Draw Near To Me | God Says

[Music] my dear child if you seek affection count on me when loneliness overwhelms you reach

out your hand to me trust in my unwavering love I will never leave nor

abandon you my love encircles you as you listen to my voice my words heal you and

my promises uplift you give me a moment share your needs and feelings with me I

understand when you feel misunderstood for I am here to listen come to me for understanding now

for I know you deeply and my voice confirms it feel my warm embrace overflowing with

affection and love I hear everything you say without judgment I know your mistakes but my

purpose is not to punish you My Sacrifice on the cross grants you a new chance eternal life and the strength to

overcome any trial feel the certainty that my presence is with you

always smile look in the mirror and see how your smile lights up your face

revealing the New Horizon I place before you your life is transforming you sense

it already daily you receive countless blessings as you read these words feel

my presence surrounding and strengthening you lift your hands and speak to me with love tell me why you

care for me draw closer to me each day letting your heart fill with joy and

optimism I am your guide and support never to disappoint you watch as

wonderful things unfold on your path have faith in me I will always be by

your side no matter what you face or decide I want you to live fully and

happily sometimes those around you may not meet your expectations promises are

broken and plans fall apart people change and instead of love you may face

disdain from those who claim to care for you but hear me now I will always be

with you no matter what happens around you even if your father or mother abandon you even if everyone fails you I

am faithful here and now forever I will never withhold my

affection from you my love for you is immense and I will ensure no one takes

away your joy or the blessings you deserve what I have prepared for you

will arrive in its perfect time trust in me maintain hope and be

ready to receive happiness I will bring it to your home hold firm to my

promise do not place your heart entirely in the hands of others especially those who do not speak the

truth my support is all you need if you seek love or companionship I am

here if you seek Comfort feel my warm embrace surrounding you my presence is

with you watching over you day and night though you may not see or feel me

I am always there I listen to everything you say and know your flaws but I am not here to

reproach you my sacrifice was to give you another chance and my resurrection is proof that

there is is always hope smile for that smile is my gift each time you read my

words let them fill your heart and give you the strength to believe in the impossible face your problems with the

courage I give you do not let any conflict drown you in sadness or

depression remember this never forget there is always hope and another chance

for those who love me listen to me and truly trust in me for those who do not give in to

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