Don’t Leave Your House Without Thanking Me | God’s Message Today | God’s Message Now | God’s Miracle

before leaving your home you have to

talk to me give me your first words when

you open your eyes there in your bed

before doing or saying anything else

talk to me from your heart with

beautiful phrases of adoration don’t set

foot outside your door without giving

thanks enemies lurk everywhere and want

you to forget where your blessings come

from so give me an appointment in the

morning in your busy schedule write down

the time of day when you will bend your

knees and place your Affairs your family

before me your job your life

yes I love you I value you too much each

one in your home occupies a special

place in my heart that’s why I want you

not to give anyone else the place that

belongs to me if you want to see Victory

happiness and strength you can’t put

aside my word you should not ignore my

messages I am planting in your soul the

precise instructions so that with faith

and security you can easily find the way

out and the solution to your problem and

affliction but if you forget this

eternal love that yearns for you and

takes care of you if you allow the evil

ones to come to seow doubts and Discord

in your mind and in your family those

things that always kept you full of

Anguish and worry will return you will

forget where your salvation comes from

so pay attention to me bring those plans

that you have in your heart entr trust

me your ways trust and wait and I will

take care of all your problems I am not

telling you that I will make your life

easy but I will give you strength in

every trial you face you will be full of

of authority intelligence and wisdom you

will be greatly blessed and my powerful

light will illuminate day and night your

home and your family there will be no

Darkness or evil power that can harm you

no witchcraft or sorcery can enslave you

always remember who saved you now when

You Face struggles instead of giving

your soul to fear these words that I

speak to you will grow inside you and in

the most unexpected moment you will

receive a great Revelation you will

understand your purpose and the special

and Powerful place that you have in the

spiritual World in you is my power so

that you can do in the face of the

forces of evil resist your enemies and

they will flee listen to me very well

and believe me when you read my word you

will receive promises that you did not

know before you will understand that

there are so many things around you that

with your natural vision you cannot see

I love you and I gave my life for you I

will be resurrected on the third day so

that you may receive power my holy

spirit will come upon you and you will

feel the need to speak of my love to

people and even many who did not believe

will bend their knees before me because

of the message that you are going to

take them you are at the right time it

is your time to Triumph so that my

purpose in you is fulfilled it does not

matter your age and the place where you

are today if you can believe my word and

my fidelity you also have the faith to

move forward to go with your gaze

forward without being distracted to the

sides and without looking back you have

a path and a destiny that is already

written if I surround you with blessings

and Gifts receive them gratefully do not

feel unworthy you are already cleansed

of your iniquity and you can come before

my Throne attract me with your requests

with security you have the doors open

there is nothing or no one to stop you I

myself invite you to enter many times

you have not asked me for everything you

need because you think that I am not

going to answer you I like to answer you

and I want to express my love to you I

want may you see with your own eyes my

promises fulfilled and wonderful

miracles happen around you it doesn’t

bother me if you call me in the early

morning I don’t sleep or rest I’m always

attentive and making sure you don’t miss

anything so go ahead and tell me that I

will answer you beautiful things that

you don’t know yet I will show you I

want you to focus on your relationship

with me I am not going to take up your

time rather I am going to move Heaven

and Earth in your face

and the minutes that you give me will

become years of life and beautiful times

of blessing I wish that your faith is

ignited and that this living flame Burns

all impurity doubt and offense that the

accusations of your enemies turn into

ashes and May the wind take them away to

an abyss I want to see now your grateful

heart and while I caress your head and

give you divine love give me your praise

and with your own words tell me my god

father loved with all my my being I need

you amen

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