Don’t Skip Me| God Message Today For You| God helps| Jesus affirmation

dearest son cherished daughter allow me

to pour out the depths of my heart to

you I wish to convey the boundless love

and unwavering concern I hold for you

today I earnestly urge you not to

overlook me nor to continue on your path

without acknowledging my presence in

your life my heart aches when you drift

away from me consumed by the Whirlwind

of routine and the distractions of the

world I yearn for a profound connection

with you Desiring to be intricately

woven into every facet of your existence

I refuse to be relegated to the

background forgotten or dismissed if

only you could comprehend the depth of

my love for you the extent to which I

desire your well-being and

happiness my love for you runs so

profoundly that mere words fail to

capture its Essence each beat of my

heart resonates with unconditional love

and an Ardent longing for you my beloved

Son my cherished daughter I implore you

not to close your ears to my plea do not

let the clamor of the world and the

voices around you drown out my

voice in my love you will discover

Solace Direction and purpose in my

presence you will find a peace that

surpasses human understanding I’m

willing to share my heart with you if

only you choose to open yours to me

regardless of how far you may have

strayed or how many mistakes you’ve made

my love remains constant and my grace is

sufficient to cover all your

transgressions today I extend an

invitation to you to pause and reflect

to heed the gentle Whisper Of My Voice

Within You permit me to delve into the

depths of your being and transform your

life do not wait until it’s too late

until you find yourself a drift and

despondent if only you allow me entrance

I will share my heart with you offering

solace in times of tribulation strength

in moments of weakness and hope in times

of disp spare my love has the power to

fill the voids in your soul and give you

a reason to

live do not disregard me my dear son my

dear daughter do not spurn my love and

my invitation allow me to be the focal

point of your life The Guiding Light on

this uncertain journey in me you will

find a peace and joy that the world can

never provide today I implore you to

open your heart and let my love embrace

you there is no greater privilege than

experiencing communion with your creator

no greater blessing than walking in my

love and my light do not ignore me

beloved Son beloved daughter for in me

you will find everything your heart

desires and more my love for you

transcends words patiently awaiting to

transform your life if you are ready to

receive the Divine blessings reserved

for you today signify with an amen in

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