Entrust your journey to me * Divine Dialogue tv Today* God Message For You * Gods Message Now

be filled with the Holy Spirit now God’s

message for you God’s message now my

beloved child the time for wonders

hasn’t ended my words remain powerful

and Alive my Holy Spirit surrounds you

and keeps filling you up I know you’re

in a tough spot and really need me but

don’t be scared or upset I’m right here

with you even if it feels impossible to

you and your loved ones that a miracle

can happen

I will honor your faith and devotion

your steadfast trust and patience in

waiting for me will be rewarded with a

miracle on its way the blessing you’ve

been hoping for will come and when it

arrives I want you to embrace and

cherish it because it will be even more

wonderful and greater than you asked for

I’m excited to bless you my dear child

here’s what I ask of you stand up and be

courageous just like the faithful ones

who followed me long ago you too can

perform one e heal the unwell command

the skies to gather clouds and unleash a

downpour of blessings to end these

trying times but what’s most essential

is the love that fills you Shields you

and changes your life in extraordinary

ways if it’s a miracle you seek then a

miracle you shall receive you’re walking

the path of belief shaping the future

with hope in your heart the invisible

becomes VI visible through through my

sacred words my promises come true the

things that seem unattainable you will

do embrace the mindset of a Victor bold

steadfast hard-working patient with

humility and pure thoughts I am with

those who have simple Faith who don’t

chase after their own benefit but yearn

to conquer their struggles dedicate

their lives to me and follow my guidance

through you I will enact one wonders

greater and more powerful than you can

envision you will receive it wait

patiently for this process is preparing

you to receive wisdom and strength you

will see it you will feel it in your

heart when the moment arrives and on the

day you receive your blessing kneel down

remove the shoes from your feet for the

ground you tread is Holy I’ll talk to

you once more about what’s ahead and the

things you’re going to do don’t lose

hope your time of Triumph is near tell

me you trust in me walk bes guide me

though the storm rages find safety In My

Embrace Your Faith might wobble with the

gusts but remember I get you I’m your

God and your Confidant your moments of

Gloom won’t bring my judgment and it’s

crucial you know that I am the one who

can Aid you when threats Loom never

Pledge Your unending loyalty to

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