Don’t Ignore This If Love Me| God Says

my precious

child I come to tell you something

profoundly important perhaps the most

vital message you will receive today and

it is essential that you believe it for

it is the truth I love you with a pure

and wonderful love I have been I am and

I will always be with

you your family is immensely important

to me and your prayers will soon be

answered great blessings are on their

way to you do not fear do not despair

your help comes from heaven and no one

can hinder

it though challenges will come and

enemies are plentiful many have risen

against you in the spiritual realm

fiercely and

aggressively yet I say to you do not

fear no harm will come to you my angels

surround you and my Majestic Glory will

protect you from all

evil do not judge or Harbor resentment

even when relatives and Friends turn

against you remember that your true

battle is not with flesh and blood your

real adversary is an unseen enemy who

dwells in the shadowy Realms setting

snares to trap you and using his agents

to wage war and inflict

despair his aim is to see you stumble so

grievously that you might never rise

again therefore to effectively combat

these dark spiritual forces I am invite

you to join my heavenly host in praise

and worship rise and kneel in prayer at

dawn it is of utmost urgency the end

times are drawing near and it is crucial

to prepare your soul inform your family

gather together and unite in prayer

within your home allow my Holy Spirit to

take the Helm of your life guiding and

protecting you through these turbulent

times as you praise and worship

you align yourself with the Divine

forces of light that I command this

connection fordees your spirit and

disperses the shadows of Despair cast by

the enemy remember the power of prayer

is profound it transcends the physical

and Taps into the supernatural providing

you with armor and weaponry that no dark

force can

overcome let your home be a sanctuary

where my spirit dwells richly

transforming every heart and

strengthening every bond in this Unity

there is immense power as you come

together in worship and prayer you

create a fortress of faith that no enemy


breach trust in me for I Am with You

always ready to empower and uplift you

as you walk through each day under my


care I will grant you self-control and

and remove fear filling your heart with

security the enemy is cunning and

deceitful but do not fear or cower he is

not omnipotent omnipresent nor

omniscient he does not know my

plans although he sees my work in you

and rages at your

Prosperity many of you fear the

adversary excessively when attacked

losing sight of the fact that you are

under the care of a God so immense and

Powerful beyond all comparison you

reside securely Under The Shadow of Your

almighty God my grace Shields you from

all evil no power on Earth can overthrow

you no one can rightly accuse

you I am both your protector and your

Advocate from my hand no one can snatch

you away strengthen your resolve against

fear guard your thoughts vigilantly

never succumb to the belief that the

enemy possesses more power than your

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