is

near Cast Away thoughts of death and defeat the darkness has passed and now

you can walk with Assurance on this day I have revitalized you your joy strengthened your faith and

embedded Promises of trust in your heart I have given you a new vision A Renewed

desire founded on my word do not spend your energy trying to convince those who

aim to discourage you no words or arguments will sway them they refuse to

see your perspective and will ridicule your faith once more you do not need

these mockers to progress on your path you are moving towards Victory while they walk towards defeat their fate

already sealed if you feel lonely if you think you need the support of another remember

that you have me but have faith and patience for I will soon bring the right person into your life you are of great

significance to me I care for you deeply value you and protect you I love you

soon Victory will be within your reach I am never late I always arrive precisely

when you need me the most at the perfect moment the weight might be challenging and dwelling on potential outcomes is

causing you inir turmoil thus I urge you to release the burdens you carry on your shoulders with

such anguish living in distress about the future is not the life I have planned for you do not lower your gaze

or be cited tracked by your worries and thoughts I have promised to work miracles in your life to open doors for

you I am always with you and I do not deceive the days and nights are under my command I see your struggles to sleep

worrying about things that I already hold in my control when worry approaches

stand against it when anxiety tries to overwhelm you declare boldly that there is no fear in

your heart because you have chosen to trust in your best friend your God witness how your fears dissipate and

your soul is freed from its chains soon you will Revel in my peace live life to

its fullest and find true happiness amidst the struggle remember my soothing

voice reminding you that my hand is upon your shoulder in any challenge I will

provide the strength you need tell me that you believe in me obey me if I have

convinced you to return to my word it will fill you with my promises and in

challenging times you will believe in me you have not fought this hard to give up

now I speak to you today to fill you with faith courage and strength to teach you to wait patiently even when your

spirit waines from the prolonged waiting calm your heart reassure it that there

is nothing to fear the control of your life your dreams and your destiny is in

the hands of your loving father the world’s winds may try to make you forget those times when I have always been

there for you but I command those winds and storms to cease now I love you I

have never failed you nor will I ever I am here ready to reach out my hand and rescue you respond with your heart who

loves you more than I do I see your trials they’re challenging I witness your struggles your efforts and your

despair remember it’s in the toughest situations where I show my faithfulness today’s greatest

achievement is your belief in me and you’re seeking me out reflect on your life the challenges you face the battles

fought the endurance shown and yet you stand strong How brave you are your

attitude pleases and moves me remember I have never abandoned you Others May

think your triumphs were mere luck but my powerful hand was behind each Victory

the this message is to remind you not to worry do not let fear steal your dreams

don’t be afraid to dream big and step into battle knowing I can help make your plans a reality reflect on your bravery

throughout your life recall situations that seemed insurmountable yet you

overcame them since you entrusted your life to me you have not lost a battle so

let your heart rest and continue to trust and I know it’s sometimes hard to stay calm and keep faith

especially when everything seems to go wrong and conflicts threaten to overwhelm you but in those times Shield

your ears from the voices of adversity ignore the threats of fear and insecurity keep walking and trusting in

my promises you are dearly loved by me before your birth I had planned

something magnificent for your life I have always prepared something extraordinary for you I will never

abandon a child in in need I have been protecting your life in a special way

caring for every detail every second I am always there do not let sorrow take

up more space in your heart fill it with joy and continue walking with eyes of faith for victory is certain and what I

have prepared for you is beyond your imagination I love you










































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