Don’t make me cry|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

don’t make me cry God message today for

you God helps Jesus affirmation in the

boundless expanse of time’s tapestry a

heartfelt plea resonates echoing with

unwavering devotion love a river Unbound

flows with Relentless commitment

yearning I implore you to heed the call

that eminates from my soul’s depths time

Relentless urges us to cease this

fleeting moment before it dissipates my

love steadfast and eternal awaits

acknowledgement do not let distractions

fear you as AR Ray from our destined

Union with each passing day a rift

widens separating us from the communion

we cow CE the present shape Destiny’s

course and banish the Spectre of regret

grant me a place within your Soul’s

Chambers and let our love endure against

time’s Relentless March amid life’s

turbulence find renewal and Redemption

Embrace This Moment cast aside mundanity

and bask in divine grace let our love be

an unwavering Beacon guiding us towards

Eternal Joy respond with unwavering

resolve to Love’s Embrace delay not for

time waits for none Embrace this moment

for within it lies the promise of

Eternal Bliss and boundless love in the

grand tapestry of Eternity our souls

entwine weaving a symphony of love that

reverberates through the cosmos with

each beat of my heart I Feel The Echoes

of our connection resonating across the

expanse of time our love a force

unmatched by any any other flows with

the Unstoppable Vigor of a mighty River

carving its path Through the Ages I

beseech you my beloved to heed the call

that emanates from the depths of my soul

let not the distractions of the world

divert your gaze from the undeniable

truth that binds us together with every

pass in moment the fabric of our bone

grows stronger yet the Spectre of

Separation looms ever larger on the

horizon let us seize this fleeting

instin before it slips through our grasp

like grains of sand in The Hourglass of

Fate within the sanctum of your heart I

yearn to find my refuge where our love

May weather the storms of time

undeterred in the midst of life’s

tumultuous currents let us find solace

in each other’s Embrace and draw

strength from the unbreakable bond that

unites us together we shall transcend

the ordinary and Ascend to Heights of

sublime EX Y where lover is supreme with

unwavering resolve let us answer the

call of love and embark on a journey

that knows no bounds let us intertwine

our Destinies weaving a tapestry of

shared experiences and cherished me

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