Don’t Lose Hope You Are The King | God Message Today |

if you hate Jesus then just keep

scrolling but if you love Jesus then

stick around and watch until the end my

child pay attention to these words that

I say to you for they come from the

depths of my Divine love for you know

that I have watched over you guiding

your steps even in the darkest nights

for I am the light that shines within

you Illuminating the path forward your

wait is over your prayers are being

answered right now the year has SED

the potential to bring about great

changes breakthroughs and miracles I

declare that it’s too late for dazzling

chances and Fresh Starts before this

month ends a reason to enjoy yourself

will be given to you by God you are

about to enter a new season and

blessings are on their way your

financial situation will improve you may

be healed and miracles will happen just

just when you need them God is enriching

your life in ways you can’t even begin

to Fathom pray this now father you are

uniquely suited in January you may leap

with joy since favor and miracles will

become your everyday Delight it means a

lot that you’ve brought the beauty and

stability of your love to me even if I

make mistakes easily I appreciate your

loyalty at this time I choose to lean on

God and trust that is meeting my needs

according to His abundant riches in

glory through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

please costly God eliminate all Paths of

dread and concern strengthen those who

are tired of preserving communicate to

them that you are still committed to

supporting them keep in mind what Paul

said in Philippians

pray constantly and don’t worry

about anything instead talk to God about

what you want always remember to thank

him for the blessings he has already

given you just type yes to confirm Lord

no matter what happens this weekend

remember that God is greater than

everything put your trust in his

strength rather than your own if you

feel overwhelmed give your worries

uncertainties and anxieties to God he

can handle them during this weekend you

you have the opportunity to transform

from a renter to a homeowner from an

employee to an organization from a

borrower to A lender from someone who

feels left out to someone who is

overbooked you may also get the proper

information benefits boom new

possibilities productivity optimism

answers and more healing Fresh Starts

breakthroughs and victory are on the way

remember that pain is temporary but

pleasure is Everlasting this week you

will witness significant changes to your

health process business relationships


finances God is prepared to do great

things in your life God’s kindness

covers all your

transgressions every setback leads to

Healing every loss creates an

opportunity for a fresh start and every

setback is followed by a powerful

recovery the moment has come to welcome

a life brimming with plenty joy and

satisfaction money will effort LLY enter

your way of life providing many chances

with little to no work on your part I am

always at the door of your heart waiting

patiently for the opportunity to enter I

am a loving and merciful god and I want

to be an integral part of your life

directing you every step of the way as

you let me in I will fill you with my

joy Serenity and vitality and your

worries will be replaced with a calm

that is beyond understanding God is

going to shower you with benefits like

never before this week if you stay

connected to him and follow his guidance

Faithfully no matter what challenges

tomorrow brings remember that God is

greater than anything you can imagine

even when you sleep he works

relentlessly for your good let us pray

together father I appreciate how you

regularly push me to rise above and let

go of everything that is in the way of

My Success help me address my

Battlegrounds you have my unwaver ing

belief that I can triumph over any

obstacle and achieve my goals please

grant me your blessings and protection

as we embark on this journey I ask that

you keep our kids safe at school by your

side stand watch while we travel the

roadways our path is also blessed with

healing fresh opportunities and

breakthroughs type Amen to get it like

your almighty God has blessed you with

Divine knowledge and protection the Lord

says Embrace this Divine calling the

love of your father will always shine

like a light enabling you to overcome

any obstacle and carry out your purpose

with Grace and strength the next month

is full of incredible opportunities for

you I can replace your tail with one

that is filled with joy healing and

satisfaction and I swear to provide top

health and Recovery to everyone who asks

for it no illness or trouble is too

great for me to cure your health

relationships and money may all be fixed

with my help in the coming days just

when you think things can’t get any

worse I am here to tell you that I am

like a First Rate physician I can cure

you of whatever ails you and I will

restore your Vitality Serenity of mind

and enthusiasm so that you can carry on

living a full and meaningful life my

child I Am The God Who meets all your

needs and I am about to open the gates

of Heaven to pour out blessings upon on

you remember that I am with you not only

in good times but also in bad I am with

you when you are sick sad or grieving I

sent my beloved Son Jesus Christ to die

on the cross in your place so that you

and I may live forever I am not The God

Who judges or condemns anymore rather I

am the god who gives Grace strength and

guidance to help you through the tough

times know that I am a God who loves you

and does not punish my love and benefits

will soon dispel all the negative things

that have brought you sadness in the

past in their stad you will find

abundant joy laughter and love which may

also serve as my words of repair May

healing and peace bring you comfort and

fulfillment of your desires praise God

aloud in he will bless heal provide

for shield and guide me my precious


I am the one who made the world and

everything in it including the skies the

Earth the water the mountains the sun

and the Stars you have my unwavering

support as I lead console and protect

you keep in mind that you are special to

me and that I will always like you good

things are happening to you without

you’re having to fight for them money is

Flowing to you easily and rapidly you

attract wealth and it is pouring into to

your life in plenty get ready to receive

this blessing and enjoy all the good

things it brings I’m here to heal you he

wants to alleviate any pain you may be

experiencing whether it’s physical

emotional or spiritual he wants to bring

you happiness and prosperity opening

doors that will change your lives for

the better is on the horizon I am the

only one who will strengthen you when

you are weak who will heal you when you

are sick and who will restore peace

peace and love when it seems to have

faded away God says these things now I

have surprises in store for you I have

already arranged for your recovery your

freedom and your riches prepare yourself

for a miraculous season full of triumphs

breakthroughs and the correct Fitness

you’ve been seeking right now the Lord

is changing your life he’s bringing joy

to update your sorrows and change you

from scarcity to plenty I have a Wonder

beautiful beautiful and ideal plan for

your life my little one it will give you

hope for what’s to come it will make you

famous and bring blessings to others

around you it will bring honor to my

call and draw you near to me have faith

that I will swiftly restore your Fitness

relationships and money put your

confidence in me and know that I am

working hard to bring about the

breakthroughs you need whenever you face

difficulties in your lives think back to

the the powerful parable of David and

Goliath David didn’t need to know the

magnitude of Goliath’s might he knew it

already similarly nothing you encounter

today can overcome me nothing is

impossible because I am here I have good

news to share with you before the month

ends blessings will pour into your life

even if you don’t give up your health

relationships and finances could be

fixed rest easy my little one knowing

that you’re never alone at all times I

am here keeping tabs on you and working

to bring you the benefits that are

rightfully yours what’s more I deal with

any harsh words you may have said or

phrases that discourage your future in

the name of Jesus I annihilate them all

the only thing I ask of you is that you

have faith in me and let my blessings

into your life unimpeded I am the

creator of the stars and the one who

gives you the best gifts for your lives

unlike passing fads I am Everlasting and

unchanging loved child I encourage you

to say these things aloud today I am

open to receiving the abundance of

affection restoration and advantages

that I rightfully deserve I am always

here to help you whether whatever storm

or difficulty you may face in the name

of Jesus Christ I say to you my whole

family will experience

restoration and great economic Miracles

will happen at the exact moment I want

them to my little toddler you have

entered a new phase of your life a

special one filled with boundless

opportunities leave your problems and

Sorrows behind for I have the power to

replace them with joy and success maybe

you’ve had Financial setbacks or lost

money but I can turn your life around

and take you from economic hardship to

richness and plenty trust me my dear

ones and see the Wonders I will bring in

into your lives I promise that every

penny you’ve spent will return to you

your job company or project will Thrive

and you will enjoy a tremendous boom in

your financial well-being I may shower

you with my favor and your benefits will

expand I will create opportunities for

you that cannot be taken away so even if

things appear unattainable I will

satisfy your core heart’s wishes get

ready for an outpouring of economic

accomplishment love and plenty prepare

yourself for the next days because

they may be a period of great change

exciting things are on the horizon for

you my beloved ones it may be your ideal

job a fulfilling marriage or a leap

ahead like never before wonders benefits

and advances will Amaze you at the

tremendous power and love that comes

from God keep in mind that the most

important connection you can have is

with my son Jesus

he is your guide your savior and your

friend I choose you oh Lord I give

myself over to you I am a living

embodiment of your mercy and I welcome

you into my life as my savoir and Lord

as you begin a new chapter know that

good things will come to you in plenty

success will follow success Triumph will

follow Triumph and you will relish each

step ahead feeling satisfied in every

way is about to replace Place

overwhelming amen your tail is about to

change and you’re going to start having

success and good fortune God is aware of

your anguish and will alleviate your

sorrow with First Rate care my precious

children even if you are ill and your

bodies are weak and you are feeling down

in spirit the extraordinary power of

healing should be considered may my love

envelop you my grace to heal lift you up

and my presence be with you as you

journey through this ch challenging time

God says believe me when I say I am

genuine and know that my love is

enveloping you right now and forever

gather all the necessary items for an

enjoyable day since before the end of

this month you are about to experience

tremendous benefits from God your

financial situation is about to improve

healing is about to be released in your

life and miracles are about to happen

there will be an abundance of good

things throughout the months of January

and February wishing you many blessings

and boundless chances I am here to help

you and your loved ones in whatever way

I can whether it’s a fulfilling

procedure Financial Security a car or

love I will provide it everything

welcoming the year may it be

recognized as a year of restoration

change blessings and wonders New

Beginnings exciting potential and fresh

beginning have long since died out I

promise that your benefits will double

Thrice in the next week it may seem

unbelievable but please trust what I say

you will be blessed abundantly by our

God who is a god of multiplication the

God who repairs heals and redeems is

none other but me I am the one who gives

hope to the despairing and strength to

the weary I have the power to heal you

from any kind of pain whether it’s

physical mental or spiritual every cut

and broken heart may be mended by my

hands it would be my pleasure to lend

you a hand if you were to just ask God

is now reopening old doors and opening

new ones to provide you life-changing

benefits Therefore your prayers have

been heard get ready for a universal

Improvement in your health relationships

and money as well as increased

investments in the financial realm God

is about to accomplish great things for

your life lives so be ready for the

impossible a miracle is on its way to

you and no one will be able to stop God

from opening doors for you it would seem

that there is no way yet he is making it

so I pronounce blessings prosperity and

favor onto you in jesus’ name you may

anticipate tremendous progress in all

areas of your life this week Imagine a

dramatic Improvement in your health new

job or business chances flourish ing

relationships and a meteoric leap in

your financial situation A miraculous

intervention from God is on its way to

remove all of your worries and

difficulties amazing benefits are

waiting for you from God you will be

rewarded for your loyalty and God has a

reason for your suffering and a purpose

for your Agony I understand you have a

lot on your mind right now lay those

worries on my feet I will provide I can

make a way for you all the resources of

Heaven are with you embrace the lessons

that life gives you because they are the

keys that open the door to your Soul’s

growth you will get strength even in


circumstances through loss you will find

wisdom and through love you will find

Salvation trust the power of your inner

voice for it is the echo of my eternal

wisdom Whispering into your heart listen

carefully and you will get the guidance

you want type amen if you believe in God

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