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amen my beloved child I speak to you with a heart full of love and

compassion do not lose Faith keep your trust in me even when the path is tough

and weariness sets in raise your hands to the sky for My Love Burns within you

a fire that never wains do not fixate on the fickleness of humans they may fail you let not your

spirit depend on the approval of people I created you for love to give and

receive it but the only eternal love unwavering and secure is my sweet love

that will never forsake you do not entrust your heart to those who may abandon you or your future to

those who may stop loving you do not give the highest place in your soul to those who may turn their backs hurt your

heart or shatter your life you ask for Hope and here it is you

prayed for peace and here it is if you need rest rest rest and if you must

persevere do so for In My Embrace you find security and under my mighty hand

protection from the world always remember you are not alone or

orphaned even when Earthly bonds break my love the most beautiful and Sublime

of all affections remains available to you it’s comforting to know your

heavenly father cares for you I understand your need for these words man

lives not by bread alone but by every word from my heart in this hour you need

encouragement tranquility and Trust I bestow my peace upon you a peace

the world and people cannot offer receive it in your heart today the suffering you endure today

pales in comparison to the blessings I will soon shower upon you I will end

this time of hardship you faced many conflicts and shed countless tears but my love has

sustained you as you read and hear my words know it’s not by chance your

life’s purpose remains steadfast amidst anxieties and worries it’s possible to escape sadness my

comfort and Grace have filled you with hope while my love and affection have calmed your heart you are alive and you

shall live in Triumph and victory as I desire for you I implore you you to rise

now forget what’s behind and move forward through the doors I open my blessings won’t bring sorrow

Prosperity won’t burden you with debt and abundance won’t lead to sorrow fix your Gaze on what lies ahead

be undistracted unaffected by the noise and murmur seeking to divert

you bad news and pessimism May seek to undermine your faith but remember the

promises in my word doubt can discourage and weaken you

instead believe unwaveringly that despite the storms and problems I love

you I will strengthen and assist you many of your concerns will soon

vanish and you will witness my great love firsthand I see your heart and I trust

you’ll never doubt if doubt arises kneel and call upon

me I love you tell me you’ll never doubt that let’s talk about those emotions

that burden you and prevent your happiness the pain you’ve carried for so long the hidden emotions I invite you to

confide in me do not be ashamed or embarrassed I know you well and your secrets do not

scare me choose to speak to me today don’t miss the chance to live in Freedom

and experience true happiness found in a heart heart unburdened you cannot bear these burdens

alone I offer you a magnificent love one that can heal your painful past mend

inner wounds transform beliefs and give you strength and eternal

happiness acknowledge that it’s no coincidence that you dream of me hold on to life forgive yourself and give

yourself a chance for I offer you forgiveness and open doors to goodness and prosperity

you must believe it tell me what hurts today what causes you pain recognize

that you cannot solve it on your own seek a supernatural Miracle find it

by kneeling in my presence do not forget this do not lose your way you were not

born for sadness or slavery do not settle for a life away from your destiny

devoid of abundance today I offer you healing lifting you from the pit of of

loneliness open your heart accept receive and embrace this

blessing prepare with courage to live a life covered by my love and grace I’ve

granted you Faith strength courage and perseverance to move mountains to conquer every problem because you

believe in An Almighty God tell me you feel it speak to me tell me you believe

in me now rise up and live joyfully put into practice the the words

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