EVERYTHING YOU NEED WILL COME IN DUE TIME | Message From God | The Blessed Message

everything you need will come in due

time message from God the Blessed

message son have you ever wondered why

certain events occur in your life why

certain doors close While others swing

wide open today I wish to share

something with you that may seem

unexpected but will surely touch your

heart have you ever pondered the true

nature of your prayers and the power

they hold allow me to reveal something

you may have never considered before I

hope you welcome me into your home

through these words and my presence in

your life for I am bringing this message

to you with all the love I have have for

you are you ready to receive the

Revelation I have for you the one that

will transform your life and your

perception of the world around you then

set aside all distractions open your

heart and pay close attention now I’m

not sure if you’ve noticed my son but

often teams the answers to your prayers

don’t come in the way you expect this is

because the universe holds its own

wisdom a Divine intelligence that

transcends human understanding sometimes

what you desire is not what you truly

need and it is through my seemingly

silent responses that you will discover

the true wealth that resides within

yourself I come to ask you to trust in

the wisdom that dwells in every fiber of

your being your prayers are not in vain

they are the bridge that connects the

finite night to the infinite the human

to the Divine and by surrendering to the

flow of life and the Divine will you

will find a peace that surpasses all

understanding a joy that overflows from

your heart into the world around you

throughout your life I have watched

every moment with unconditional love and

careful attention your prayers uttered

with sincerity and humility resonate in

the corridors of the Divine in a way you

may have never imagined you may not not

have realized but every word every sigh

of Faith Echoes through the celestial

spheres reaching my ears like a Heavenly

Melody perhaps you have felt lost amidst

life storms questioning the meaning of

your existence or for the value of your

prayers but I am here to tell you that

every word directed to me is like a

raindrop that nourishes the parched

Earth of your being watering it with

hope and renewal my beloved Son know

that your prayers are not in vain for

each one is a bridge that connects the

finite to the infinite the human to the

Divine trust in me trust in the process

and you will see that even the darkest

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