Everything Will Be Fine | Gods Message Today

my beloved child I want you to

understand that everything will be all

right have faith in me I aware of the

anxieties burdening your heart and I

urge you to hand them over to me your

faith in me is your source of power

you’ve extended your hand to me so allow

me to lead you towards verdant postures

I yearn to satisfy the deepest desires

of your soul with my Divine love and

gentle care do not be intimidated by

potential challenges you will remain

steadfast and I will always hold on to

you I know there have been moments when

you felt fragile which is why I am

reaching out to you directly my dear

child I am with you in moments of

confusion and despair take time to find

solace in my presence don’t fret over

the uncertain future or the the Troubles

of the world instead focus on what truly

matters your family your spiritual

journey and enriching your soul with my

teachings pray perform good deeds and

show Mercy to those who wrong you even

if they persist in their

mistreatment if they harm you again

demonstrate that your love is profound

just as I showed my love through my

sacrifice for you be be ready to

advocate for your family’s relationship

with me to welcome blessings and to

embrace Freedom amidst Global unrest and

threats of conflict maintain your prayer

routine list your loved ones in your

prayer journal and share with me your

aspirations for them while I already

know their stories and thoughts I

encourage you to engage your faith and

learn to pray for what truly matters

While others may be perturbed by the

signs they observe you and your family

should remain Fearless for I always with

you and will never forsake you be

proactive While others succumb to fear

you will witness profound Miracles trust

in my teachings for with me nothing is

impossible I cherish you deeply and am

delighted by your Devotion to me trust

in me especially during these

challenging times do not let threats or

challenges disrupt your peace and

confidence I feel compassion when I see

you in distress and your sincere heart

touches me deeply as I have promised

before I will bless you because it is my

desire tell me you are ready to accept

my blessings and hold them dear remember

even in your sorrowful moments I hold

you with within my secure Embrace

covering you with my sacred protection I

love you

wholeheartedly you are my child and I am

committed to fulfilling my promises I

have always been with you and will never

abandon you even during turbulent times

my plans for you surpass your own and my

enduring thoughts will guide you to a

place of peace and prosperity life may

present challenges but facing them with

Faith and Hope will transform your

existence seek me in the morning

throughout your day and before you

retire at night bow before me for I

value your earnest attention you may not

realize it now but the heavens celebrate

when you praise and pray with

conviction asking for protection against

diseases and calamities for your family

when you pray with assurance that they

will never be forsaken listen to my

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